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User Reviews for Never Have I Ever- Party Games


This game is really fun so far but also kinda boring because it’s kind of just a plain and simple game nothing really that fun or inspirational if I could change up the game more I would add more detail most definitely and fun so kids would wanna play it and it could be a hit

crazyheadmya, Feb 09, 2020
Goodbye not appropriate for children

This game was really good until I realized that this is not the case and I’m only eight years old how much is not getting this game because this is a game for grown-ups

g get nvm jjvjvhvj, May 17, 2022
Fun lot of adds

There is a lot of adds first I was like that’s normal and then hen it did it more n more but other than that it is so fun and awesome

haddiy B, Mar 20, 2022
Good might be bad for children

I like the app it’s very fun to do but it should be bad for children because if they play it it always talks about drinking and drinking is very bad and you should fix The drinking in there I just don’t like that overall it’s a good app but I just don’t like my children having it my child has it and and they said “ what is drinking” and I got really concerned at that point and I deleted the app right away

Iamnotsayingit, Oct 25, 2021
What I hate

I love this game but when you look at the pictures it says example ever thought a fart smell good I’ve never seen that when I was playing never have I Ever also when it says nine and plus it’s very inappropriate and talks about drinking and it’s very inappropriate for nine--year-olds it should be for 12--year-olds but if that changed I would love that game my mom doesn’t like it and I still al Have it and she knows

Jaymiya SG, Jul 09, 2022
ok ok

This game is okay some of the questions are inappropriate wall some are not. some of the questions also keep repeating that is another thing I don't like I recommend that you change the things that I just said overall the game it's self is pretty good.Good kid I guess!👍

Le poopie, Jan 11, 2021
Amazing with one mistake

I love this game! I fell in love with it when I started playing it! It’s a job well done. The only thing is the add’s. I can’t answer three questions without an add, all of the same add’s! I would like it to be fixed if possible but I give this a positive rating!😁

Ofically-Lydia#5, May 16, 2019
It’s a good app just missing something

I think it is a very enjoyable app it does not pay you do not have to pay you when I get scammed even though it has a lot of ads is still a fun game to play it tends to get boring but I could play it if I’m like really bored

poopy pants for five, Sep 17, 2021
One thing

First things first it has to many adds and that is just my opinion so when I click somewhere it takes me to a add and this first time I had gone through that I was ok but thin it just kept on and on and I was like ok one more try and it kept going so I did not like this game so I got another never have I ever

slime world, Apr 17, 2020

I was wanting to play never have I ever, but… Okay, so I neglected to mention one thing, I’m just a mature 10 year old. This stuff is not relatable for me. I recommend this to you if you’re at least 16. The questions are… even not on adults mode they kind of stink.

Tennis and Tacos, Jan 27, 2022


Play the classic party game "Never Have I Ever" on your phone or tablet and learn the truth about your friends! Perfect for dates, parties, sleepovers, ice breakers, get togethers and suitable for teens and adults. Featuring thousands of Never Have I Ever questions and regularly updated with more!