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Photic - AI Yearbook Generator

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User Reviews for Photic - AI Yearbook Generator

What A Lie.

I first opened this app and was immediately like ‘This Looks Legit’ until I entered the photos and it asks me to pay, in which confused me because most reviews say ‘This app is free’. You tricked me. You obviously pay for people to make fake comments, you obviously don’t know better than to lie to unassuming kids who decide to beg their parents to pay for an app that probably doesn’t even work. I know that was a ‘Woke’ example but you don’t know any better than to lie. Get a life and get a job you lowlife psychopath.

1kaiden10, Feb 19, 2023
Decent experience

Quite great. Didn't anticipate that it should function admirably, and I unquestionably didn't expect such huge numbers of choices that truly work. The main thing I would state is the point at which I utilize the drawing device, after I finish the picture is extremely hazy and low-goals, however that is it. I truly like it :)

angelina44$$, Feb 28, 2020
Well, well, well.

The app rendered the first 100 pictures. I am delighted. I selected my thirty selfies photos like it said I should. From the whole bunch, only four images rendered were out of context, and three are not well coordinated if you wish. But the rest is OUTSTANDING. Let's embrace AI and use it in our favor. There is not much to fear than from ourselves.

CARLOOOLRAC, Feb 07, 2023
Horrible scam do not bye

I got this app to make cartoon photos for friends and when i got it I expected in app purchases. I payed for a week subscription and when I went to try it out I almost screamed the demonstration photos on the app look awesome but looking at my photos with the filters on look like something that would fall into a toilet I tried everything and it still looked horrible looking at some other apps like this one I realized that the demonstration photos look like they were stollen if you look at the cartoon how to video it shows a video from a different app over all this app is horrible do not bye it I also can’t find a way to get my money back I am having to get help from apple to get my money back

cute_cat566, May 17, 2020
Nice experience

Unlike different applications where you need to pay to utilize everything. It gives you a great deal for the free form and is any astounding cost for some greater quality (paying is discretionary to you simply don't open to such an extent). So incredible with various altering instruments for photographs. Couldn't locate some other application that had a grain yet, this is simply amazing!!!!

Digeousfdf, Feb 28, 2020
You wanted a review, so here it is.

I chose this app to edit a couple photos to use for my business page. I signed up to PAY for this service. Upon tryin to use any filter you are hit with the screen telling you to take 15 seconds to rate the app. I did not have much experience with the app so I closed the screen. It will not stop, I cannot use the app. Sure explains the high rating, but an extremely shady form of business if you ask me. Great idea and who knows it probably is a great app but I am a paying customer and no where does it state that the functionalities of your app are reliant of me giving your app a rating on the App Store.

Kevinjcummings, Oct 21, 2022
I paid so you don’t have to

Skip this app. I’ve used free apps that give better results. I uploaded the max amount of pictures (same ones I’ve used elsewhere) and purchased a pack of AI avatars, hoping I could find one to use professionally, and not only did I not have any usable options but 4/5 of the generated photos looked nothing like me. And I don’t mean that some of my features were off, I mean they gave me an AI generated portrait that was just a picture of a house. That’s it. Just a house. This is just one of dozens of examples of the terrible AI here. Don’t waste your money. Try a different program. I found a completely free one in the App Store that gives better results more consistently. I’m pretty bummed out and I’m going to do everything I can to spread the word about this money grab of an app.

mememeitsame, May 17, 2023
Great app but not very many options

This app is good but you need to pay for almost everything this company is so money hungry. When they first give you pictures to make a cartoon you have to pay and it pops out of nowhere. It’s annoying and not useful at all, all it wants you to do is pay. I will definitely delete this app because all it wants you to do is pay monthly or pay to get this filter. I’ve never seen an app like this that only gives you one option per filter. If anything get Face App it actually gives you more then one option, and you still have to pay for certain features but it’s way better. Please work on fixing this.

relly melly, Feb 21, 2023
Mixed bag

Beautiful pictures. Take hours and hours for the app to create a pack from your photos once you upload them. Then it takes 3 days for you to be able to create another one. 6.99 for one week and limited (only 2) packs of photos to get created. Be nice to have all the info upfront so one can make an informed decision to invest or not. I would try a different app.

Shankyou71, Feb 06, 2023
It Could Be Better

Well it's a good app but when you are trying to cartoon yourself it just changes the color of the photo. When it's actually something that isn't changing colors it just loads and loads forever. Also the avatar thing isn't free it makes you pay after you submit your photos. If you're going to make us pay do it before we submit pictures. This app is good but it could be better.

Space cats 123, Dec 28, 2022


Generate your AI photos, and explore parallel universe possibilities! So how would you look if your life was totally different? An experience towards your inner selves via AI Avatar outputs. -How does Photic AI Photo Generator work?

After installing the app, all you need is uploading 15 – 30 selfies of yourself. Those images are required for the advanced AI face technology to operate. Photic Photo Editor will only then be able to generate your AI Photos. -Why do you need more than one selfie? In order to get high quality results, the AI technology needs photos of your face captured from different angles with various light conditions and perspectives. -What will happen to my selfies after I create my own AI Avatars? After AI Avatar outputs are generated, the selfies you uploaded are %100 guaranteed to be removed from our servers. -Why do I have to wait for getting my AI Photos? In order to generate impressive AI Photo outputs by means of the AI face technology, we use vast amount of computation power from high tech GPUs. But we did our best to keep that time to a minimum. Most of the time, amazing AI Avatar outputs are ready in 1 hour. About Photic Photo Editor's Premium Subscription: *The subscription covers Photic Photo Editor’s premium AI Avatar and photo effects features. *You can cancel your Photic Photo Editor subscription anytime via this URL: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 *Only with your approval, payment can be charged to your iTunes Account. *Photic Photo Editor subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off. Photic Photo Editor's Privacy Policy: https://www.42dijital.com/photic/privacy Photic Photo Editor’s terms of use can be found via this URL on Photic’s official website: https://www.42dijital.com/photic/terms

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