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BFF Friendship Test - Quiz

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BFF Friendship Test - Quiz

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User Reviews for BFF Friendship Test - Quiz

Good game

You should get this game because if you do not really know if you are friends or not you can use this game you just answer the questions and then it will say like you know them about 100% or something maybe you just met someone and you want to know how you learned or know about them so please like this game! Thank you who ever made this game!

✌🏻✌🏻🐹, May 15, 2020

Okay so I gave it a 5 star so you could read this. This game is a waste of storage and it isn’t Being honest you can only get a 48% or higher. If you give it all good answers it will just give 100% and theirs adds throughout the test and just way to many adds that’s all I have to say (no offense to the creators) just it’s a waste of storage and I don’t recommend it. Thanks for reading!!:)

AlanaSurf, Apr 15, 2022
So confusing

Okay so I love the game right, (even though it takes up a bunch of storage just to see your accuracy in your friendship??) but the questions it gives me sometimes are just so confusing and they just make no sense at all. For example I was doing this on call with my friend and I was sharing my screen and we were agreeing on each of the questions but some of them we just had to tap something random because it had made no sense at all, I don’t remember the exact questions that it had asked me but all I remember was they were very confusing, it’s not that they were inappropriate or something it’s just that they were confusing and hard to understand which made my accuracy with my friends that I would do with go down because I would always have to select something random, or it will make my accuracy go up when I want it to be as accurate as possible it would ask questions like, (this isn’t the exact one but something like it because I don’t remember) “Has ____ ever tried you?” Like what these types of questions make no sense.There should also be much more questions then 10, I am not going to believe an app who is telling me “how accurate my friendship is with ____” because of 10 questions. There were also several typing mistakes while I played this game which I found very irritating because sometimes I couldn’t understand the question when I did it.

Ari and Emma, Mar 30, 2023

So me and my best friend always play this game when we are bored. And every time we play we literally get 100 every time 😂 but the one thing I ask is for to do more different quizzes because I always get the same ones over and over and I’m just asking if you can do more quizzes thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️

chickabobcat, Mar 04, 2022

This game is total LIE!!!! No offense to the creators but yeah it is a lie....I have done several quizzes and answer honestly. The first time I did it I got a 75 the seconded quiz I did I got an 100 the third quiz I got an 83.STICK WITH A NUMBER PEOPLE!!!!!!!This game is just a lie although it is fun to play BUT I HATE THAT IT WON’T STICK WITH A NUMBER!!!! I wouldn’t recommend it but you can download it to see that I’m not lying either like this stupid game! I’m sure this company has other games that are better so I’m just warning you that this will destroy your friendships even if it is the truth I’d rather not know I have a fake friend then lose a friend. Thank you. Ps. Don’t download this game.

Cookies are girly, Feb 15, 2021
It’s great but…

This test is great! But there are some problems. The first problem is:The game never let’s you get 10% or lower. Sometimes me and my friend will try to get the lowest score but whatever you say in the test. It will always give you 30% or higher. The second problem is: There are really bad glitches. You can play the game fine for the first few questions but then after a while it doesn’t ask you the whole thing. For example:do you and your friend…Then it will stay right there and won’t tell you the rest of the question. Hopefully this makes sense. Hopefully you can fix these mistakes and make the test even better. Over all this game is awesome! 👍

Dancing_moonbeam, Aug 22, 2021

I gave a five star rating so ppl could see this, I would give it 1 star though. I tried my name in the thing like a bunch of times and it kept saying different things about my name, so obviously it just has them set to say something random every time, and they all basically say kind, funny, special so rlly it’s a waste of time. Also there r adds when u go in one while u wait for it to load and when u get out! So pls don’t get this game save ur time... thx for reading!!

Donitnole, Aug 12, 2021

This app is awesome I love how it asks you the things bffs do. Not to lie but it has a few adds I would take that away but overall I love the app I will share it to my bff. A few glitches but it is a cool game. But there has to be more questions about shopping and activities and trust but I love it I hope you guys download this game I hope this helps you

elysetheunicorngirl, Jul 07, 2021
Fun but not accurate enough

This game is very fun and I enjoy playing it… but it only gets you a 30 or higher and I wanna see what my friendship really is with my BFF and this is fun but I just don’t think it’s accident enough. You could get it enjoy it but I just think it’s not accurate enough. and you may think it is and that’s just your opinion and this is mine I’m just saying I’d try to get all the answers wrong see what I would get and it doesn’t and it gave me a 30 so as you could see, it’s not accurate enough for me.

H lowercase E, Dec 16, 2022
Fun but could be better

First of all I like the game but one problem, it says like, “how often do you text this person” and that’s dumb because some people like me don’t have phones or your friends don’t have phones. Another one also says, “ who picks the movie you or this person” and I’m only 10 so I don’t go to the movies by myself and even when I do my mom or dad picks the movie. So some of the other questions are like that so it would be great to change those, but otherwise is really fun!Thankyou, Claire :)

hgfddghkkjgf, Jun 22, 2023


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