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100 worlds: Room Escape Game

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100 worlds: Room Escape Game

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User Reviews for 100 worlds: Room Escape Game

Pretty good, could use help

First off, the graphics are great. Whimsical, clear, and the levels look fun. Some levels repeat in look but gameplay has been different for each level. Once you know what to do, each level is pretty easy to complete. Not overly easy, but satisfyingly so. So the cons. HOW to play the game is pretty clear. But it is very much point and click all over the place until you find something to interact with. Most levels it’s pretty easy to figure out what you need to do. But there are definitely some levels where it’s like there is NOTHING to suggest you needed to do THAT (whatever that is). Some of the mini games are also not clear as far as what you should be doing to finish (or even start) them. The help button only offers the option to skip the game, not explain what you should be doing. Some of the objects you need to pick up are so obscure it’s almost impossible to see them without just clicking around hoping something happens. But I still think the game is worth the download. There are no ridiculous lives restricting your gameplay, you can purchase things in-game with real currency or coins won by completing levels, and there is always the option to watch ads for double coins or freebies. So you have options if you don’t necessarily have help lol. I’m enjoying it so far. If you’re kinda high strung and prone to rage quitting, maybe wait til the developers do a little more work on this game (if they do). If you want something where you are solely reliant on your own brain, hints, skips, and probably a little internet help, this is the game for you!

AngbAng46839, Jul 18, 2022
NO! Just NO!

(I can’t give 0 stars, so) 1 star because the graphics are fun. I am deleting this game at level 10. There is not much that makes sense. My screen is covered in fingerprints from me tapping every mm to find something useful. I had to use the hint once and the item was a spot that had already been touched. You have no idea what the items are. You can zoom in a little bit, but my eyes are strained. When I click an item I have collected, I expect the item to stay highlighted and useful while I tap all over my screen. If you tap the wrong spot, you have to re-click the item every time (I had to strain to see if the item was even highlighted.Fun graphics..illogical game

Jadedyou, Jul 02, 2022
Gorgeous game!

The art and animation is so beautiful in this game that I almost hate that some of the levels end too quickly!

jessferatu, May 17, 2022
Classy Well Made Quality Game

The designers did a fabulous job on this game. It is classy with the graphics and movements done very well. It's whimsical and fantasy filled like a dream. The advertisements are seldom, not annoying, and are relevant with other well made games. The sounds and music are calming and fun. Great game for relaxing. I recommend.

LettuceTalk2U, Jun 12, 2022


Room escape game for all the lovers of magic worlds, hidden objects and puzzles! Join Mya on an adventure through fantasy worlds filled with magic, fantastic objects, and unearthly creatures in this new 100 Worlds - Escape Room Game. Use your logic to overcome challenges and help her solve riddles and puzzles of all sorts to find a way out of the magic book.

Mya set out on yet another adventure. She found herself stuck in an ancient magic book and now has to solve various problems, riddles and puzzles in order to travel from one world to another and eventually escape from the magic book. There is a variety of magical and fantastic worlds, all very different from one another. Your task is to work out the solutions with Mya. In case you get stuck, you can use hints and other help to pass the levels. Play 100 Worlds — Escape Room Game and dive into yet another adventure with Mya! 100 WORLDS - ESCAPE THE ROOM GAME FEATURES: 100 mind bending levels, more coming soon A variety of magical worlds to explore Hints to help you when you’re stuck Amazing graphics Exciting puzzles with hidden objects and conundrums to solve Cool game mechanics: move in time and space and combine objects Put your brain to work and help Mya get out. Are you ready to give it a try? Genre: logic puzzle, escape the room game Age: 12+ Benefits of Brain Games In addition to boosting brain activity, brain games have proven beneficial when it comes to improving concentration and providing a sense of accomplishment. While playing the 100 Worlds — Escape Room Game, you will have to use logical thinking and get your brain cells to work. Not only will you remove boredom, but also the puzzles and riddles in this room escape game will help enhance your memory and improve the step by step thinking process. Family friendly You can play 100 Worlds — Escape Room Game as a family and see who’s got the fastest skills. The puzzles and riddles have been adjusted to players above the age of 12 so get your teens together and explore the variety of worlds while solving logic tasks.

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