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User Reviews for Krome Studio Plus

Pricing consistency.

The reason for three stars is because I love the app but the prices aren’t consistent. When I updated the app after about 12 months of not updating it and using an old version where not all the backgrounds would load , the prices all changed. Everything used to be $5.99 per photo, no matter what , but once I updated the app , everything is now $9.99. If I had known I never would have updated , even with the app crashing and never loading backgrounds 50% of the time. I’ve had some really really good picture edits !!! Some have been better than others but overall have been very pleased with the service , but where is the consistency ?

Ayarobb, Oct 29, 2019
Definitely Impressed!

I'll start by saying, this app is most definitely worth a try for those of you who are here reading the reviews trying to decide whether to download or not, DO IT! You will surely be glad you did! I honestly did not really even expect my edited picture to turn out as good as it did! My original photo was a screenshot of me that my girlfriend took during a video call on snapchat, and then put a big caption right across the picture, right under my face, along with the smaller view of her in the upper right corner. Well, upon downloading Krome Studio & signing up, you're given your first photo request for free, so I figured I would kinda test them with a little bit of a challenging request, just out of curiosity to see how well it would come back, so I used the screenshot and requested that the caption be removed as well as the smaller view of her camera in the upper corner. What I got back was basically flawless & you would never have been able to tell that it was edited at all!! I was definitely impressed and will continue to use this app! As far as the Usability of the app and its design in general goes, it is very easy to understand and use, the layout is clean and simple and a pleasure to use overall!

Crazy Trainn, Oct 31, 2018
Beyond satisfied!

I cannot believe how wonderful this app is and more importantly, the designers. I had 2 separate pictures...one with my grandma and her sister and the other picture had their 3rd sister. I needed to add the third sister to the photo with the other 2 sisters to “look” like they took the picture together. Well, these designers came through with their brilliance and came up with a fantastic picture of the 3 sisters even though they weren’t all in the same picture. I’m truly amazed and impressed. I’m a customer for life no doubt! Super awesome service!

JillyBeans888, Dec 19, 2021
Editors do a fantastic job

I’ve used this app for the past three years to turn my photos into Christmas photos. We don’t ever make the time to take family Christmas pictures with a photographer so I usually end up using pictures that we took at thanksgiving and adding a Christmas background to them. The editors have always done a great job. My most recent photo was a little brighter than the background and originally, it looked like my daughter’s feet were missing but the editor made it Christmas Card perfect!

Lisa M Garcia, Dec 01, 2020
Great great photos!

Every photo ordered has been amazing. Very convincing! They are talented. However, I hate that I feel like I'm taking a chance, in other words: when you choose a look it won't let you zoom in or study it, just for a min at least, to make sure that's what you really want! You also must pay for every photo, which makes sense for quality you get. But I didn't know that until after I loaded it! They do give you a discount the first time and offer coupon codes, which is nice. Wish they had codes for Christmas though.

Mathew Lukacs, Nov 14, 2020
Not impressed

so far I’m not impressed with this app at all. Upon trying to decide if I wanted to spend the $1 on this app or not I read a lot of reviews and most said they received their finished picture if not at least got an email from someone about their photo within a few hours. That’s what sold me the most was that you had results within a few hours. Well not me! I sent in a photo request nearly 36 hours ago and haven’t receive anything. When I click on the chat icon to try and figure out the problem it says no ones available to chat and that I could just leave a message. If and when I finally receive my picture it has to be outstanding or I’m not using the app again and will just take my loss and delete it.

Nicole_Mott, Dec 06, 2018

I use a lot of themed photos as an influencer and brand ambassador when creating canvases and photos for social media posting. I was pleased with the turn out on this particular photo because I was wondering what they would do with the hand that was kind of blurred - it appears they added a bouquet of flowers to make it fit beautifully into the scene and the hand wasn’t seen at all. Brilliant. I expected the whole background to be more it to be more clear and crisp and colorful - to pop in color,but I am pleased nonetheless less with what they did as far as coloring/filling in the areas around my actual photo to completely remove the background of my original photo. Love the app alreadyThere was a second photo that I submitted for changes so that I can see if it is possible to move my image to the place that it was originally in when I saw the preview. While I’m still awaiting the changes, I was absolutely floored at the amazing job the designers did with their own recommendations of where it may have fit better into the scene. I can’t stop looking at this photo. It’s flawless, the work they did. I’m so impressed!!

Niedria, Sep 23, 2018
Awesome app

At first I was skeptical about this app, submitted my first picture thinking I will never see it again, well was I in for a surprise, the photo came out excellent especially with the design I chose, I was so excited to share the photos on Facebook, I immediately printed out some 8x10s, I also couldn't wait to submit another picture, again the quality and the image I chose was excellent, I highly recommend Krome studios, the price was not that bad either, you get to pick your theme and within an hour you have you photo, love them.

qpqp[2, Oct 07, 2017
Saves my photos!

This app is my favorite! It saves all my photos from just being deleted because of one flaw. If a face a blurry, or the shadow is too dark in my photos, the Krome editors do their magic and save my photo for me that I can always have as a memory. Thank you! And this app is also a life saver when it comes to Christmas photos. If I don’t feel like going to a studio, I just upload a photo & pick a Holiday background & I’ll have an awesome photo edit ready in 3 hours that looks amazing on a Christmas card.

Tete823, Aug 01, 2023
Great Find

I stumbled on this on my Facebook page so I decided to give it a try. The results were outstanding. The backgrounds are very unique and the work is professional. My only complaint is I had 3 different pictures done and each one was more expensive. I don’t understand the pricing.I knew my second would be more because they wanted me to be able to sample the first product to see how I liked it and I appreciate that. I don’t understand why my second and third were different prices. All of my projects were just putting a subject on a background and were accepted as received. I would like to see prices for backgrounds enhancements and other options so I could know going into the photo how much it would be. But all of that being said, the work is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to purchasing more of them. Please work out that kink if possible 😊

Xck3, Sep 08, 2018


Krome Studio+ is a fun way to change the background of your photo instantly and replace it with thousands of new designs. Download any preview image, anytime for FREE and its UNLIMITED. PLUS, it's FUN.

It's easy to turn your snapshot into fun creative images. Just upload a photo and the app will instantly separate the subject from the background and make design recommendations based on your photo. Move and rotate your subject to compose a great preview image. Want to perfect your preview? - No problem. Simply select Make It Perfect®. Our pro editors and designers will produce a perfect final image based on your requests in just a few hours. Our skilled professionals are available 24/7 to create beautiful, compelling photos for you, right from your phone, at a fraction of the cost of a local studio. Your first Make It Perfect order is included with the app purchase! Remember, the downloads are always free. Try it now, check out our FREE downloads or see how PERFECT our editors can make your photos. Krome editors can improve color, merge multiple photos, change the background, add a person or create a whole new image. And to ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer one free re-edit with every order! Browse our Lookbooks for inspiration & great ideas for you, your family or your business. Our easy, fast and affordable service delivers unique photos every time! App Features: • FREE & UNLIMITED preview downloads • First Make It Perfect order with pro editors is included free! • Thousands of designs and backgrounds Make It Perfect with professional editors: • No job is too big or small for our team of photo experts • Prompt & convenient service, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week • Complete edits and designs in less than 24 hours Advanced photo edits: • A professional photo editor can cost up to $350 an hour! • Krome offers personalized photo transformation for a flat fee • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee • Enjoy 1 complimentary re-edit with each order Typical Requests: • Change background • Enhance color and skin corrections • Improve & adjust lighting and shadows • Add or remove people or objects • Add props or logos • Combine multiple images into one • Fix, restore and repair Submit your photo requests directly from your phone, tablet or desktop. Instruction Guide for Service: 1. Download our app. Upload a photo and see recommendations instantly. 2. Choose a design and explore other ideas and backgrounds. 3. Move your subject around to create a preview composition. 4. Download your preview for FREE or submit a MAKE IT PERFECT request. 5. Add any special request to your MAKE IT PERFECT image. 6. Register so we can connect with you on image progress or ask questions. 7. We'll contact you once your photo is ready to view – usually under 24 hours. 8. Enjoy and share your photo with loved ones! Photos are important. They are used to express who we are and are memories for friends and family. They are part of our identity and they can be creative without a lot of expense! "You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams Get inspired: • View our blog (http://kromephotos.com/main/category/blog/) for photo ideas and inspiration • Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kromephotos) • Instagram (https://instagram.com/kromestudio/) • Twitter (https://twitter.com/KromePhotos)

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