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User Reviews for Draft Race 3D


I enjoy this game because I play a lot of games like these.

Benjora, Oct 21, 2021
Such an awesome game

My 10 yr old son cannot stop playing this. He absolutely loves it. He says it is so much fun. I love the fact that he prefers this game over other games that can be violent. This is a great race game that will hook up any kids and adults. Highly recommended.

Elfd, Oct 22, 2021

The game was fun up until you can’t complete a level early on without watching an add. And even then You can’t complete it. So don’t get this game for your own sanity, it’s stupid and literally impossible without wasting your time

fordf2fitty350, Feb 10, 2022
Forced to watch reward ads

It was a good game, didn’t get far till I starting getting stuck on levels and was forced to what he reward ads to progress, since their was ramps at the beginning that needed certain speed but you couldn’t get it high enough if you got the highest number you could get at the start, a game that forces you to watch reward ads is a bad game.

GirlyScreamer555, Dec 16, 2021
Too many barriers at the end

It’s impossible to turn as it is and there are barriers with a smaller distance apart to where you hit two by accident

INK was taken how dare, Oct 24, 2021
One thing

So there is one bug that I found. So I was going down from the top and it did the flip and then………..the car WENT UNDER the map and i’m over here like ?????????????. So yeah plz fix this.

it won't let me chat, Oct 26, 2021
Great game

It’s a great game but I found a bug I got a upgrade then it started still with the menu I was still going I changed my car pack well it’s still a great game

Just a radom guy, May 03, 2022
Too many ADS

This is a very addicting game. It is one of my favorite mobile games. But, the reason I only gave the game 4 Stars is because THERE IS AN AD AFTER EVERY LEVEL. I have to turn off my work and my data just so I don’t get an AD after every level. Please lower the amount of ADS. It gets really annoying having an AD after every single level.

NotWolf27, Feb 09, 2022
Level 17 is literally impossible

You start a level at 60mph, and you need to reach 100mph to go over the small ramp. You are only able to get 2 bonuses of 20 and 7mph max, so you’re only able to get 87mph before you reach that ramp. Physically impossible, nothing you can do.

THEPiplupiPhone, Dec 17, 2021
My friends like this game

My friends cannot stand the ads, but this is so satisfying my friends play this every, day

theweirdoman2890, May 13, 2022


This is a big challenge! Beat yourself! This is extraordinary fast drive!

This is Draft Race!! We are in the middle of fast drive challenge. You are upgrading yourself in top speed base and in income base. Blue old car is starting to Draft. There are some gates on the way. Blue and red ones. Blue is incrementing speed. Red is decrementing speed. Choose a gate which will accelerate yourself. When you pass through blue gate your velocity will be higher. When your speed is higher automatically your car will be changed according to your speed with a faster car. There are some obstacles on the way such as stop sign, unused tires. Don’t hit them. They will slow you down. You can check your speed just above your car. You can check your income right up. You can check your position in track at top of screen. How fast you can be? Your end line is you! Pass through blue gate more, get more money, be way from obstacles. Use “Shop” to increment your car into faster and bigger and more fascinating cars. Use boosters such as: NOS, Shield and Magnet to have more gain in the game. Be careful with the upper highways and right & left subways not to decrease your speed. Then Be “Fastest Driver all over the world!” Be careful! Take all your attention! You can be owner in the leaderboard table of 1st line forever! Increment system will make you faster. Take attention to right and left side roads. There is plentiful money over there. If you want to drive over the ramp you have to be fast. To be faster you must get money on the road and use incremental income system. In Level end, be careful! Don’t hit the red walls. Don’t let anyone celebrate themselves under spotlights and got applause! Looking for some fun and thrill? Then this 3D running game is just for you! Draft Race is perfect runner car drive game you have ever seen! Download it, play it, get most fun! We promise you won’t get bored!

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