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Siddur – Classic Edition

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Siddur – Classic Edition

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User Reviews for Siddur – Classic Edition

Good but needs work

I love using the app because I like the interface and that it tells me if we say tachanun etc. However, many days there will be a glitch, for example: instead of kriyah, it will say the yehi ratzon for the nasi during Nissan. In short, very glitchy, and a lot of work is needed. But, when it works it’s amazing. Keep up the good work! I would only hope that updates come more frequently.

Anonymous;--), Dec 13, 2018
Great app

Love it. Very helpful. It would be nice to add the daily tehilim at the end of shacharis for each day. Thank you for a great app

elisilberstein, Jan 18, 2019
Best Siddur app!

I love how clear the app is, and how all the additions for each day are already there. Especially days like chol hamoed or Rosh Chodesh. It’s so helpful and works fantastic! I use this as my siddur almost every day. It also helps me focus better. Thank you so much!

Hdgnejtkdgm, Oct 15, 2021
Good but needs some more basic features

Good Siddur app, improved a good amount over time. But please add dark mode and notifications, both of which are standard these days for any app.

jjmilski, Jun 30, 2022
Crisp and user friendly

Fantastic app with clear easy layout. Intuitive algorithm both in regards to time of day and location. Filled with extra perks such as halachic times and special inserts. Highly recommended

John ILXV, May 01, 2018

Great app, and so easy to use. I use this over my regular print siddur. I wish there was a feature where the pages were automatically in zoom, instead if pressing on the page once , and then twice to get rid of borders.

Kidlander12, Apr 14, 2016
B"H, Times of Moshiach

We were waiting so long for this siddur app to see the light of day, i now use this app to help children in Kitah Alef with reading, i would however love to see improvements in the bookmark tool, and would love to have the Tehilim.Thank you very much.Mendel

MMR52162, May 21, 2014

Not good appA lot of people!

nati22b, Nov 27, 2019
Mostly good

This Siddur has improved over the years. It functions well. It can still use improvements in the area of navigating to different Tefillos etc, and aesthetically it’s pretty outdated, but it’s basic function of being a siddur is there without any major annoyances or malfunctions.

Sgrif347, Oct 28, 2021
App wont open

iPhone 12 mini

shoelacez, May 31, 2021


The classic Siddur you love is now available wherever you are. Features the Tehillat Hashem Siddur (Classic Hebrew Edition) now with a smart siddur layout. Features: * All the prayers and blessings with smart suggested prayers based on halachic times for your location * A "Zmanim" calculator that will give you the proper Halachic times for your location. * Hyperlinked table of contents * Tefillin mirror * Mizrach Compass The Siddur that's always there for you. סידור תהילת ה' במהדורה המקורית הקלאסית ניתן להשיג את הסידור שהתרגלתם לו מאז ומתמיד בכל מקום שהוא כולל את סידור תהילת ה' (המהדורה הקלאסית) כולל : • כל התפילות והברכות עם ניווט קל • חישוב אוטומטי של זמני ההלכה בכל מקום • מפתח התוכן עם קישור אוטומטי • ראי לתפילין • מצפן למצוא את ה"מזרח" הסידור שתמיד לצידך.