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Math Vs Undead: Math Game

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Math Vs Undead: Math Game

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User Reviews for Math Vs Undead: Math Game

So fun

I thought my girly girl wouldn't like this app, but she loves it. She even plays just for fun.

acullars, Jan 24, 2016
Only lets me do addition

I'd rate this a five if it would let me change the problem type to include multiplication and division. When I change it in settings it makes no difference and only addition problems show up. I don't see under the app description saying you have to "purchase" division and multiplication, so it's frustrating me when I have students who could potentially benefit from this app but can only add. It's a great concept though for s game and it's entertaining.

JacksonBSharpe, Feb 01, 2016
Helped a lot

This has been the best App for learning math facts. My daughter does fast math at school and this has really helped her speed.

Jadamae07, Aug 13, 2015

App was my fav when I was 7 made math fun

JellyBird52526, Aug 10, 2022
Not great but ok

This game is great for learning but coming to the facts zombies are not my daughters thing she is scared to death of a zombie even if it's a cartoon she's still scared. Like seriously why did it have to be zombies it could have been just the little boy they got to drama with it. I'm very disappointed.

Kataferder, Nov 04, 2015
Cool for kids!!!

Learning math while playing...all kids should play it!!!

M23098, Mar 05, 2015

This game is so educational to my little one who is so competitive!!!!!!

Madynew, Mar 26, 2014
Only does addition

It has settings for addition, multiplication, and division, but no matter how you set it, it only always plays addition.

Only addition works, Jan 09, 2017

I know this is meant for third graders, and my little brother who IS in third grade was scared to death by this game because of all the blood, knives, and pencil-throwing in it. Don't you think that the pencil and bow might inspire LITTLE KIDS to throw sharp pencils at their friends and family? The blood and knive-arms used in this game was UNCALLED FOR. This is just like the "scary maze game". Have you heard of it? In the "scary maze game", an innocent friend would play a maze game, a simple fun maze game, least expecting that IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME, A BLOODY GIRL IN RIPPED CLOTHES SHOWS UP ON FULL-SCREEN AND SCREENS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS!!!This game is JUST LIKE IT because it scares children who think its just a simple, EDUCATIONAL game. Hmm, I wonder why this app never got popular? Oh, I know! NOBODY LIKES IT! Kids don't like it because its scary, and adults/teens wouldn't like it because its cheesy and simple kindergarten math has no use to them.Think better,Bonnie May

PoopoopantsSpongebobSquar, May 15, 2014
Great game

My nephew loves this game but it is also challenging for me. Great job!!

SvemoguciBob, Aug 22, 2013


Math is fun and Math Vs Undead: Math Game, one of the best math games can prove it! It combines zombie games and educational games for kids in one fun game. Kids love zombie games especially if they are shooter games, and parents love educational games for kids, so we’ve made this Math Vs Undead: Math Game application to satisfy both kids and parents.

Stop the zombie tsunami – do it mathway! Your brain will love this game for math because it is on the first place fun game for free, then it can be called a zombie math game for teenagers and all in all it’s a great brain teaser. Stop lollygagging on the web but instead start playing smart games. What this game has that others don’t have? Eye-candy graphics and user friendly interface One math genius that defends himself from numerous zombies and his only weapon is his mathematics knowledge Math attack – with every correct answer you will shoot evil zombies with pointed pens, sharp triangles, rulers and dividers Basic math operations and math formulae– addition, subtraction, multiplication and division Math playground – challenge your brain in 30 levels; speed up your ability to perform calculation quickly. Mind training game that involves numbers improves mental workout, tests your IQ but also your reflexes, and enhances cognitive functions and visual memory and turns you into a real math genius Learning was never easier! Primarily this is an educational game for teens and can be seen as math for 3th, 5th graders and even can be useful as math for 8th grader. It is suitable for little kids as well, as it is also one of the games for preschool kids that can help kids later on in school. Here, kids deal with elementary math in a funny and interesting way. We know math can cause a lot of problems to both kids and parents, but this cool math game can have multiple benefits. It is a fun game for kids that offers different math drills to make kids prepare for the school with the help of these games for kids who are starting kindergarten. One the other hand, scientists say that brain needs training like muscles do, so parents set your mind into action with this game for adults and fun mind game. Everybody can enjoy this family game and both girls and boys will have fun while learning. Kids, don’t run away from math problems, because they are not as hard as they seem! All you have to do is to grow the plants of your knowledge for stopping the zombie invasion by solving math problems and enjoying fun games for teens at the same time!

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