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Grafio 4 - Diagram Maker

  • Productivity
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Grafio 4 - Diagram Maker

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for Grafio 4 - Diagram Maker

The best app I have

This is the best app that I have in my large collection of apps.I know that this is an app that is used for graphs and flow charts but I have found a different uses for it and feel completely satisfied. I wish I could draw without snap recognition and have it the color fill in. Could you ask explain the grids spacing and the angle step? Thank you

1234 bee bee, Jan 07, 2020
Looking forward to this app getting better.

Very exciting to use this app, worked quite well with the Apple Pencil. There are certain interactions which were problematic after using the app in anger.Selecting arrows for precise alignment when they sat over the top of another shape. Even when you locked the backgroundNo way to color shapes with a certain opacity?The ability to draw arrows back and forth from shape to shape in one motion, didn’t seem to be present and had to be done 1 by 1, often leading to misalignment when resizing shapes. When resizing shapes, often linked arrows would often be reposition behind other shapes that were placed in the area where the arrow ran.This is an amazing application however, and really hope that app development continues! Keep up the awesome work!

Alex Zaharakis, Apr 22, 2018
Mabye this latest update will cure the problem?

I love this app. Let’s get that straight right up front. I find one consistently bothersome bug though. The way I use the app, I typically push shapes around constantly, tweaking here and there, sometimes for over an hour. Almost always use Apple Pencil. But I also use Apple Keyboard a lot at the same time. I like the precision of moving objects with the arrow keys. But invariably, the arrow keys will stop working sometime during the session. Even with the Apple Pencil, I can’t get the same precision of placement and it becomes frustrating trying to place things just so with either finger or pencil. The workaround I found was to disconnect and reconnect the keyboard to make the arrow keys work again. Oh, and one big wish for future functionality: It would be most awesome if a circle would remain a perfect circle when being resized. I don’t want to lose the ability to make an egg shape out of it, but I do want the option to do both. Actually this would be great for all the shapes, but most especially for circles. Wonderful App!

bombasto, Apr 02, 2018
7y around, still missing the basics. No hope

Missing App Features-> Precise sizing-> Auto layout of diagram-> Visio or other format Exports so you can share your work with people who don’t have the App or no iPad.-> Shape controls: resizing a rounded rectangle will screw the shape as you have not control over anything. So basically the "vector drawings" are useless as you don't get the benefits of it: being able to control the shapes.-> Grid or pixel snapping when you resize objects. Getting multiple objects of the same size is a nightmare right now if you need to modify their size.Missing Export Options-> Transparent background-> Trimming transparent pixels to only export the content and not the whole canvasDespite the promises of the developers in the comment, still waiting for basic shape support. Right now you resize a shape, your diagram is done. It will be deformed and you have no control on rounded corners or anything.

Élias de Kelliwic’h, Oct 04, 2017
Two stars for the ambition... but I had to request a refund.

Version 4.2.3. The UI is just too broken to use. Snapping object edges to the grid doesn't work, nor does manually setting the vertical sizes of basic objects. Some objects (e.g. UML diagram objects) can't have background colors set; they have to be transparent. Arrows on lines only work in one direction, and it defaults to the opposite way you drew the line. Arrows also don't snap to grid or objects properly. The touch/pen handoff doesn't exactly work... sometimes my finger draws ink lines, sometimes it box selects. The "ignore touch input" decides whether or not it wants to work. With touch blocked, sometimes I can't select objects at all (with pen or touch).I love the concept, but $9.99 for an unusable app isn't really something I could swallow. :/

EvAveMananShar, Apr 16, 2020
Engineering Drawings on the iPAD

I Iove this program. I work with teams of designers and engineers and they are CAD and or Visio, two programs that are too bloated or restricted in the iPad universe. A lot of my projects start off as Blue Sky, and free hand drawings. However, when it comes time to move it up the pecking order for approvals, you need something that crystalizes your thoughts to the viewers. This program does the trick. I have been talking to Stoyan on my thoughts of what the project needed- more technical/engineering templates and he delivered. P&ID and PFDs are now done a lot faster. You can then export them to be converted to .dwg’s. Bravo!

HPRefugee, Mar 29, 2020
I wanted to like it

In using a t I just couldn’t get anything done several time it closed itself or a action would keep going stand Nottingham stop. Resizing an object and it just kept getting longer long after I stopped right off the page. I delete it make a new one and it resizes itself in the same way and I Unis off the page. Adding an arrow a simple action is cumbersome. You draw Aline it figures that out and it makes it nice and straight for you but then you have to go get the arrow head ....then resize....then try to get it to snap to where you want it. It wouldn’t snap to even the the setting was set to do so. So I end up moving it with the x y pull down after going the wrong way almost every time I look up and realize it took me ten min to put that arrow there ...Nope I’m ask for my money back this is not for me

Kristinawhitr180, Oct 08, 2019
This should be a 5-star Review

I am thrilled with Grafio. Can’t get enough of it. I do wish they can introduce (and fix) certain features. The fix first: since the recent iOS upgrade I can no longer upload to Dropbox. That’s minor. As for improvements: when creating org charts allow for shape substitutions to boxes. Now you have to delete a box and all connectors resulting in lots of lost time to recreate. Aligning multiple objects at once whether top/bottom, right/left or center would be great. Otherwise love, love, love it.

PacHts2PhxAZ, Nov 18, 2018
Great diagram app for a fraction of the cost

Easier to use than Omnigraffle, has plenty of features, and costs a fraction of the price. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Omnigraffle does, but I found that most of those were for very specific professional needs and most people don’t need them. Grafio does have more features than Lucidchart and is again much cheaper (no subscription compared to $5.99-$8.99/mo for Lucidchart). I use Grafio for creating org charts, diagraming processes both for work and at home, and used it to create a network map when setting up my home network. The library of assets is great and includes assets to meet just about any need. The examples that are included have been great for helping me come up with ideas for my own diagrams. Being able to use the Apple Pencil to create shapes has been a big bonus and I love that I can import my own assets (icons mainly) into Grafio. If you need a feature packed diagraming app that’s easy to use get Grafio!

smart burro, Oct 26, 2018
Previously a marvel, now I’m utterly disappointed

I downloaded Grafio looking for an amazing app which could Help me do amazing things, and for Grafio 3 I had an incredible experience, everything ran smoothly, I did many amazing projects but this new update has been messing around all my previous and actual work. I spent almost 2 hours in a simple algorithm because the app kept moving the arrows all over the place and I wasn’t able to fix that until I worked around the app bugs. And in the end when I saved the project it just disappeared into a white canvas, there was no trace of my previous work I just spent hours working on. And there was NO way to take it back. I am so disappointed with this update because I really loved the app and now I’m forced to design the whole graph again and it keeps crashing.

Wamram1982, Oct 09, 2019


Grafio turns 10. It's been around for a decade already - polished, efficient and with more features than ever before. Grafio is not a tool for professionals only.

Its smooth learning curve allows everyone to convey their ideas visually and with ease. Hundreds of thousands use Grafio worldwide, due to its simplicity and affordability. There are no ongoing subscription costs or upgrade charges. Once you purchase it, you have access to an ongoing number of libraries (shapes and symbols) and a multitude of new features with every update. Since Grafio was released 10 years ago, there have been 3 major upgrades, including dozens of new object libraries and a fresh new look to the layout. To begin, simply draw a rectangle, circle or an ellipse and see what makes drawing with Grafio so easy and fun.  Grafio can recognize and replace any of the shapes mentioned with a perfectly looking one for your diagram or schematic, ready to be used over and over. Drag and drop objects on the canvas for more complex diagrams. Make connections, add text labels and images. SHAPE RECOGNITION The shapes you draw are automatically closed and straightened, all basic shapes are instantly recognized. The lines you draw between shapes are automatically turned into connections thanks to our shape recognition magic. STENCILS Some diagrams require more advanced objects. Grafio provides thousands of shapes that you can easily drag in from the library. In addition, you can embed images from your Camera Roll into shapes and connect them to your other shapes. AUDIO RECORDINGS Recording audio notes to your shapes can be a way for you to collect your thoughts and include them in the finishing product, or as a reference. - Video tutorials on Grafio can be found on YouTube: http://bit.ly/grafiovideo +++ FEATURE SET +++ • Shape recognition - recognizes hand drawn basic shapes • Drag & drop shapes from many libraries • Insert, embed, or paste images • Precise drawing with Apple Pencil • Build diagrams and graphs through connections • Label shapes and connections • Select, move, rotate and scale everything (even scribbles) • Change size, color, opacity and other properties of your shapes • Have a favorite font? Import your font from popular websites • 10 Different connection types with adjustable radius • Precision toolbar for nudging, rotation and resizing • Flip, align and distribute shapes with a single tap • AirPlay and video output for presentations • Export to PDF, PNG or JPG • Record audio notes with each object • Export videos with how your design reaches the final product • iCloud and Files integration +++ THE POSSIBILITIES +++ • Make Designs • Take Visual Notes • Vector Sketches • Flowcharts and network diagrams • Any diagram type that has a name: ArchiMate, Audit, Block, Cabling, Data Flow, Electrical, Gantt, P&ID, Sankey, SDL, TQM, UML, Use Case, Venn, Wireframe, Workflow, etc. • Industrial Processes • Organizational Charts • Basic Charts and Graphs • Mind Mapping (Brainstorming Diagram) • Web Site Maps • Road Plans • Military operational and tactical plans and many more... +++ STENCILS +++ FREE: • Amazon Web Services (AWS) • Arrows • AV Connectors • Azure Services • Balloons & callouts • Basic Flowchart • Basic 2D & 3D Shapes • Doodles • Electrical symbols • Gantt Chart • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) • Hazard & GHS symbols • JoyPixels (formerly EmojiOne) • Kubernetes • Memes • NATO Joint Military Symbology (APP-6) • Pictograms • Piping & Instrumentation • Pneumatic & Hydraulic • Sankey Diagrams • Textables • UML Diagram • US Road Signs • Vintage shapes PAID: • FULL ACCESS - Get all libraries at a discount • Audit Diagram • BPMN • Concept Map • Cross-Functional Flowchart • Data Flow Diagram • ESL "Energese" • Event-driven process chain (EPC) • iOS UI Kit • Marketing Diagrams • Maps & Flags • Network Diagram • SDL Diagram • TQM Diagram • UX Flowchart cards (sitemap) • Venn Diagrams • Wireframe • Workflow Diagram

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