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User Reviews for Rumble


I’m thankful for the app and it’s intention. However, there are some factors that make it very frustrating when using. First and foremost, why does it not save your spot in the video you are watching? I was trying to watch a 2.5 hour video and anytime I reopened the app, it took me back to the very beginning. That’s ridiculous. Also, it doesn’t seem to save videos that you are watching anywhere. I have to go the original creator, scroll through their posts and find the one I was watching. Finally, why does it freeze and just have audio? If there are ways to get around these issues, I haven’t been able to find them. I’ve done a little research and could not find any tips. So my final bit of feedback would be to make the app more user friendly and share these tips in the app such as the other tips I was given when I logged in such as how to be entered for daily give aways. Hoping there are solutions to these issues so I can continue to watch.

@triciafb, Dec 17, 2021
I love Rumble but service is crummy just recently.

Hi, I have loved Rumble until a recent update; we bought brand new I phones in August (I Pro 12) They have been great. We are in a rural area that has forced us to have Frontier land line and Hughs net satellite to have continuous coverage to our business in the city, plus we have T- mobile on our new phones (Senior package) previously Sprint. The thing I am complaining about is intermittent breaks in service, most of my personal use has been Rumble so I really noticed when this started. It was about 2-3 weeks ago on the weekend. I finally broke down and allowed the Apple update that came shortly after we purchased our phones(AUG) and then this started. We just had a new update last night which I complied with( resistance is futile) thinking it might make things better but to no avail.

1 Gramofalot, Oct 26, 2021
I want to love Rumble...but I don’t in its current version...

I came to Rumble as soon as Dan Bongino mentioned it on his podcast, leaving Screw Tube...but I have a hard time watching it! I am a teacher & mother, trying to fit in vids wherever I can during my daily activities & work. But every time I turn off a reminder or answer a text, or just MOVE my phone, the picture goes away. I love Dan’s expressions & Visual ‘effects’, that’s why I watched him on Screw Tube rather than listening on Apple Podcasts...but trying to listen & live my life makes it difficult! The video doesn’t freeze but be the picture goes away & I can listen, but that’s it. I try to note where the show is, close the app, then go back & fast forward to that spot—though sometimes doing so zaps the picture again & I have to start over...it’s a pain! I really hope this will get fixed SOON...or I’ll have to go back to Screw Tube or listen on apple, which I dislike doing, again, because I like the visual! I believe in supporting those who support us, so I don’t want to go elsewhere, but when a 1 to 1 hr, 5 minutes video takes 1 hr 30+, I have to make some changes, even if it’s just for my sanity! I’ll hang on a while longer...but I won’t wait forever.

ArizonaGirl81, Dec 10, 2020
Rating Rumble

I gave Rumble a 4🌟✨💫hoping that all the members will work on their communication skills and both the Republicans & Democrats would be bi-partisan, non-biased & work together in peace ✌️! This Nation can’t be that dumb, there’s a resolution to everything. This country has gone through the worst medical crisis in world history. I remember the Small Pox pandemic, Hong King Flu - 1968, Measles, Mumps, 1973 the spread of Chicken Pox, & your local yearly Flu. But this Airborne Covid-19 Virus was dreadful. Since I'm not too well, health-wise the last 48 years, having SLE & Stage4 Rheumatic disease. But I feel very lucky, I licked Cervical Cancel 40 years ago, now I have cancer again. Yes, you can get cancer numerous times in different places of your body. But my days are numbered now, because of my age. All I can say to all of you, make each & every day count. Hug your Children, be kind to your parents. Try hard not to be critical of others. You all will survive. 🇺🇸👭👍🗽🎗🇮🇱

Bambi722017, May 09, 2022
Search Engine Changes Please!

Hey this is a great app. I’m so that there is another option out there. One of the issues I have found is the lack of a robust search engine, I originally got to pick a few things I was interested in and people I wanted to sub to and then now even in my discover (left or right swipe like or dislike) I see the same stuff I already “liked” or channels I already follow. This is very frustrating, the search engine is very strict, you have to put exactly what you want or it doesn’t have a way to “search”. The discovery portion of this sight needs a lot of work, as well as its search engine, it really feels like it’s still in the beta phase and I have a lot more ideas, if you need a tester to give you feed back let me know because it doesn’t feel like you have anyone on the outside of the project giving you constructive feed back on how to improveThanks again for giving us an option out there but definitely need more software people that are aware of the user side to make it more user friendly! God bless

Demilord, Feb 24, 2022
Issues with those I follow

Update I have deleted the app. I’m very disappointed that what once was a good app no longer works after the last update. Plus there’s no where to “complain” to Rumble about it. Apparently whoever is in charge of it doesn’t care about it any longer. Will have to go to the individual websites to watch the videos of those I had subscriptions to and followed. Update: Apparently this happened after the last update. Unable to go to subscriptions on iPhone or iPad. In order to watch have to know what channel a video is on and look for it. Deleted the app and reinstalled still nothing! If not fixed will just delete app since it doesn’t work! As of today I can no longer go to my subscriptions or those I follow and see their videos. When I click on subscriptions it shows those I follow but there are NO videos. It only gives me a new screen that says it’s Email Notifications. A screen I’ve never seen before. Now to view any videos I am having to “hunt” for their videos. I’ve deleted the app and turned my phone off completely but it’s not resolved the issue.

From a grandma, Mar 28, 2022
Needs Live Stream Improvements

I gave 3 stars for now and this is why. I really prefer to watch things where I can find a live stream and be able to rewind it to the beginning if I come in late. It seems random that Rumble will sometimes have the functionality that it will allow me to rewind to the beginning, often the option isn’t available, even after clicking the little TV icon at the top. Many times I try to do that and watch at a higher speed to catch up, but if I haven’t caught up by the time the livestream goes offline, I lose my progress. Not only that but livestreams do not remain up that I can find, and we have to wait for the creator to edit and upload the video later, which can often take hours, if at all; sometimes a new video will not show up on their main page but I can still find it if I happen to know the exact title or episode number. The only reason I lately choose Rumble over GETTR livestreams, is that Rumble has made GREAT improvements in background viewing and I can shrink the video and listen to the audio while working and using my phone for work or other purposes. I really like Rumble and the progress it has made, but there is room for improvement. Thanks for listening.

GingerStephi83, May 23, 2023
Professional news

OANN is what NBC did 50 plus years ago ! In fact, the other competitors CBS and ABC had talented, intelligent, professional broadcasters who delivered the news without overplaying a personal bias. They relied on the viewer to digest the facts and decide their own impression of a news report . When they interviewed someone of National stature, they posed important questions that drew the attention of people sitting in their living rooms. Their guests were from many different walks of life and work ethic which related to the viewers watching. I tune to Newsmax and FOX ......but watch more of OANN than any other network and cannot bear more than a minute of the “those” performing in the toxic-drama mainstream-media.Thank you, for broadcasting Mike Lindells ‘ Election Fraud Documentaries and all of the hearings involving the suspect states. I’m following the official, forensic Maricopa Recount . Thank you for covering that revealing, historic event, as well !

hosbrook, May 22, 2021
No dark mode and replies

I love this app and everything it stands for. I would definitely five it a 5 stars but a friend of mine who’s a software developer says if you have a complaint people only listen to 1 star reviews. The only complaints i have are that theres no dark mode and that i got a notification saying that someone replied to my comment. When i clicked on it i was taken to the video but was not shown my comment or the reply to my comments. There were thousands of comments so even after a couple minutes of scrolling i couldn’t find it. It would be nice if that feature could be fixed so that when i get a notification that someone replied to me, when i click on the notification it automatically scrolls to where the reply was or brings my comments to the top. Once again, love the app and everything you guys stand for, if i see the comment thing fixed I’ll immediately change this review to 5 stars. Dark mode would be nice but i don’t care about that one as much

ianl212, Dec 14, 2021
Please fix your app on iPhone

I have been a long time user of your app since almost the beginning. I am a faithful X22 Report watcher, but now cannot get both the daily “a” and “b” shows. The “a” show is the Financial and the “b” is the Geopolitical show. I cannot get them both on your app on the same day anymore.Also, it used to be when I clicked on the X22 picture at the top of the screen I would get all X22 shows, but now as I scroll through I get all kinds of different shows which makes no sense to me and it happens no matter which icon I click on at the top. None of them contain completely what show that I am looking for that matches the icon I clicked on. This keeps me from also going back and looking at previous shows for the specific icon I picked. It is so frustrating. You have messed up this app so badly I need to look for another way to watch my shows. I also watch Dan Bongino, On the Fringe, Julie Green and others on your platform, but am getting totally frustrated with what you have done to it. I complained a week or two ago, but have seen no change! I am a very dissatisfied customer and am looking to take my business elsewhere if changes are not made quickly.

jrratis, Oct 05, 2022


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