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User Reviews for IXL - Math, English, & More

Too hard on kids

I am a parent and a teacher. I really like the concept behind IXL and find the choices of skills very thorough. It is a great learning tool in many respects. My kids used to love it because they would get stars they could click on for prizes. The problems come in when a child gets something wrong (or simply puts in a comma for a number like “1,000” when the app is designed to expect “1000”). IXL will mark them wrong and take them back at least 10-20%, after which they can only get back extremely slowly. My daughter has sat at the computer in tears and bawled about how “mean” it is.Due to all the frustration, complaints, and tears from kids and parents, my children’s school stopped offering IXL this year and switched the it subscription over to Prodigy. I actually switched my own kids over to Time4Learning to practice because it is much less harsh. It will tell them what they got wrong and explain the reason without expecting them to do a huge portion of the lesson all over again to regain their points.I would encourage the people behind this app to seriously consider revamping how they tackle “wrong” answers and typos. I get that a kid can need a little more practice, but when it sets them back so terribly far, it takes all the joy of their successes away form them and leaves them devastated. Not good:(!

A Teacher and a Parent, Dec 06, 2019
If Stress was an app…

IXL homework wouldn’t be a problem if IXL wasn’t the worst learning app ever created. I tried to practice parallel structure, but after I did one exercise, it was just repeats of the same 15 questions on all the other ones. Even the other grades parallel structure questions are identical. I can’t practice if I’ve gotten to the point of seeing the first word and have memorized the answer because I’ve seen it 5 times.Teachers don’t understand that IXL’s so called ‘explanations’ don’t make sense, and are NOT a substitute for actually teaching us. Their point system is one of the most discouraging thing I have ever seen. It would be different if you earned 5 points for correct answers, and lost 3 or even 5 points for incorrect answers. But when I get to 99 percent and my finger slips, or I forget to add a coma, boom, down to 83 and I’m slamming my iPad on my bed and screaming. If your going to go through the process of creating a torture device for children, at the very least make the point system better. This app symbolizes all that is wrong with the educational system. Don’t download unless you want your computers and iPads to be thrown on the ground and your students to hate school, especially math.

AStudentReview, Jan 24, 2022

this app is horrible. it has made my kids cry multiple times and is just downright evil! its point system is the worst I’ve ever seen! if you get one right it’ll give you 2 points but if you get one wrong it’ll take away 20! both of my gifted high achieving kids came home in tears because of this app/website! its outrageous! my childrens’ confidence in all subjects has gone downhill because of this absurd system. the ‘challenge zone’ is the possibly worst thing coded into an app. it goes one point by one from 90 and takes you back to 70 if you get a question wrong. i shouldn’t have to stay up until midnight helping my daughters with punctuation as the other swims through mountains of variables and exponents! its astonishing that these teachers are so blind to whats right in front of them when they assign this to children. this app is absolutely absurd. the next time my daughters get assigned ixl, I’m talking to the teacher. i refuse to have my children and other children put up with this. anxiety can be a very large problem with growing teens and tweens and this website helps cultivate it even more. this is such a downright silly system and i feel horrible for the young kids whose parents make them use this app. its the worst thing you can do for your kid and and is the least encouraging form of practice for these poor students.

Barbara ❤️😄, Jan 20, 2022

Really stressful for kids and it shouldn’t be it should be some where where they can learn about tons of subjects. When you go from a 99 to an 82 it’s really stressful to get back up there even if you just get one question wrong. This is usually where teachers go to give their students an assignment they’re currently teaching. And its not good because it puts a lot of stress to our minds. Which can lead to many bad things. To be honest, you might wanna consider cutting us kids some slack because some of us had worked super hard to get to that 100. Oh and one more complaint just coming from myself. I was once and at 81 and then got the next question right and got up to an 82! I wasn’t in the challenge zone! I was still in the 80s! The challenge zone is where you only get one point one question when you’re in the 90s! This might be a silly complaint but still consider fixing this app. It’s actually kind of a game which is most games. CONSIDER IT!! Some kids and I have too have had tears in our eyes because of the stress this app causes us. Staying up late and trying to to this so we can get a passing grade. Update: For example, when you do a couple problems and get to like a 60 the difficulty automatically changes! You could at least try to make it harder as we go not if we just get to one question

Chenna1234, Apr 23, 2020
IXL teaches children to look up answers rather than find them for themselves.

I have been stuck with using IXL for years, and as a student, this is my point of view on IXL. When doing IXL, the amount of problems that you get assigned on later grade sections are too challenging. Not in the sense that they are bad math questions, but the sheer amount of questions combined with a low risk+high reward point system lowers my motivation to keep moving through a section of IXL. The minimum amount of questions you need to answer correctly is 30, and every wrong answer adds another 2-3 questions. Sometimes more, if you are unlucky. This specifically is what teaches kids "Huh. Why should i do all of this work when i can use an automatic calculator?" This massive mistake lowers motivation to work, and needs to be overworked. The help section rarely helps either, if you do not know a concept. In my case, i have to go to a seperate website to look up how to do the concept, Khan Academy. Let me tell you with 100% certainty that khan academy is far better when teaching new concepts, and mastering old ones. Instead of a mass amount of questions, you simply have to get a specific amount correct in a row, which is much more preferable. Take it from me, and try out khan. You will not regret it. Sal Khan is a hero to learning.

FrownyDownyJr, May 12, 2021

I’m a student in 3rd grade and my parent is encouraging me to use this app I think it is fine but it’s confusing to navigate through the app. IXL doesn’t give any instructions at all of how to use this app. My second complaint is that the “recommendations” part is weird! I did a course to see what level I’m at and it put me to 5th doing things I don’t even understand and never learned in 3rd grade at all! Some of the past reviews say that it’s a stressful app and one of them said there kids came home in tears because it put their level down low? I really don’t think that’s how a kid should feel after a math app. If you’ve had these experiences try “Zearn” or “Kumon” because in both of those apps it doesn’t make you feel bad or mad or sad. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with this app try those apps they are better. I hope the owner reads this and tries to find a way to make a better experience in this app. I am not trying to spread hate into this app I’m just trying to make it better but so far none of the reviews have a developer response and I really hope someone reads this and does something about it. Please don’t take this as a offense. -just trying to make mathA better and funner thing.

ichigomiko, Jun 15, 2022
Adaptive Learning

Ok, we have used this app for 3 years now. My child hates it. But, here’s why: it makes him work. This app doesn’t really ‘teach’. As the parent/educator, that work falls to you. What the app does is provide a progressive workbook like structure to practice the skills you are learning, be it possessive nouns or 2 digit multiplication. When you get an answer incorrect, it provides the correct answer and then goes on to explain the rule or principle behind reaching the correct answer. Then, and this is why I believe it has garnered ill will - it will make the student go back and practice more questions. Adaptive learning. The more you miss, the further back on the completion bar you go. Which a paper textbook can’t do. So yeah, if the child can slog through a subject he doesn’t understand fully and simply ‘move on’ to the next topic and forget about it - sure that would probably be easier. But, with this app, you can’t fake it. If my child begins to struggle and is slipping back, I know I need to stop the app, take a break, then provide further instruction before he tackles it again. The app is a great, no nonsense workhorse of an app. Mum approved! :-)

jaegersmum, Oct 26, 2018
Ban it

This app is just something to waste of your time on it is supposed to be about helping kids learn but all it is during is letting kids cheat on it so there can get over with it. Also when you get something wrong it should not have to push you back from it. It should just stay at the number is on. Like if you 60 and you get it wrong you should let it stay at 60 instead of pushing you back at like 50. If you went to my school and you were in 8-12 grades if you use this app some kids stay up till 5 in the morning on this app because if it is 89 or under it is a 0. That means they will be tired and some kids would sleep in classes so you are taking there learning time away by them by letting the students catch up on there sleep in classes so there want learn anything while they are there. The teacher should be helping us with something not this stupid app because that is they job. If you are homeschooled then you could use this but if you really think about it this app is supposed to be for people that is homeschooled. If you use this app then I suggest you use another one that is a lot easier to everyone then this app because this app is not even letting kids learning what they need to learn.

jr,krrrkrifk8tkiifj, Jan 25, 2022
Don’t buy! Hear me out:

This app is not worth your time! The main reason I don’t like this app is because it takes you back by a lot by getting one thing wrong and even if your fingers accidentally slip and you press the wrong thing, it won’t give you a second chance to understand and answer correctly. Also, I was doing English and I came across this question which was really easy it was “Is Grandma a Noun,Adjective, or Verb” I picked Noun as it is the right answer but surprisingly I got it wrong and the right answer was Adjective! Another day, Many days later I was doing math and I answered a question as 340 and it said I was wrong. I was fine with that but when I saw the correct answer, it said it was 340.0! And it’s not only one time it happened alot of other times too. And let me come back to how it takes you all the way back after one wrong question. It was my first time in IXL and I was at 98 and I got 1 wrong and I went back all the way to 84! I was ok with that because I thought I was just gonna have to get one right to go back to 98 but I had to do 7 more questions to get to 98! It was that moment I knew this wasn’t gonna turn out good. I don’t recommend buying IXL as it is a complete waste of time of nothing and it doesn’t help learning but it destroys encouragement and now every time I submit I’m not confident and It destroyed my confidence.

Kahalis, Jun 08, 2023
Just awful

I have been using this for about a month and I am already getting mad. Here is the reason why, today I was at 99 and I accidentally pressed the wrong button and that question was an automatic submission. And just because of that I went back down to 83 and I knew the answer. Today I also decided that the app was kinda glitchy because I always count the last few seconds when I’m done and I know 100% that I ended on 4 minutes and 53 seconds but it said on my score it took me 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Also please at least put some boosts in this really really awful app because when I get a question wrong I don’t even waste a second on the things it has to say I just move on. I would like for the boosts to remove the timing part( for a whole session of course because it will be waaaaay too short of it was only for a few seconds.) And this app is like pay or no play because it only gives you about 40 seconds to play for free and then it doesn’t let you do it anymore or you’ll need to pay 20 dollars for math and language arts without the social studies or science ( witch is my favorite lesson) and I am NOT OKAY with that. But if you do make this very very very very very annoying and boring app better I will give a better review and rate it 3 or 4 stars (5 if you lower the pay, please it’s way to expensive.) Plus I bet everyone else will rate it 4 or 5 stars instead of 1 or 2. Thanks if you do it. And if you don’t I hope you survive all of the bad reviews.

mayshin, Apr 03, 2020


IXL is personalized learning! Trusted by over 1 million educators and parents, IXL is proven to accelerate student achievement. And with the award-winning IXL app, students can master skills anytime, anywhere!

See how IXL meets the unique needs of over 14 million learners (and counting!): SUPERIOR SKILL-BUILDING With IXL’s full curriculum of over 8,000 skills, students of all levels can learn the exact topics they need, whether they’re reviewing past concepts or exploring new territory. Immediate feedback and step-by-step answer explanations help students work through their mistakes and make lasting progress. Plus, question difficulty adapts to challenge students at just the right level and help them grow. MATH MASTERY With IXL’s preK-12 curriculum, every learner can excel in math! From skip-counting with pictures to graphing quadratic functions, students interact with dynamic problem types that bring each concept to life. And with unlimited questions to explore, students can practice as much as they need to master each skill, and never see the same problem twice. LANGUAGE ARTS LEARNING IXL’s preK-12 curriculum helps build strong readers and writers! From comprehension to composition, IXL breaks down each concept into highly targeted skills that help students grow from where they are. Fun and relevant questions engage students as they learn new vocabulary, correct grammar mistakes, analyze text, strengthen writing skills, and more. SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES, AND SPANISH Build knowledge across all core subjects! With comprehensive curriculum in 2nd through 8th grade science and social studies, students can learn exciting and relevant concepts about the world around them. And with foundational Spanish, students can get started on the path toward Spanish fluency! REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTIC IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints each student’s current knowledge level in math and English language arts. As students answer questions, they’ll discover more about themselves, and reveal personalized recommendations on the best skills to learn next! IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Interactive features, from drag-and-drop questions to graphing tools, allow students to engage with the material in new ways. With handwriting recognition, students can easily write in math answers with their fingertips. On iPad, students can work through each problem by writing on their screen—no scrap paper needed! Plus, colorful awards highlight students’ accomplishments and make learning fun! PROVEN RESULTS Research has shown that IXL improves student outcomes more than any other product or method. IXL is trusted by over 700,000 teachers worldwide! ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS View reports on all progress on our website! Tackle any trouble spots with specific insights and clear next steps. And celebrate reaching each new milestone with an official certificate! Practice 10 questions each day for free. Become an IXL member to get access to a fully personalized learning experience with comprehensive curriculum, meaningful guidance, progress tracking, fun awards, and more! IXL is kidSAFE certified and COPPA-compliant. For more information, please visit: Privacy Policy: https://www.ixl.com/privacypolicy

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