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User Reviews for Shoes Evolution 3D

Gets Boring

While it was very fun and addicting in the beginning, once you get to a certain level, you get stuck on pumas and dont go up anymore. I got 150 levels in one day and since then its just been that the pumas were the top shoe you could get, so it becomes boring.

022Reviewer, May 20, 2022
When’s the next update

i loved your game but when is the next update cause i finished the game and i just want to keep playing but i can’t because there anymore new shoes

Ash_Clickzy, Jun 04, 2022
The best

I would play this game day and night if I could but I play this game All the time . So go and play this game give it a 10/10 ❤️👌✅👍

bella you girl, Jun 17, 2022

Great time waster , took me couple hours to finish, although, I don’t have all the shoes, I need more storage, but there is no way to buy any. Also this really need a level selector, I had to restart the game because I don’t have most of the cheaper shoes and had no way of getting them. Overall great game.

BLXO15, Jul 14, 2022
Fun and addicting! But stays the same after a while…

I would rate this 5 stars! But…. Pumas are the highest shoes you can get… I really love this game, and you can skip ads!!! But PLEASEE add more shoes! I also love how the shoes aren’t the exact name of the brand. For instance, “balenciaga” is called “balencia” in the game. That made me laugh many times. The ads are 30 seconds long, but after 3 secs, you can skip them. The starter shoe is crocs, which is called “rocs” but you get the idea.All in all, download this game! But for the developers, add more shoes. I’ll make this 5 stars if you do!

CCCCrazyJade, May 29, 2022

I think the game has a really cool premise… BUT… what would make the game amazing would be if you could move shoes from one shelf to another, sell the shoes off your shelf, WEAR THE SHOES, move furniture, etc. but again cool game P.S make it so we can pay like 2.99 to remove the adds b/c there are a crap ton of them

just_liam_69, May 18, 2022
Pretty cool but….

Can you add more slots for shoes because I collect new brands and I constantly have to sell because I have no more slots 🎰 So can you add more of those? Thank you! 😉

Kylahtrice, Jul 21, 2022
It was good until…

This game was good until you get to the puma shows. I haven’t even gotten an update yet since the prices of money is so low to add on and I can’t get to the next level of shoes. So I’m stuck on the same shoes until the game fixes this

superstar dre, May 30, 2022
I love this game so much

The reason I like this game a lot is because there is so many different shows to collect and I like how you can turn them to gold and pink but I don’t like when you can only lose shoe value but besides that for my first day playing I’ve liked the game all day!

WE ALL LOVE ROBLOX!!!!, Jul 03, 2022
My review

This game is fun in all but… when you hit a certain level your stuck on pumas forever and when you max the shoe out it restarts back to crocs, will uninstall until new shoes are added.

wwe 2k19 is awesome, May 30, 2022


An immersive and super satisfying luxury runner. Turn into the biggest Shoe collector in town! Watch your shoes evolve into more luxurious forms.

Customize them on the way. Careful ... Obstacles will keep you barefoot

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