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User Reviews for Beatleap by Lightricks

This Would’ve Been A 5 Star App, But,...

It’s got all the bells and whistles but the one main whistle that counts! If you are serious about video editing, you take your chosen music serious! This app limits you from choosing your own music. I do believe I read that they may be working on changing this one issue? If they do it will definitely be worth me purchasing the entire app and being a fan for life! Lastly, I will definitely have to add 3 more stars and make this a 5 Star rating! Until that happens, 2 stars is all I can give this app. Why? Because there are apps that don’t do quite as much, but with the right edits and your own music added, you can create an amazing feel good video! In the end, it’s really about making your video personal to you. It’s about putting your signature on the video and not just doing another copycat of someone else’s!

brothaskeepa111, Sep 18, 2020
Great app but needs some work

Let me start by saying this is a great app. However, there are a few things it needs. Such as being able to apply the different effects manually. I get that automation is a large part of this app, but what if I don't want a specific thing in a particular part? Second, we need more than a minutes time to work with. An unlimited time or at least a song's worth. Third, the ability to add and remove videos without the whole thing remixing like crazy. You can lose a good edit and a ton of time by doing so. Lots of room for potential with this application, but some severe limitations stimy things. I'd also like to see a tutorial area, something that teaches people HOW to shoot for this thing—smaller clips. All in all, I recommend the application, but to the developers, please give us more freedom to edit things. It's holding the application back, in my opinion.

Fireman-in-oregon, Feb 18, 2021
Mediocre and random

Spent $9.99 to try this for a month because I had high hopes…. If you are trying to get an edit done very quickly, this is the app for you. If you like to crop and zoom on specific areas of an image or a video, if you like to choose where certain transitions happen, if you like to use your own music, or no music at all, if you want a custom time video where all of your content can make it in, this is NOT THE APP FOR YOU. The customization in this app is so limited, it is sad. The effects possible are great, but the inability to edit where the random computer generated effects end up, is so sad. I wanted this app to work for me, but sadly it’s going right back where it came from, and it’s on to the next.Too expensive and too limited for my liking.

KG_543, Sep 06, 2022
Decent product but not cheap

This product does some great things very easily but if you expect a perfect product, it is not. Throw some short clips together and Beatleap’s algorithm does a pretty good job piecing it together. You could stop there and have a fun video to post to social media or you could swap some clips, change the focus in each clip and even add some fun effects. Now it’s even better! Now the bad. In my experience it has jumbled up my videos to where I have to redo them which is really annoying. Also if you add too many effects it rearranges your clips to some other order for no reason. Support has admitted this and say they hope to address it in a future release. I paid $60 for the annual unlimited fee and if I use it as I explained it will be fine, but I would expect these impacting bugs to be fixed; hence I can only give it three stars, otherwise it would be 4. If it allowed a little more manual ability to place effects where you want and allow final videos to be 2-3 minutes then it’s five stars all the way.

Laokie75, Jun 12, 2021
Almost perfect

Ok when this app first came out, we could only use the music you guys provided us and that kinda sucked so I emailed you guys thinking y’all would not reply but you guys did and you actually listened to my advice (whether y’all were already working on it already or not) and it made me absolutely love light tricks and their content. But here is one feature that will make this app perfect beyond compare….. “One Shot” now I say this because I admit I am alil lazy at going through each highlight and scrolling through finding the right scene to sync with the music but if there was a “One Shot” option where you can unload a single video with no chops and allow us to still use the effects then this app will more then a big help for those who are just now starting off editing music videos or just struggling with adding cool effects and the fact that you can do it on your phone is even more convenient. Please add “One Shot”

ogjgjo, Feb 10, 2022
To little information out there

Here is the thing, I spent the last 30 minutes trying to READ how to do specific things with this app. For instance, when adding a photo it automatically zooms on each photo. Also I’m trying to use this with music I can use on Instagram, including Instagram audio but I can not find popular songs that are also on Instagram. I assume maybe I need to get the pro version but now that I made a subscription and I finished my first video I can’t figure out how to get pro subscription or what prescription even offers. Although I may be a small telegraph of older users trying to learn you sound it would be appreciative if you took me to consideration and putting information out there. At one point I have downloaded all of your apps and to this day only one of them is worth it. This may be the best app ever used but I will never know.

Purpletjchick, Dec 31, 2021
Wish i could give it 10 stars

I was looking for an app that would let me make quick bids for FB ads and insta post. What I found was an app that has helped me make 10min plus features of my work. The simplicity is perfect, user friendliness, flawless. The music selection..... from epidemic sound.... I have a subscription with them because I love them so much. To find this app already integrates their music mind blowing. I enjoy that I can make a quality video in about 15 to 20 minutes if I really want to critique the cut scene quality. The only thing I wish was a little bit better was cut scenes on beat. I’m talking perfectly on beat but I guess that’s the give-and-take of taking the semi-lazy way and not getting on my computer and matching it up perfectly

Rabshire, Feb 07, 2021
Great app! BUT...

I’ve seen couple other reviews of people coming across this app through advertising and that’s how I found out about it as well. Was messing around with it and overall the app does what it says it does make quick awesome videos with cool edits They are super simple but make the video pop out so much more! Especially if you want a cool video to share on social media so 3 stars for simplicity, easy use, style! BUT not being able to use your own music is a bummer and you are stuck using the very very few music selection especially if you are just using the free version and even if you pay for the app the music selection for my personal taste is not very good at all LOL. but I get it it’s a app you know. Maybe down the line if the app gets a update to be able to use your own music, improve their music library And maybe add few more effects a slow mo effect would definitely bring it up too 5 stars!!

SKRAMZZ, Oct 15, 2020
Connection problem

I just want to start by saying I love this app and all its features but on every device I’m getting an error saying “There was a problem downloading your videos. Please check your connection and try again.” after using it 4 times. Now at first I thought this was a connection problem as it said and it might still be but, I’m connected to the internet on every device I’ve tried to use it on and also restarted my device multiple times to make sure but it doesn’t work. I’ve uninstalled it andreinstalled it but that doesn’t work. I’ve checked if other apps worked in terms of internet connection and they do so, I don’t know what to think. I still give this 4 stars because it is a really fun app and I love to use it when I can.

TooBlueForSchool, May 13, 2021
They need to update and improve

This app deserves a complete Grade F. A ( 1 out of 100, I’ll give this thing about a 10 with my honest opinion and this is just tough criticism which I feel like you guys will not take into consideration. This APP you put on the market then give the worst selection on bringing in the video “ like the length or time like are you guys that lazy not to put in scissors where I can properly edit the video to my Pacific time that I would want not with the app wants. Now I truly believe that it’s just truly believe it’s this APP is undeveloped, who makes it where you cannot choose no music or bring in music from an a platform? The weakest selection of music! Then what makes it truly the worst APP on the dang planet you don’t even let the individual edit or choose where he/she want to put Black fade fast cut zoom boomerang jump cut slow Mo speed, like this is so depressing that you have a app choose the location and where it should put it inside of the individual who is making the visual choose for them self even writing this was depressing because the app since awful low vibration I don’t care what anybody else see on the App Store on Google you need to fix PLEASE !!PS update ASAP !!! ...Please make a subscription at 3 to 4 dollars or five dollars where you can do whatever in the app that you please I feel like you guys should at least do.

WhyLaVelle, May 31, 2021


There’s video editing, and then there’s Beatleap. We’re here to make the impossibly time consuming task of editing a video accessible in a few taps, and always at the tips of your fingers. Through vivid interactions and a playful editing experience, the game begins - and only you will determine your end destination.

Whether you’re mixing your next workout instruction video, boomeranging your last trip, enjoying the scenery, or just dancing it out with friends - we’re setting the rhythm of your life to video, and for the first time ever, it’s also intuitive. With video editing driven by the music, the audio you choose determines the right moments for effects, styles, slowing down your video, or speeding it up. Beatleap delivers a new, powerful video editing experience, raising the bar of what anyone can create. Make engaging, memorable videos in seconds and preserve your favorite moments in ways that fuel your creativity. No more struggles to sort and find the best clips - you choose what you want to show, throw it in with the music you choose, and we’ll mix it up. Out comes a video a step above what you imagined, that tells your story - the funny ones, the adventurous ones, and all the bloopers in between. So what are you waiting for? Your next clip awaits! SET VIDEOS TO MUSIC EFFORTLESSLY - Pick the content you want in your video - the sky is the limit - Watch your clip come alive as it syncs to the beat - Tap around in a playground of mesmerizing effects MAKE YOUR MEMORIES UNFORGETTABLE - Create incredible videos in just a few taps – no editing experience needed! - Turn the best moments of your life into videos that you’ll never want to stop watching - Immerse yourself in powerful video editing straight from your phone - Have fun creating something funky! DECORATE AND STYLIZE WITH A VARIETY OF FILTERS - Add finishing touches with your filter of choice, from VCR and Glitch to Film - Enhance the light in your video for an added wow-factor - Explore and experiment – there’s no limit to the combinations of effects and styles you can use --------- - Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf - Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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