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Power DOS

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User Reviews for Power DOS

This it the most amazing and only virtual machine on iPhone

Yes, it’s stripped off a lot of features, but if you truly want to use it, I’ve got this thing running everything you wants including Win 95 and Warcraft on stock device. Find thealexiceman and ask about how I did it. I’m mostly on i g.

AlexReferee, May 08, 2023
What is the point of this without iTunes file sharing?

What is the point of this program without the ability to use iTunes File Sharing to add executables to run? I bought this specifically to run an old DOS game but there is no way to load the program....

bscheffel, May 16, 2017
Nice, but missing iTunes File Sharing

Please add iTunes File Sharing, as there is no way to add new games/applications.

Cyberhawk999, Jan 17, 2017
No way to get to the files on the phone, its pointless

No pathong to files on the phone, no way to mount drives, just a dumb version of dos that pretty much cant function

DemonHemi, Dec 01, 2022
Write Batch and Text Files But Nothing Else

Using ‘copy con [file name]’ I can make a one line text file. Then ‘type [file2] >> [file1]’ will append one text file to another. I can make batch files that way. There is no Edlin, or Edit. Wish it came with DEBUG, or BASIC. Has no file share to export files, and no option to import disk images to mount. PowerDOS has the ability to mount disk images if only there were a way to get to downloads, or iCloud storage. I can only use this to practice making batch files and folders. Again, wish it had DEBUG, then I could create binary programs to run in the emulator. I mounted D: to ~/ and saw the sub directory. None of the files that are claimed to be in this app exist.

Demultiplexer, Feb 15, 2020
How on earth did they get this into App Store?

The emulator community has wanted something like this for years. But add file sharing.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm., Jun 30, 2017
Update the app please

I purchased this app a while ago but I noticed that I have no way to transfer files to it, which makes it useless. I also noticed that the app hasn’t been updated in a couple years.

iNyan600, Jan 27, 2021
Needs more basic commands and networking

I bought this hoping to run simple network commands like ping and nslookup since I work so much on my iPad for my job. I was hoping to avoid using my PC. Put networking in PowerDOS because you say it runs better than the original Microsoft DOS. Well, it had networking in it.

Msacademy, Aug 01, 2017
Just add iTunes file sharing.

The most recent update for this app doubled speeds for running programs. This isn't terribly useful if you can't put programs into it at all.You just have to set UIFileSharingEnabled(Application Supports iTunes file sharing) key in the info plist of your app.Then, users can import files!

Qlh15558238447, Jun 02, 2017
Update the app please

I purchased this app a while ago but I noticed that I have no way to transfer files to it, which makes it useless. I also noticed that the app hasn’t been updated in a couple years.

quarkyalice, Jan 27, 2021


A DOS to run on the iPhone and iPad. NEW: Sound emulation and external Bluetooth Keyboard enabled! The first Disk Operating Systems were introduced when Tape Memory was replaced with rotating Disks.

This was in the 60'ies of the last century. Since then a lot has changed, but many of us remember the days when there was no Graphical User Interface. This app now is introducing DOS for mobile devices. Not laptops, but phones. iPhone and iPad, to be precise. It is a perfect emulator of the DOS that so many games and applications in the 80'ies and 90'ies have been running on. Win and Win95 were running on DOS, showing what a 16bit operating system is capable of. If sys ini, commanc.com, config.sys and .exe sound familiar to you, then this is the app for you. The DOS is not just a CLI, it is a full fledged operating system. It does everything that the Ancient DOS did. It is capable of executing batch files or installing some of the game classics that never made it past DOS. It probably runs much better than the original DOS used to run on old PC's, which were state of the art back then. 30 years is old enough to be called vintage, and it brings as much power as it did back then ;-) With this app you can get this vintage feeling on your iPhone or iPad. ◆Features ▸ SoundCard emulation ▸ External Bluetooth Keyboard ▸ Disk Operating System ▸ Everything you would expect from DOS ;) If you have ideas, feedback, suggestions or anything else you would like to tell us, do not hesitate to drop us a line! And if you like Power DOS, be not shy to leave a good review!

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