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User Reviews for Geneva Moon

Way better than stock moon complication

Most of the bad reviews are from people who had problems installing this watch only app. Maybe the instructions are better now, but I didn’t have any problems. Also, you need to allow location access from the watch app to update your location. I found the stock moon complication lacking and confusing. While Geneva Moon doesn’t do exactly what I wanted, it is clear and much more robust. What I was looking for was to have the complication clearly show moonrise/moonset like how the sunrise/sunset complication works. Geneva Moon has that info, but you have to open the app instead of seeing it on the watch face.Overall, if you want moon info visible from your watch face, then this is the complication for you!

_ChuckG_, Feb 14, 2021
Awesome, and exacting

Awesome. The existing moon complication on the Apple Watch always was “close” but never matched exactly what you saw in the sky, either the *exact* amount in sunlight nor what the visible craters and light/dark transition looked like. This is EXACT. It looks just like what you will see. It’s a small thing but sometimes 99 cents can bring an extra moment of pleasure to your day. Great job!

canyonblue737, Sep 26, 2019
Exactly what I wanted

I wanted a moon complication that would show me details about the moon (mostly the moon phase) when I tapped on it. Geneva Moon is just that. After opening it for the first time, I switch to the information view. There it stays until the watch ever restarts. In a perfect world, I could permanently set the screen the app opens to. Seeing as a rarely restart my watch, this is the tiniest inconvenience that could ever exist. The complication itself looks great and makes it easy to tell how much of the moon is illuminated.

David Levine, Oct 17, 2020
Does what it says on the tin, one feature request

I've always thought the native Moon complication was dumb for just sitting there, doing nothing. You look at it, it gives you no context. You tap it, nothing happens. It just tries to be pretty. This complication fixes that and now lives on all my everyday non-activity watch faces. Feature request: The one thing I'd like to see in the app itself is whether the crescents are waxing or waning. Yes, I can scroll forward and use that time warp as context, but I'd still like to know at a glance (even if it's somehow improper according to some standard convention from some astronomical or royal society somewhere). TL;DR: Recommended. Oh, I guess I should've put that up top.

gtangjr, Oct 31, 2019
Beautiful, but flawed

This is a beautiful and superior replacement for the built in moon complication, as it gives a realistic rendition of not only the phase, but also the orientation for your current location. But the associated app has a fatal flaw: the moon set times are correct, but the moon rise times are for the previous day. If this bug were fixed, I would raise my review from 3 to 5 stars. I already missed a photo op because I relied on this app rather than my typical ephemeris.

I_cycle, Jul 06, 2020
Perfect with Solar Dial

I think it’s best in Simple mode on the lower left complication slot in the solar dial watch face. I had actually been quite annoyed by the lack of rotation of the built in complication a few weeks ago - so this solves it and more. The more is that I can view a photorealistic representation AND use the dial to view phases in the past and future! I’m using a Series 4 so can’t review the compass functionality.

Kubisuro, Sep 27, 2019
Updated status

Originally, I gave this app 1 star, because I couldn't find it once I made the purchase. It was nowhere to be found.So for those looking, you have to go into the apple watch store on your watch and go into "purchased items" and dowmloit to your phone. Once it is on your watch, it will finally come up as a complication. It gives very detailed information about the moon and it's appearance in proximity to your location. Make sure to set the device to your location, otherwise you'll get dase readings because the default location is Greenwich, UK (unless you live in Greenwich, then disregard my review). I don't know why they made it so hard to find. All my other apps download without a problem onto the watch. But I'm glad I finally got it. It's worth it!!!!

Snow On The Sahara, Feb 26, 2020
Very impressive app

Ive been disappointed by so many apps that don’t show the moon phase and orientation as it really is. This app does a great job showing the phase and the orientation correctly and can be added as the numerous complications. Also very pleased with the use of the AW5 compass and the ability to scroll and see the motion of the moon with the appropriate orientation. Very well done!The only thing I would want is the ability to increase the font size some for us old eyes. There’s plenty of space on the apple face so it would be nice as an option. Thanks

The emusifyer, Jul 11, 2020
Astronomically Great!

I purchased this Apple Watch app the minute I found out it was available, and I’ve not been disappointed. It’s an excellent app with more features now than when I first bought it. It’s clear that the developer not only lovingly maintains Geneva Moon, but is also intent on improving it going forward. A great value!

TheTaintedOne, Oct 19, 2019
The apps works!!!

This is the moon complication that Apple should have delivered. I had the same issue purchasing from my iPhone and not having it show up as many had. I just went to the App Store on the watch and installed it from there. That is Apple’s bug and the developer doesn’t deserve negative reviews for it.

ttrentler, Oct 07, 2019


I've always liked wearing a lunar complication on my Apple Watch. There is something both visually delightful but yet also slightly geeky about it. But I was unable to find a complication that provided an astronomically accurate moon display...which just kinda bothered me.

So I made Geneva Moon. Geneva Moon seeks to provide a highly accurate, visually pleasing indication of what the moon looks like right now, right where you are. My goal was to make it so that if you look down at your wrist and then up into the sky the images you see should match. It includes a robust set of complications for every watch face type.   Choose between either a visually rich 'actual ' appearance or a more simplified version, to fit your own personal style. The main display indicates the current azimuth and elevation of the moon along the horizon along with a visual indication of its phase and orientation. Rotate the Digital Crown to shift forward and backwards through time and see how the moon will shift (tap on the screen to reset to now) On Apple Watches equipped with a compass (Series 5) you can have Geneva Moon orient itself towards the actual moon to make it easier to locate the moon in the sky. Thank you for considering Geneva Moon, I hope you enjoy having the moon on your wrist as much I do. —Dave

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