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User Reviews for Log-Book

Absolute Garbage

Can’t believe I paid money for this. What a joke. Cent even use it! It literally crashes every single time I open it. Have never been able to log not one entry. So infuriating. I want my dollar back.

Amber33547, Nov 15, 2019
Simple and nice

Finally a simple app that doesn’t take over.

Dancin ernie, Feb 10, 2019
Latest Version

Today I updated the app, and now it shuts down whenever I try to make a new entry. Please fix this right away. Thank you.

f7223, Nov 07, 2019

Just wanted to find out if the app can automatically insert the time to each recorded trip. Otherwise this app has been awesome for my daily trip logging. Makes my job so much easier.

GeauxBren, Mar 05, 2021
Should have looked better

Seems good for trip logs, but no way to enter fuel, expenses etc so for me it is useless. Just one ca5 with no option is not great, as I track 6 vehicles.YMMV - but as I said, I should have looked better...

HX911, Mar 10, 2019
Awesome tool

Use this for work, keeps track of my mileage, makes life so simple!

LSUSYCO, Nov 27, 2018
Been using a while

Great app, simple, does what it needs to.

Paramedic178, Apr 23, 2019
Keep getting error message

Cannot figure out how to record mileage without getting message “miles cannot be less than…you cannot go back in time”Looking for simple way to record miles to/from doctor appointments and volunteer work. There does not seem to be instructions on how to record miles

prefertowalk, Feb 18, 2022
Does what I need - log mileage for trips

I like that this app does exactly what I need it to do (record mileage for trips) without trying to use my phone’s location services, maps, GPS, or any other automated capability on my phone.The rating of 3 is because I do not like that it only supports one vehicle. It should allow you to record entries for multiple vehicles. I also think the user interface could use an upgrade.

Pryn625, Oct 26, 2019
Great app

Takes all the guesswork out of logging miles and makes record keeping easier.

SCPinJC, Mar 16, 2019


The goal of Log-Book is to create entering car mileage as simple and quick as possible but still be compliant with the tax departments’ requirements. Once you have used Log Book a few times you will be able to enter a new trip in THREE taps (and that's including the tap to save it). We use this app and apart from trying to fix how to stop us forgetting to do it we wanted to make the process as quick as possible because lets face it, everyone wants to spend as little time as possible doing things like this, regardless of how pretty or feature rich the app is.

To speed up a trip entry you can add your own common start, destination and purpose entries. The date and start odometer are entered automatically. There are no pretty graphs, fancy reports or a multitude of settings, just simple, quick entries. All entries can be exported to a CSV file for manipulation (graphs and wiz-bang formulas) in a spreadsheet. Features details: - Add entries for each trip including distance, places, reasons and general notes. - 1 to 3 taps for a new entry - Include start and end times, if required - Export to CSV - PDF by month, last month, last 3 months, last year, or all - Email CSV and PDF - Popup monthly summaries

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