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User Reviews for Salt Lake Tribune eEdition

New App is Horrendous

I cannot fathom why the tribune felt the need to transition from the old, black app, to this new red one. It’s a huge downgrade in every aspect. A short list of just a few of the problems:•The app’s design is terrible. It doesn’t look or feel like an iPhone app, and doesn’t follow iOS conventions. For example, swiping to go back after opening an article doesn’t go back, but goes to another article for some reason. •Constant UI bugs and glitches. Floating navigation bars (or just solid white bars because the buttons don’t load), missing buttons, freezes. This even extends to the articles, frequently entire portions of articles simply never render, forcing me to find the article on the web. •Notification bugs. Almost daily I will receive duplicate notifications, or four to five notifications in rapid succession. Even after turning off the notification for a new “e edition” of the paper, I still get it almost every day. Overall it’s just a mess of an app that is terrible to use. I feel bad that the Trib paid to have this made because it reflects terribly on their brand. Hopefully it can improve, but based on how long this app has been around, I’m not expecting much.

ardenott, Feb 16, 2021
Bob & Dorene Taylor Remembrances

I’m age 85 — lost my wife and soulmate of 65 years — please don’t arbitrarily switch music from my selections without asking me for my approval — I’m very computer literate especially for a guy my age — Dorene was “beautiful inside and out” with unconditional love toward all with whom she interacted — I was the luckiest guy in the world to have her at my side — thank you for your service. One frustration — can’t figure out how to use your frequency modulation to best adapt sound to my hearing-response curve — equalizer.

BobTaylor, Apr 07, 2021
Excellent start to everyday

Well organized, excellent journalism from local to national news and sports. I look forward to reading it from cover to cover first thing each morning. My only suggestions would be (1) reinstitute the second page potpourris of brief snippets from national wire services and odd items and (2) include baseball standings in the digital sports page at least twice a week. Thanks for all you do in this difficult time for the media.W.M. Keane (Sacramento, CA area)

booeyt, Apr 09, 2021
Digital Version of Trubune

I have to say I was skeptical of going to the digital version of the Salt Lake Tribune but now that we’ve had to do it, I find I like the convenience of being able to read it any time and anywhere with ease. I actually read more of the content than I did as the paper version. I especially enjoy being able to touch on the article and being able to read the entire piece without having to turn to another page. Overall it’s a very positive change and saves the environment of excess paper and plastic. Same great content and more convenient! Who could ask for more!Update to the above review. I still really like the e edition but the recent update made it so we can no longer click on a comic to read easier or print just a game. That should change back to the way it was before.

Darling Grandma, Aug 04, 2021
5 stars for content, 1 for app

The content of the newspaper is great and worth subscribing. The app, however, is frustrating. For one thing, there are weird spaces and line breaks through the text of the articles. Almost like instead of importing the text which was undoubtedly written on a computer, they print the newspaper and then use a text scanner to turn it digital. For another, if you start reading an article, then lock your phone or switch apps for a few minutes, when you come back it loses your place and sends you back to the beginning. The digital articles also don’t seem to include photographs in any meaningful way. So, yeah, I’ll keep subscribing but I hope the app gets better.

djhomeslice, Feb 07, 2021
Great way to read the paper

Let the tree stand in the forest. The complete paper is here and can be viewed digitally. Sections expand easily or the entire story can be put in a section at the bottom of the screen with one tap. This allows the full article to be viewed without having to flip to back pages to see the rest of the story. Subscribing to the digital edition not only saves paper, but supports local newspapers who badly need our love and money!

Flyfloats, Oct 07, 2020
Still a few glitches but not terminal

In general the new app works well. The biggest problem is text transfer from the digital view to the reading pane. There are lots of extra spaces and, at times, extraneous gibberish mixed in on most articles. The Live News section seems to work well. I do wish there were a connection to the World Table comments that you see in the web version. While I’m no fan of how World Table functions, it’s what we’re stuck with and it’s a pain to switch back and forth between the app and web versions to read and make comments.

HoopUte, Jan 08, 2021
Latest update not great

I wish I could say the latest update was an improvement, but sadly not. Not only was I not aware of it coming, but it did not auto update. The old version just stopped getting the latest editions and when going to the Apple apps store, the old version came up as #1, so I didn’t even notice the new version with the new thumbnail/logo. Where the old version allowed me to click anywhere on an article to bring it up, the new version only reacts to the article title (which I stumbled into discovering). Lastly, I used to be able to print out the individual puzzles/games I wanted. Now I have to enlarge a portion of the comics/games page and print that enlargement. Overall this “upgrade” gets a “D” grade. You folks didn’t need to make this change and when making future changes, I hope you do a better job of getting reader usability testing before proceeding.

mountainvoice, Aug 04, 2021
it's fine

The app is functional but there are some stylistic choices that I think hinder the app. There are 2 overlapping changes I would suggest- The design of the scrolling "live news" view is such that all the article titles get cut off part way through. This is pretty annoying because you can't see any full headlines. So if I'm skimming through it's difficult to find particular articles. The second change is the fonts in the app are incongruous with all the articles in the e-edition and the website versions of articles. Across all other versions the Tribune uses a font like Times New Roman, except in the app where it is a weird sans-serif font. It seems unusual to not keep that the same, and I actually think it contributes to the article titles not fitting properly because the formatting is different for t try his other font. Anyway- those are nitpicks. overall the app is fine, it just has a couple of inconveniences.

packoflyons, Apr 21, 2021
Not compatible with our other iPad

How frequently are we required to buy a new iPad to keep the newspaper? We can’t read any editions after July 26th of the tribune on the older iPad. It’s now August 9th. We can’t update to the new app because it says the iPad is too old. How difficult would it be to continue to allow people to use the older app? I can’t imagine it would need to be typed in manually. Does it need a lot of technical support? Would the advertisers mind if you at least allowed the older app to have recent editions, even if they were without the fancy pop up ads of the new app? What percentage of customers would go back to the older app? I like the new app on our more recent iPad, but I don’t like being forced to buy more iPads.

zdthmuop, Aug 10, 2021


The Salt Lake Tribune’s 2-in-1 app includes both a live news site and the e-edition, a digital version of the printed Monday through Friday and Sunday. You can use your sltrib.com login to sign in and get full access. STAY INFOMRED Get the latest news as it happens from Salt Lake City, the Wasatch Valley and throughout Utah.

The Tribune offers un matched reporting on state and local government, politics, the environment, education, religion, criminal justice, sports and the variety of rich stories about the people and places that make Utah special. OTHER FEATURES Select from 74 interactive games and puzzles, read local obituaries and classified ads or listen to our locally-focused podcasts OUR NONPROFIT MODEL The Salt Lake Tribune transformed to a 501(c)(3) in late 2019, making it the first legacy newspaper in the U.S. to transform from a for-profit company to a nonprofit entity. Under the new structure, The Tribune is governed by a board of directors, with Huntsman serving as chairman of the board.

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