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Kevin Burandt
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User Reviews for HVAC Buddy®

Good app waiting for fixes

I like this app ALOT, Im sure fixes are on the way. Seems silly for me to have to enter the wet bulb in each screen, Sh,sc and indoor air???

2story, May 11, 2017
HVAC Buddy R-4

The new version of HVAC Buddy R-4 has a screen capture issue. While the capture shows up in photo's, if you try to import it into "Invoice 2 Go " all you get is a black screen. Screen capture can be texted however. Anyway to roll back to old version? Also all contact options on web don't work.

Car-rel, Mar 16, 2017
Back to my #1 go to app!!!!!!

I have been a fan of this app since 2012, but was disappointed when the diagnostic tab was lost in the facelift. But you listened, and corrected the issue, almost overnight! Great job, and thanks for being so responsive. I highly recommend this, and all this developer's apps. They stand behind their products, and great customer service. Well worth the price.

Jst4funn, Apr 12, 2017

I love HVAC Buddy! It just went from "neat app" to "fricken sick"! I've used it occasionally and have been happy with it. It didn't do anything I couldn't do with my gauges, clamp on, and a piece of paper but now with the ability to e-mail the info from every call I go on this app is a must! I was going to buy a $200+ data logger that would print out that info...not any more. Thanks.

Mathew313, Sep 27, 2009

This app used to work well until last update. Now when you attempt to go into S-Cool, it kicks you out of the app……. Any ideas?

mjpplumber, Dec 05, 2021
Great App

I love this app but it would be nice if you add more refrigerants such as MO99, 407c, 417, etc. As time goes on it's more common to find these retrofit refrigerants being used and it would be nice if this app would include at least these few. Once again I will say I love this app only missing a few minor details.

Mr. Cool Orange Beach AL, Oct 31, 2013
Its an app

For a seasoned tech (Contractor) it really isn't a must have for me. Time is money and I still use service tickets because they are faster. I can diagnose a refrigeration problem pretty quickly, whether its a bad TXV, a restriction, air flow problem, non-condensibles or what ever. I can also add and subtract on a piece of paper quicker than i can use this app. I also find more electrical problems than I do refrigeration. I'll give it 2 stars even though I never use it

pHiLL_uP, Jun 15, 2012
This changes everything.

I am not easily impressed but this app has been very impressive so far. I have used this almost 50 times since I bought it and it makes charging a system FUN. Your temps change and you update your numbers. Couldn't be simpler. My customers can actually see my dedication to my work and they're happy with a cooler house. Best app I've bought so far.

Rueuhy, Jun 20, 2010
Average app so far.

I am looking for an update. I would like to see PA and WC added to the air flow area. Also needs better email report that states problem areas. This app just needs more details and updates. App needs to address airflow problems affecting charge. After all if you don't have enough air flow your charge will look over when it really isn't. This app is not taking that into effect but does show you optimal delta T. I would also like to see a current efficiency rating of the operating unit. EER not the SEER. For $10 this app should be the best. Thanks

Techlen, May 21, 2010
love this App

I own a HVAC company and I am out on calls all the time with so many types of units and equipment its a pain to have or know all the information that you need to in order to get the job done Quickly and with out question. With this app I am able to get the job done with out question and in half the time. Saving my coustomers Money. I am able to get to more jobs and make more money. To me this is a huge win. Tray SchuldtSchuldt HVAC.

YART333, Mar 15, 2012


Make your job easier with our refrigerant charging and diagnostic HVAC app - HVAC Buddy®. If you are servicing equipment the best way to begin diagnosis and determine the proper refrigerant charge is to use HVAC Buddy®, a set of gauges, and a thermometer. • Superheat for fixed capillary or Subcooling forTXV/EXV systems • Calculates targeted vs. actual Subcooling • Over 100 refrigerants including newer azeotropic blends • Airflow / Delta-T / TEET Calculation • Email System Status Report • Imperial (IP) or Metric (SI) • Use Target Superheat and Subcooling tables or enter manually • Update all values with realtime output • Line Chart displays historical values based on input changes or elapsed time If the early outdoor temperature is 75F and you charge the system to a “beer can cold” suction line your system is likely improperly charged.

Later in the afternoon high temperatures will increase head pressure and the resulting overcharge means a lower than desired superheat and wasted energy. Not good! Overall Process: • Enter refrigerant, temps, and pressures • The math is done for you to display Superheat, Subcooling and Airflow Target, Actual, and Difference • Email all readings (detail) Other Features: • Flexible units - psi, kPa, Fahrenheit, Celsius, etc. • Calculates Superheat and Subcooling targets • Airflow - For cooling, compares a targeted difference across the coil vs. actual. Also called Delta-T or Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET). • System Status Report - Use the email tab to create defaults for email addresses, subject, and System Status Report introductory text. Tap the email button and these values are incorporated into a formatted page including all the parameters recorded in HVAC Buddy. Edit the email and / or add contacts from your contact list. Then on each service call it's just a couple taps to send a personalized report. Accolades and Awards: ---------------------------- HVAC Buddy® ranked #2 in ContractingBusiness.com readers choice of top 10 contracting apps. HVAC Buddy® was featured by the California Association of HERS Raters and is CalHERS approved! "Very cool app. I can see California really running with this as we have strict requirements for verification." - John Richau, Executive Director, Calhers "an excellent programme" - Charlie Richards HVAC Buddy® Load Calc - Now Available HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc - Powerful tool with a simple to use real-time interface to help you choose optimal duct sizes. HVAC Buddy® Pressure Temperature - Over 90 Refrigerant combinations and their corresponding PT relationship in Metric or Imperial units. HVAC Buddy® Psychrometric - Quickly calculate thermodynamic properties of moist air at temperatures commonly used in HVAC systems. Enter multiple sets of properties, mix air streams.

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