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User Reviews for Quizizz: Play to Learn


My first issue with this app is where teachers have an option where if you get an answer wrong, you only see the wrong answer you put. I am begging you, please, to get rid of this option. I have been using Quizizz for a very long time as a student and I am so so fed up with and tired of seeing a question feeling like I know an answer to it, press an answer, and end up getting it wrong and only seeing the wrong answer. Why do you think this is okay? Do you think this motivates us students? Cause let me tell you, IT DOESN’T. As a matter of fact, it does the opposite. And only the opposite. It makes me get angry.My second issue is the timer on questions. Please make the timer give 30 seconds or longer for questions. I am really sick of seeing a 1-paragraph long question, then four possible answers that are each a paragraph long, and then looking above the question to see that I have less than 6 seconds to answer it. It is literally impossible to read that fast. Please fix these and I may consider bumping my review.

AwesomeTravis_F, Nov 16, 2021
Teacher Honest Review

I love Quizizz! I use it at least once per week (on desktops). My students love it and will actually attempt additional quizzes if he/she finishes early. Main drawback: why isn’t the app available in teacher mode? I would love to be able to create quizzes when I am not near a computer. Also, can we have more options for questions?Teacher notes: the space to write the questions is larger than competitors (mainly Kahoot). Also, the ability to adjust the quiz settings is wonderful! I change it up so some correct answers get higher points for answering more quickly, and other times, I use the standard “all points” method. Both varieties allow for student surprise and reduces possible student boredom. I also like to hide the leaderboard occasionally to help students feel less humiliated if they miss a question.Best part of Quizizz is that it is FRE!! Thank you for this awesome tool!

Barbie32526, Mar 02, 2018
Be ready

I cannot summarize my hatred for this app it’s excruciating to even think about. It’s horrible execution is on par with IXL but Quizizz falls short for its ability to kill off my soul even more. At least with IXL you get to at least second guess yourself when you tap on a answer (sometimes). That is absent in Quizizz also instead of just a point system there is a competitive point system. I learn nothing from this app other than we can hope that our children will never have to experience the horror of this app. This app is a disgrace to education. A whole other thing is that it can be insanely buggy with it thinking you tapped a different answer to the one you chose to just completely kicking you out of the game. The kicking part infuriates me I am almost done with a already infuriating “quiz” if you can call it that I get kicked out and have to completely restart. I am deeply saddened by this disgraceful excuse for a “learning” app I feel sorry for the people who made this thing and then remember they were paid to make this abomination of a “educational” app.

dylan featherly, Oct 29, 2019

Hi, I think this game is really awesome!!! My teacher (I’m in 6th grade) uses this game LITERALLY EVERY DAY!!!!! We use it as a warm up. I do have one suggestion though. When you pick your answer I think you should have a submit button because if you are starting a new question and accident press the mouse (if you use a chrome book) twice you will accidentally hit an answer and most likely get it wrong. So plz fix this problem, otherwise I really love this game!!! Thank you!

Graceannewhite, Jan 10, 2019

As a Freshman in high school, my amazing teachers will make a quiz and share it to our google classroom. This app is one of the most effective ways of studying out there!My friends and I also make quizzes for different subjects, and we compete. Competition is one of the best ways to learn, because not only you are trying to get a good grade, your trying to beat your friends! Quizzez has an amazing simple layout, that makes studying easier unlike quizlet where you have to pay to do stuff and it’s DUMB. So I rate this 5/5 stars!

Liam Reeves, Feb 18, 2020
Great For Learning

I’m a student, but the way that Quizizz makes the Quizzes. Are actually fun!In the beginning when I was first introduced to Quizizz, It’s fantastic!I have a tiny-bit of a problem though, if you search for Quizzes. There are regular math problems, Right?There are some Quizzes that make no sense..Like there’s a Quizzes like “What is Among us?!?” Or “Guess a number 1-10?!?”. I actually found out earlier that some of these Quizzes are ACTUALLY MADE BY CHILDRENBut still fantastic game to be honestThe Pro’s I have are..The transaction to another Quiz & another.It just feels very smooth, and steady!And like Kahoot, it doesn’t keep up with real time. Quizizz finally keeps up with real time!Like for example; Kahoot leaderboard if you’re in class, someone gets passed you. Even though it doesn’t say it. But then if you get a Quiz incorrect it shows that someone took you spot.Way to Go Quizizz!You’ve out done yourself, recommend Quizizz that Kahoot.Warmly-Max

Max to 12, May 02, 2022
Worse than paper

Paper quizzes are far superior to this. On a paper quiz or test you have a set time to finish the whole thing, this means that you can use a few seconds to answer easy questions and 5 minutes to answer harder ones. In quizizz however, you only have a few seconds to answer for all of them. There are some questions that take slow readers 30 seconds to read, which means we get little to no time to even read the answer choices, never the less think about what the question is asking. Also on paper quizzes you can second guess your answer and change it which isn’t possible with this, if I miss-tap or miss-read and answer choice its instantly wrong with no way of changing it. Kahoot suffers similar drawbacks and google forms is probably the closest to a good testing program. I don’t expect this app to change i just want to explain my complaints. There are a few things others might find beneficial like how it goes by quicker, but for me and many others its just too stressful.

oOPineappleOo, Jun 04, 2019
Answers get cut off

App is great apart from a few issues. My main issue is that if an answer for a question is long, it gets cut off. I have used a quiz several times on my computer (using the online page) and it doesn’t get cut off, but when I use the online website on my phone, or if I go to the app, the answers end up cut off. This is kind of concerning in a way, because there are some answers that are identical apart from a few key words, but if those key words are cut off then it’s almost impossible to know what the right answer is.I feel like this is a glitch that could be fixed easily, so I would really appreciate it if it was fixed.

Stephan-Brew, Dec 20, 2018

As a student in school I sometimes find it hard to study by staring at words and reading things. Then in my Spanish class the teacher introduced Quizziz and I and other students loved it and found studying to be a lot easier. I did some research on it and downloaded the app so I could play what I wanted. I also introduced to other teachers because I like this so much. You can host live games with friends or play solo. Teachers have the option to put a game on their computer for the class to play. Quizziz is the main studying tool at my school and I highly recommend it.

Student @t school, Feb 12, 2019
Awesome learning app

This app is perfect for all sorts of things. With it I can study for tests and exams at home or at school and at school our teachers can give us a break by letting us play a game that still lets you learn about that subject. I also use this app at home to play fun trivia games on things like warrior cats (book series) and flower types. This really is an amazing app and I love to use it at home and at school I just wish I knew how to make my own quiz to test my parents and friends. I have never had any adds or lag which is verry nice. I simply cannot express how good this app is. 💜💜

tinypool_stoneclan, May 21, 2019


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