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VivaCut - Effect Video Editor

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User Reviews for VivaCut - Effect Video Editor

Crashing - please fix

First I just want to say this probably the best editing app I’ve used. The transitions and effects are amazing. But, every time I try to edit, I’ve noticed the lag gets worse and worse and then it crashes. Now it’s to a point where as soon as I open the app or a project I’m working on, it crashes. Keep in mind, I’ve deleted and reinstalled, restarted my iPad, have all the newest updates and I have multiple gigs of free storage. I don’t know why this is happening but please fix this! I’ve genuinely considered buying pro - and I’m super stingy with money and memberships - but I won’t pay for a crashing appAnd one suggestion! Please let us play our videos if they exceed the 5 minute mark. Sometimes I add videos just to find clips but then I have to go to my photos and hear what’s being said to figure out if I want to trim it out of the edit or not, all because I can’t play it in the app. Maybe keep it so you have to have pro to save your video if it’s over 5 minutes, but at least let us preview it before then. Ty!

03Nevaeh03, Nov 17, 2021
No communication

This application is very nice and it has a lot of very nice features, until…….you have a problem. This feedback system is ridiculous and totally ineffective. No communication at all. Basically you have to figure it out since all they do is thank you and hope the problem is resolved. I have been trying to link my iPhone with my iPad, I know the solution is right there but no one can guide me in the right direction, and I can’t figure it out. I am also having issues with one video and the music and all they do is ask for screen shots. Then I also wrote them on WhatsApp, and I am still waiting for a reply..I was finally informed you cannot link iphone and iPad together. Which is fine with me but they should let us know that from the beginning.

alvaro2022, May 12, 2022
Has potential but major drawback.

This app is amazing. I decided to get the free trial pretty much almost directly after downloading it and playing around with it a little and when I gave the Pro features a go with the videos I was making, I greatly enjoyed the ease of use, aesthetic, etc. Initially, I had considered purchasing the app for the yearly membership.While I still would like to do that, I don’t think I will until the app stops CRASHING. This app constantly crashes or glitches and it really hinders an editor from getting what they need to get done in a short period of time. Something that should only have taken me a couple hours at most has now kept me up late at night and I’m extremely frustrated that the application constantly keeps crashing and glitching no matter what I try.Once this issue is fixed I may consider purchasing but for now I will be cancelling my free trial as soon as I actually am able to make the video I originally intended to make. Hopefully next time I try this app it won’t take me several hours out of my day to get it to work around the crashing/glitching issue.

Anyonerelate, Mar 30, 2020

Everytime i try to edit it freeze a lot of time still glitch. Why cant you even fix them? It happens all the time it wont even stop. I cant do much of my edits now... its kinda annoying -.- im trying to stop my freezing and crashing, but it wont even stop, it just keeps on going and going, im really stressed, i cant even do anything about it :/ but i really love this app, its mostly what i use for my editing, i use other apps but this is my fav app that i like using to edit mostly i tried to delete it back and fourth it doesnt help the lag and freeze. Im scrolling down the comments and a bunch of complain like mine. I know im being rude but i really love this app though! Its not trash or anything just a problem with my freeze and a little bit of lag. When i got this app it had no freeze no lag. But then it started doing it when i had it for a while. I dont know whats going on but this app is amazing! I love editing on this app and the app i usually use. I just got it today i think. This freezing continues. Its an issue for me. Cant even handle it. Hope you read this. I can say that you dont respond to many comments so i dont know if your gonna see this.

BtsAlana210, Dec 06, 2020

I usually used this app for small edits for like fan use. But then I was rewatching one I made in my photos and noticed I made a mistake. I reopened the app today and suddenly there was a new time limit right after the update. The video I made was 5:12 and I was able to download it. But after the update it won’t let me download it because the new limit is only five minutes. Before this app really had great potential I didn’t mind needing to pay for things since I wouldn’t need them. But the fact that a time limit was now added is ridiculous. This was the only app I had that I could do my little edits on but with this new limit and as well as crashing issues and glitches I’ll just delete it. I wouldn’t recommend this app anymore. Time limits, paying for most of the good things, the crashes. Not worth it. The only good thing would be the extracting audio but I bet soon you’ll have to have premium for it as well.

Rose Seong, May 27, 2020
Very bad crashing issues (could just be my phone tho)

This app has everything and more to make some pretty cool videos and i was tempted to buy the full version but this is the only app on my phone that crashes constantly. If i could actually make a video without it crashing constantly i would give this a 5 star review. All the other video making apps work for me but the options are total junk. I am using an iPhone 7 but like i said only this app crashes. Hopefully they can get more of the bugs worked out soon here bcuz I’m excited to see what i can whip up on this app*update*Since they updated the app it runs smooth as butter even on my old iPhone 7! By far THEE best video making app out there i am definitely buying the pro version now!

Sacre ble, Apr 08, 2020
Great except for ONE MAJOR THING

I love this app, and I used it so much when I was subscribed, but I just can’t afford it. I don’t know how the pricing comes out, so I’m not one to say that they’re overpricing it (though it feels overpriced to me), but I feel like it would be more efficient for EVERYONE involved, INCLUDING the developers, if they made this change:On the screen where you’re given the VivaCut Pro options, it lists the different areas that Pro will give better access to, such as no watermark, all transitions, no time limit, and all filters. I think these should each have an individual, one-time buy option that’s less that $5. That way, it’s not a subscription, but people like me who can’t afford a subscription/higher payments for everything can still pick priority options to buy. This way, buying them all individually would end up being more expensive than the monthly subscription. I’m pretty sure most people make more than $15 a month, so that’s not a route people will likely choose. So, the people choosing to buy those options individually are the people who, most likely, couldn’t afford a subscription at all. A one-time payment may sound cheap to the guys rolling in the money, but a one time payment is more than the NO money you’ll get otherwise.Anywho, I've said my piece, and I strongly encourage the developers look into it.

Starfus, Dec 01, 2020
Great but...

I downloaded this app because i wanted to make anime edits. The first 20 minutes were perfect but when i wanted to make another edit, right after i selected the photos the screen completely freezed and started playing the video with its own transitions i couldn’t get out of do nothing so i quit the app and started again then i tried opening it again and the same thing happened. I eventually got tired so i went into the template area when i wanted to make a template i clicked use selected the photos and when i tried to see it, it completely freezed again and then i tried AGAIN after quitting the app for the 10th time so i decided since everytime i want to see the video it freezes then i don’t watch the video at all and just export but then the screen freezes at 58% export so basically the whole app freezes it doesn’t let you do NOTHING im deleting and not recommending this until they fix it. Thanks❤️.

starglitter🌟, Mar 13, 2021
I love it! But it’s glitchy

I love this app a lot but recently it has been crashing and glitchy. Whenever I press play and pause it or change something it ether doesn’t pause or when I go to change what I wanted to it starts playing again and doesn’t stop, even when I close out of the app or turn my phone off so I have to just wait for it to be done playing. And if I stay in the app and wait for it to be done it just kicks me out. So I’m literally not able to even use the app. It’s all updated, if tried multiple times, different times of the day less photos in the edit, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I really can’t do anything On it without this happening. And I feel if I can’t use it there’s no reason for me to have it downloaded on my phone. But It’s a really great app and I feel like it would be a waste for me to just end up deleting it cuz of a glitch.

The Dankster245, Nov 30, 2020
Cool, but...

I like the app, but I do have a few issues. 1. The subscription is very expensive, especially for kids like me. My parents are already paying enough for me to have a roof over my head, Food to eat, and stuff to make my life essentially comfortable. They’re not gonna pay $14 for a month of pro subscription, nor are they going to pay for a $60 subscription for a year. It’s just too expensive for an app2.The crashing. Almost every time I open the app, it’ll crash after five seconds of me opening it. Luckily for me, unlike other people, it’ll save my work that I did in the five seconds of that being open but it still crashes and it gets really annoying. This only happens when I try deleting the audio.3. The limited perks. When you have the free version you only get about 34 different things that you can do to edit your video. It’s just not really fair because the pro members that can afford the pro subscription get thousands of perks. All the people who can’t afford it, or just don’t wanna waste that much money on an app, stuck with the minimum amount of perks.If y’all can fix these issues, I would be grateful.*UPDATE*To the developer response: I do not have insufficient memory. I checked before writing this review.

UnKnOwN😘😘😘, Oct 19, 2020


VivaCut, Professional Video Editor APP for full screen video creating. Whether you want to make artistic films or simply share memories and funny moments with friends, Viva Cut is the best Video editor you need. Professional Video Editing App [Cool Transition] Create amazing with cinematic overlay video editor with transition effects in VivaCut [visual effects] VHS, RGB, Trippy, Glitch, GB, Grainy, Fisheye [Music Marker] Mark the track and add effects according to the music rhythm. [Audio Extraction] Aesthetic video editor with transition effects, extract music from any video Best Video Editor with all features [Multi-layer timeline] An intuitive and sleek editing interface with zoom for frame by frame precision with overlay video editor app [Video Transition] Create amazing with cinematic overlay video editor with transition effects in Viva Cut [Video Adjustment] Control Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, color temperature, vignetting and enhance video quality [Music] Add music to video free and use overlay video editor with transitions for it [Glitch Effects] Coolest video editing app with glitch effects and transitions!

Video Clip Editing [Trim and cut videos] Professional tools developed for precise Video Editing App [Splice videos] Split videos and optimize for sharing on your stories [Combine video clips] Merge clips into a stunning video with transitions effects, combine video clips into one video [Speed Control] Fast & slow motion alight your video like the best video editor with all features, only with Viva Cut Video! Save and Share [Custom video resolution] Export videos in 720p and 1080p [Rename] Rename your work and mark your memory with PRO aesthetic video editor lifetime. Coming soon [Picture in Picture] Combine clips together to create double exposures and eye-catching YouTube videos with transitions for free. [Collage] Add pictures to your clips and edit videos that will go viral with Viva Cut! [Overlay options] Customize layers with tools such as opacity and blending [Blend videos] Mix videos to try out powerful blending modes such as Color Burn, Multiply, Screen, Soft Light, Hard Light and many more. [Animated text] A simple and fast tool for as a better multi layer video editor for youtube. [Keyframe Animation] Apply to Mask, Video Collage, Text, Stickers, Emoji, etc. Pro aesthetic video editor app. [Mask] Linear, mirror, radial, rectangle and oval, all for the scene. Full screen video editor for youtube. [Undo & Redo] Back to any step that you took! Viva Cut is the best video editor with all features you need! It is a pro video editor with music just for cool transitions, VFX, Glitch effects, cutting, trimming and splitting videos. You may also use its multi-layer timeline to create beautiful video collages for social media. VivaCut Subscription: - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within VivaCut. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. - Payments will be charged to iTunes Account at the point of purchase confirmation. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, and you will be charged according to your payment plan selection. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be annulled when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Terms of Use: https://rc.vccresource.com/web/h5template/d9777a66-f606-448d-ba2b-a521aa4b025e-language=en/dist/index.html Privacy: https://rc.vccresource.com/web/h5template/282b7828-8d0b-43fc-b4a0-95d65e5e146b-language=en/dist/index.html Acknowledgements: Music by audionautix.com and https://icons8.com/music/

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