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Dog Optics

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Risbeck LLC
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User Reviews for Dog Optics

Why microphone access required?

Interesting app - better than the others. But why do you require microphone access? The app won’t work unless the user grants full microphone access - camera, I get; photos, I get; but microphone? Not trying to be paranoid, but with all the privacy silliness going on, I’ll turn off microphone access until I need to use the app while picking out a dog toy at the store, then turn it right back off again. Other than, great app.

AnActualRealPerson2, Jan 25, 2020
Simple and fun

It’s a great simple app. I do kind of wish you could upload a photo. Sometimes I’m browsing dog products on my phone and want to see what it looks like to the dog without getting a second device involved.

Ash11224, Aug 07, 2023
Fun app but I have questions

2 star rating only because it isn't working correctly on my device, iPhone 12 Pro.I would give it 5 stars if I can get these questions answered, Thanks. 1. Why is microphone access required?2. On my phone "dog vision" isn't just blue/yellow shifted, it's also alot brighter. This enhanced brightness is only on still photos, while videos remain at normal brightness. Which is correct, and how do we fix this?

AwsmDrwr, Nov 11, 2021
Works well, version 2.0 is nice

Worth $1, works well. My family loved seeing what our dog sees. I was hesitant to buy based on old reviews but their responses about the new version proved correct. Asked permission.

Biensur, Feb 06, 2022
Overall, very good. Just two complaints

1. The camera will loose autofocus when I move the camera quickly after obtaining focus, and sometimes does not recover. I have to fiddle with the camera (zoom in/out, or move the camera again, or restart the app) or wait several seconds before it regains focus.2. There is only 1x and 3x magnification on my iPhone 13. Wide angle is not available. Also, “pinch to zoom” feature does not work.But, for $0.99, what’s not to like?

DrydockedInVista, Oct 19, 2022
Super fun to play with and really smooth animations

This app is great, and it works really really well. Super smooth.

J.Nieman, Jan 07, 2022
Definitely worth $0.99

This is done really well. I’m gonna try not to sound like an advertisement because I’m genuinely impressed that an app with so few ratings seems so polished. Needed something to help see what color ball my dog would be able to see in the grass and got exactly what I came for.

JaceBurger, Dec 15, 2019
Fun App

Let’s you “see” what your dog sees color wise, especially fun for looking at toys and treats to see how your pup perceives them. Would love to see future features that optionally lower resolution and increase dynamic range to better mimic a puppies eyesight.

JakeDoesReviews, May 03, 2019
Wow, I’m genuinely impressed!

I felt it was risky to download a brand new app with so few reviews, but I’m SO glad I did! I’ve never seen an app like this and I’ve always wondered what sight was like through my dog’s eyes. And the best part of this app is that it has a live view of your current surroundings!Thank you to whoever created this app- I will be using it regularly!

Kmaemo, Nov 23, 2019
Requires access to mic, photos, and camera

This app requires access to the mic, photos, and camera to work. This is a serious security issue.

LuminasK, Jul 17, 2020


Toggle back and forth between dog sight and human sight even while shooting videos. Flip to the front camera and snap a selfie with your dog in their color spectrum. Broaden your understanding of others with our app.

Dog’s see a color spectrum that lacks red and is similar to some forms of Red Green color blindness. Use our app to assess areas and signage for color blind accessibility. Check out the info pages for thought provoking demonstrations about how your vision differs from your lovable K9.

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