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Robert Stringham
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User Reviews for R-Log

1 issue noticed right away/ Las Vegas technician

Noticed right away when I added first entry, I put down the factory charge and how much refrigerant I added. Unit needed just a tad bit more refrigerant so I went in to edit how much I added and I saw it changed the factory charge and added more to it. No matter how many times I try to correct it. It keeps changing to a higher number please fix. Other than that pretty easy to use right away and doesn’t ask for too much info just the info you need to record.

1536372, Aug 08, 2019
Worthless app.

Good for nothing. I wasted two bucks.

BIGBGT, Nov 09, 2018
I like these guys!

Found these guys on YouTube. They have a channel called EdisonHVAC and they are awesome. Currently watching their classes to get my Universal. Thanks!

iRenovate Design and Build, Jul 11, 2017
Worth it for sure

I’ve heard they will ask for the log if anyone ever said they saw you venting. This guy made it easy for us to comply with a few simple clicks. Thank you!

Mr. HVACMAN, Dec 16, 2017
Good start

The biggest issue is you can not print anything. After filling in all the data, I wanted to print it and put the printout on the air handler in a document holder attached to it. The next issue is there are no fill-in-the-blank fields for important info like low & high side pressures and sat temps, or super heat/sub cooling values, supply air/return air temps, compressor/fan amps etc. All of those items would be nice to leave to other service personnel either as a baseline or as a reason for the repair. Also long/lat for address of unit is rather worthless. Need to be able to enter the PO address. I assume in the future upgrades will be coming. I do love the HVAC videos generated by the author as they are number 1 in my opinion.

Realisttheoriginal, Oct 21, 2018
HVAC Contractor

I'm an independent contractor and this is just the app I need to stay in compliance with the new EPA rule on recordkeeping. Simple and easy to use. Worth giving it a try and the $2 definitely! Thanks. I enjoy your videos on YouTube edisonhvac.

Rooskie777, Nov 24, 2017
Best 99 cents spent

This by far was the best 99 cents I've ever spent in my life. It is a must have. I don't know what I would do without it.

WDYSO, Apr 19, 2017


HVACR-log was created to help technicians comply with the latest EPA Section 608 reporting requirements without the hassle of doing extra paperwork. This digital record keeping log will become an integral part of your business in no time! With the changing of federal regulations regarding refrigerant usage, storage, and recovery, it has become necessary to keep track or log your activities to remain in compliance with the law.

Systems that contain between 5 and 50 pounds have been the main target of this requirement. Information such as company name, date of recovery, type of refrigerant recovered, quantity of refrigerant recovered, etc., are now required to be logged and reported. This will create a lot of extra work (and paperwork!) for technicians and contractors that are already very busy. This is where the R-Log app can save you time and money, as well as help you meet your federal reporting requirements. The app is easy to use, just fill in required fields when you are on the job.

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