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Days • Event Countdown

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Days • Event Countdown

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Days • Event Countdown

Photo Upload

I like the aesthetic of the app but I wish there was more customization of the photos. I only was able to upload 1 photo from my photo library but saw that it cropped in too much on the photo so I resized it so that I could get more of the photo in the thumbnail but it won’t allow my to upload anymore photos. Or at least there’s no option to. Only opening the camera but I wanted to choose more from my photo library. Even when I try to make a new event, it only allows me to choose the 1 photo I uploaded or use the ones they have available on the app. I’m pretty disappointed since I actually paid for this app and only wanted to use it for this 1 event.

b.snax, Jul 17, 2021
Best on the App Store

This is the app I’ve been looking for! Excellent features with the free version and completely ad free!After going through 10 different countdown apps I can confidently say this one tops the chart in my books. A lot of people complain about not being able to change the font of the text but it is one less thing to worry about in my opinion. The font the developers picked is perfect enough. Love the flawless synchronization with Unsplash that gives a beautiful look to all of my events. My favorite feature by far though is the app icon badge which displays the number of days until the next event (as I have it set) or if wanted, the number of upcoming events.

Ben Runger, Jan 03, 2020
Really Nice but Needs Work

Just downloaded the app - overall I really like the concept but the implementation needs work. My main use for it is to view the iOS 14 widgets. Here lies the issues:1. **Fixed in latest release**The Set Image Focus in the app does not line up with the image shown in the widget...why? The image in widget is lower and I can’t get it to change2. It would be great to have a Medium-size widget (2x4) be able to contain two events side by side - that way you can see more events in one “view”.3. Weird cropping ends up blowing up the image used in Focus Image and Widget. I don’t know why this happens but it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s taking me an hour to find an image that looks good after cropping. It should be much easier.4. It would be great to add an option to what action occurs when clicking on the widget. I’d like to have it open up the main app page and see all my events. Right now it takes me into the shown event to edit it. So I’m always having to press Back

cdudek, Oct 11, 2020
Only one thing missing…

I have tried so many “countdown” apps and this one was hands down the best. I have been using it for probably close to a year now and it has never given me any problems at all, including using the widgets. The only thing missing for me is Apple Watch compatibility…especially in the form of a complication to use on the watch face. Would LOVE to see this sometime! Great app…thank you for helping me count down to cancer related milestones and more. ❤️

ClemsonAsh06, Jan 09, 2022
Amazing app

One thing I love about this app: the free version has no ads. This app is so clean and simple which is exactly what I was looking for. It is beautiful in design and everything flows so nicely. Definitely worth getting. I am still using the free version because it has everything I need. One thing I would love for the developers to add to this app would be the time as well as he date. So that when it comes close to it I could see how many hours, minutes, and seconds until my event comes.

Cornelius Guerard, Apr 01, 2018
Love this app but there’s a glitch

I have an iPhone XS. For whatever reason the widget flickers in and out, and makes whatever tab I have the widget on and the tab with all of my other widgets (clock, calendar, weather, news) blurry and flickery as well. It will flicker over and over and if I try to click on the widget, I can’t. Sometimes it goes away for awhile if I reset my phone or open the Days app, but sometimes not. Weird and disappointing because the widget is definitely the easiest and cutest one available.

itsme924, Jun 27, 2022
Exactly what I wanted!

There are tons of awesome photos on the app, and you can use your photos too. There are many options for notifications and the app was super easy to use. With the free version, you can only add a certain amount of events and I could not figure out how to add more than one widget. But you can always upgrade if that is an issue for you. I would highly recommend trying this app!

k.jhon3, Mar 26, 2022
Great app-gorgeous

Great app. I rarely ever purchase apps, but this app is fantastic and I purchased it immediately. While a bit too many taps to add events, I love the addition of pictures. I wish there was a way for the app to track the age of someone when it is a recurring birthday reminder. Also, if the countdown is used for goal setting (eg weight loss), I would love to be able to enter notes or progress within each reminder.

marln01, Apr 24, 2021
The best app I've ever installed

I have a widget for Days on my homepage and I have used it for every single important event since I downloaded it. The simplicity and usability of the Days app are unparalleled, and I see it as a massive improvement over the Calendar app. The only thing that I would like is if the app was made completely free. Now, I understand that developers have to make money, so I'd like to recommend that the devs should add a way to donate to support them.In general, this would increase the downloads of the app, and increase the retainment rate of users, and would also likely increase the amount of money earned, due to the donation not being a requirement for full use of the app, but instead an act of goodwill.I hope the developers read this and understand my point of view.Thank you for reading.Sincerely,Michael Collins

OneBlitzGamer, Mar 26, 2021
Just a couple little things

There are so many things that I like about this app: ease of use, red button on badge, simplicity. But, there are just a couple of things that drive me a little nuts. 1. As so many others have mentioned, I’d love to have the ability to customize just a little with font size, color, adapt the photo just a touch. 2. But the second one is actually a problem. I emailed about this and have not received any word back. The number of days my badge shows is different than the number when I open the app up (the inside number is accurate). The badge number seems to get “stuck” I’ve had it be off by as many as 3 days and when one of the things that I like about the app is that it is so simple to just turn my screen on and there’s the count-down, this definitely results in my satisfaction decreasing.

Sarmicsher, Jul 01, 2019


Countdown to the special moments that matter to you. It’s the small things in life that matter most. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and moments shared with the closest people in your life.

Days helps you countdown and remember those special moments. Countdown to your events (and count up!) All of your events are remembered forever, whether you want a countdown to a vacation or you're looking back on your wedding anniversary. Countdown Calendar See all of your life events on one screen, easily swipe through each one with beautiful full screen event photos. Home screen widgets Countdown to your events right from your home screen with our beautiful iOS 14 widgets. Recurring events Countdown to events that repeat yearly, monthly or weekly. Events like birthdays and anniversaries will never be forgotten again. Beautiful experience Days is designed with care and attention at it’s core. Subtle animations and beautiful imagery make your experience and countdown the best it can be. Intuitive swiping Swipe across to easily switch between your events so you can browse your events easily. Countdown Reminders We let you know how far away your event is so you’re always in the know, without even opening the app. So much more We’d love for you to experience Days, which is why you can download it for free. We’re always working on new features and we love hearing your feedback. Try Days now to experience why our users think Days is the best countdown app on the app store! We're the countdown app you need to get excited for your events. Read our terms, conditions and privacy here: https://daysapp.co/privacy & https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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