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UBA Mobile Banking

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User Reviews for UBA Mobile Banking

Worst commercial app ever!

Of all the commercial apps that I use, UBA’s the worst. If I could give a rating lower than the one star, you will have it. The only reason I continue to use the app is because this is where my salary comes, otherwise I will have been long gone, and it’s gona happen soon. Just to mention one key issue - your face recognition ID doesn’t work, I have given this feedback several times and many months now, yet it has not been fixed; there are so many other things. Please go and look at GTB Mobile app and see what it can do; don’t be too proud to learn.

Bellosky, Apr 05, 2019
App is misbehaving

I’m having issue checking my history it won’t let me,like I want to check august history it’s not letting see the whole of august it’s just displaying aug1st to aug 5th it said pull down to refresh did that several time but it’s still Same thing and my app is up to date I check AppStore no new update so what up this is reply giving me issues

Benz otw, Sep 03, 2021
Date subscription

This updated version is worse than the last. Can't do a data subscription straight from the app. When you choose the buy data option it does airtime instead. I have to remove the sim from my wifi every time I want to renew my data subscription. To transfer to another bank is another issue, it won't show anything most time when I try to make a transfer to other banks

big hundred, Aug 14, 2023
Very poor service this days

I wonder what happened to the ever wonderful United Bank For Africa? Recently it’s been pending transactions which finally leads to a whole week of endless embarrassment from merchants requesting for their money which was long paid for to an annoying customer support service draining your hard earned Airtime trying to request for money back! Haba! I should give a one star, but in the end to forgive is divine. I wish you guys well as you endeavor to restore OUR Prestige.

Bwize…, Jul 12, 2023

Whoever designed this new UBA mobile banking app did a terrible job, the previous version was easy to use and well programmed. I have been struggling with UBA secure pass to be able to generate a token which hasn’t been successful till now, it’s a poor job more like a setback and as much as I can’t get any transaction done for almost a week now due to not being around to go the nearest UBA branch it’s very bad most especially for people in diaspora. As much as I hate to compare services however I can say the Access More bank app is a better upgrade to what UBA currently has plus they have an option for new devices you can easily get an OTP in the registered phone number or email, UBA needs to fix up I believe you can do better thank you.

Dekeye, Jun 24, 2023
Virtual atm card for diasporas

It will be more convenient for us in diaspora if we can actually have something like a virtual atm just in case our atm cards gets expired and We cannot renew because We am not in the country and don’t know exactly when we will be back. Just so we can apply online and be able to receive it via email. I hope I made a bit of a sense??

Doingzzz, Apr 08, 2021
App is not reliable

I’m someone who uses the app frequently for transactions and half of the time I will have to wait for hours before i can do something on the app It’s either I get a system message that service is unavailable or it just doesn’t login at all, this has nothing to do with my network and I am beginning to get tired of the app. Fix the damm app for good and stop wasting people’s time with irrelevant messages that will make them wait for hours, you work to restore the service everyday but there’s no difference

hotman ayo, May 06, 2022
Great update

I am happy as most of the updates i see, i noted during the survey. Its very important to get clientele opinion in modern day banking. I personally took out time to write what i thought you guys could improve. I am looking forward to see more on your app. I see you can now send from UBA to UBA that’s impressing. Please look at the surveys again and try to integrate more features in your banking app. UBA rocks! You are the best bank in Africa.

kevc17, Dec 05, 2019
Problem with Transactions history

The app always has a problem of bringing up transactions history…This is a huge problem..I have been trying to check my transactions history so I can send the receipt to someone who I did business with and it’s been days now, transactions history is still falling..Please, this problem should be fixed

Prinxfelix, Mar 22, 2023
The app history doesn’t work for months now

The app history doesn’t work for months now ,it’s crazy having to know if a transaction was successful or not without this history because the app sometimes doesn’t even tell you if your transaction was successful only to be debited regardless....UBA you can do better with the app because this is quite frustrating...every time something goes wrong you have to go to the bank just for bank statements to see history,it’s absurd really

Teymedhayhor, Apr 22, 2022


UBA is providing a completely enhanced mobile banking experience to its customers with this new app. Banking services are easily accessible and on the go through new features such as: • Quick log-in within a few seconds with the biometric option on devices that support this feature • Faster navigation with the sliding menu available on all user sessions • Fewer, more intuitive screens enhancing user experience • ATM/Branch locator • 24-hour customer service support via live chat • Quick selection of phone numbers from device contacts list for airtime top up • Favourites list creation for easier transactions • Auto reminders for recurrent bill payments and transfers