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User Reviews for PalmPay

They are thieves and scammers !!! Don’t fall their victim! They would steal your money

I just pity people that are still using this stupid Palmpay app, cause they are just thieves and scammers ! Cause I don’t know how on earth would I want to fund my sporty bet account and the nonsense thing keep loading after inputting my password and all of a sudden the app closed and I got debited and I did not get the money in my sporty bet account and the funniest part is that I can’t find the transaction history of the money on this their stupid app like the money just disappear with no traces !! And the most craziest part is that you can’t even call their customer cares to complain or find a way of reaching out to any of their customer representatives but they would call easily whenever they want to reach you 🤦🏼 This people are just the craziest scammers have ever come across !! Wow ! But I learnt my lesson already !! Lord knows am never using the bastard app again and I pity those people that are still trusting their money with them ! Thieves !!!

@Sharp001, Jul 30, 2022
The best app yet ⭐️⭐️⭐️

So yeah PalmPay is the only banking app I have used without having issues like overdraft constant money deduction for transfer charges and so on. I would really like to applaud this app. But you guys are missing one thing out This is a nationwide selling app and you’re telling me it does not have a dark mode really 🙁. Put in a dark mode feature that’s what I really want

👑SLAZS, May 01, 2022
Why can’t I get a loan without the ok card

The app is great and I love banking with PalmPay and I have received some hundreds of thousands with PalmPay and I have also bought data and airtime with the… But why can’t I get a loan to solve little issues on PalmPay ?Please there should be a way for a quick loan without the ok card please

Ezege Taiwan, Jul 14, 2022
Good and complain

It’s good app to send and receive payment but there is one error I seen on this PalmPay is that if you’re trying to send money to others then network misbehave it will deducted from your account and show processing in transaction history then the receiver won’t see it How may I get my Monet back

khalid best, Jul 12, 2021
Devil pay

This app is the most stupid app toUse .some times I wonder who created this his app,i defaulted a loan of 3000,just 3000,that won’t improve my life in any way,they actually locked my phone and I was wondering,when you loan someone 3000 and you lucked the phone up,you locked my business phone for days after I made the payment and the charges accrued to it they still haven’t opened my phone ,it’s more like a fry on to fire case after all this I had to pay the charges accrued to it ,they still haven’t opened my phone ,If I see any one write and positive comment about this people,ogun destroy the person cos it’s a devil pay

marygre214, Jan 27, 2022
Bad customer service

I have issue with a transaction which has been on processing since Monday. I complained and the customer support asked for 24hrs. After 24hrs with nothing I complained again and they asked for another 24hrs, yet nothing. The transaction is still processing. I complained again and you won’t believe the customer support closed the chat without even replying. Is it a crime to make enquiry about my money. Once this is fixed and my money is refunded, am withdrawing all my money and am done with the app for good.I have to complain about one processing transaction almost everyday. Am fed up with all this. I won’t recommend this app to someone running a business. You will blame yourself and regret at the end of the day

oolatunde, May 26, 2021
Transfer issue

Please I need to make transfer for the past 5 hours now and it’s been saying invalid pin or will be locked for two hours even when I make use of my face unlock to complete my transaction … I need to make use of my money and it’s not allowing me send after updating the app but I can receive 🥺

owojori michael, Nov 11, 2021

I would love to advice PalmPay that everytime customer is making payment.......the payment should be pending for up to 1minutes and then it should be delivered after the one minutes because many people will found out that they sent money to the wrong person so they could cancel the payment as soon as they made mistake......today that makes me send money to the wrong person,within 5seconds the money is completed and it can’t be cancelled or refunded,I would love that PalmPay should make a solution to it on how to cancel the payment after 1minutes

Sir usman, May 02, 2022
You lie about the food items you putting in your app they are not real

I order and they gots me debited and didn’t give response I called those number there I was told they did not make any payment to them can you see that since 2 days I’m making complaint no one to respond

temitroz, Mar 22, 2022
Auto payment and over charging

It’s a good bank app with varieties of options . I would gladly recommend this app for anyone if just two things could be fixed .. they over charge especially when you sending to apps like Opay “like why would you charge above #100 to send to Opay . Sometimes when I dealWith small funds . You guys charge about 20 to 59 naira : that’s too bad and also the okay card service provided on it . We borrow and we going to return it . Stop making auto repayment and taking cash meant for something else : this will only make one ignore the bank app for as long as you don’t have the cash . There would always be transactions going in and out just chill till we hit the repayment button . We deserve that privacy at least .. I hope all this could be changed

viper gangan, Jun 01, 2022


PalmPay is the rewarding way to make payments! The simple and secure app for sending cash quickly between friends and paying for airtime, bills and more in Nigeria. Earn PalmPoints and coupons as you spend and use them to discount your transactions!

KEY PALMPAY FEATURES * We don't charge you for using our services. Bye bye maintenance fees and other silly charges! * In fact, we reward you! Earn up to 15% cashback on airtime purchases and 3% on your bill payments. Plus get loads more coupons every day by participating in our frequent promotions. * Transfer money to other PalmPay wallets and bank accounts for FREE for any amount, for your first 3 transactions per day. Thereafter, pay just N10. * Deposit funds to your wallet for free using your ATM card or transfer from any of your banking apps * Use Healthkit and Health app data to sync your step count on Step&Earn feature, an exciting way to earn rewards on PalmPay. GET REWARDED WITH PALMPOINTS 1 PalmPoint = 1 Naira YOUR SECURITY IS OUR PRIORITY * We keep your money protected using the most advanced technology and follow GDPR standards for data handling. * We encrypt all of your data and do not share your information with 3rd parties. * We are PCI DSS certified * PalmPay is a Mobile Money Operator licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria CONTACT US We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns please call our helpline 01 700 5700 Follow us on social media: PalmPay is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Visit our website: www.palmpay.co Get in touch with our support team: [email protected]

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