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Countdown – Count Down To Date

  • Lifestyle
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Countdown – Count Down To Date

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Countdown – Count Down To Date

“Since” feature …

This feature is not great. It only gives the options of days. Rather than having the option to see years, months and days you can only see in days. I wanted something to show a breakdown.

01Bambi02, Mar 13, 2022

i love this app so much except for one thing... they don’t let you put all your countdowns on the same page only one.

12345678910100200, Jun 02, 2021

Really great quality and makes it super easy To keep track of how much time until your next big event

baby yoda yall, Jun 06, 2020
Nice product ... needs a widget option.

Very nice product and enjoy using it. It would be more useful if it had a widget option.

carlccu, Jul 11, 2020
Pretty good 👍🏽

I like this app it is very useful and free but something that I think they should add is to be able to make it into a widget for iPhones. As I said overall great, free, and very easy to use.

J u I i a n, Nov 28, 2020

I love how you can personalize them! Could you make them compatible in widget form?

janemfischer, Oct 23, 2020
So Review

I’ve spent almost an hour trying to find a picture that will fit. It would be very helpful if we could adjust the size while we are working in the app. It’s easy enough if it’s exactly made for the screenshot,

Nonna2AKKM, Aug 06, 2022
Very nice free countdown app

This is a very nice free app to countdown towards your events. It allows you to select your own background pictures and mark your favorite countdown. The only reason I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 is that the max length of the countdown is 999 days or a little under 3 years. That may not be a problem for most events but doesn’t work for events that are longer like a retirement countdown for example.

Phuoc-SD, Jul 12, 2020

I gave it two stars because I liked it at first, it let me put pictures for as many countdowns as I want, and you can move around the countdown so it doesn’t cover the picture. I put in my brothers birthday and said his birthday was in 4 days and he told me it was in nine days, I asked google and it said it was in 6 days, so basically the countdown part of the app, you know, the whole point of the app, isn’t accurate. Don’t recommend.

readmyreviewitmightbegood, Mar 28, 2021
It’s okay but not like… amazing

Tbh not all of this is the apps fault, I had searched for countdown widget apps and this came up. But even when I realized there’s no widgets I thought it looked good enough to still use. However, for an app that’s only purpose is to act as a countdown, there’s not that many things I can do with it. I can set a time for it to countdown to and I you want you can put in a picture. There’s no special settings I can mess with that’s literally the entire thing. Again not bad, but really not what I was looking for so like idk

SpreadingSun, Mar 22, 2022


Count down the days to upcoming events! Create beautiful countdowns, customize the theme and background, and share with your friends on social media. The app is completely free and offers unlimited countdowns and count-ups!

Countdown makes it easy to track the dates that matter to you – whether it be your birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, retirement, or something entirely else. At any point in time, you can open the app to see the number of days that are left until (or have passed since) your event. You can also turn on notifications, so that when the end date is approaching you get reminders sent to your device. The app lets you personalize each countdown with custom themes and backgrounds. You may also move the countdown timer around the screen. If you are particularly excited about a countdown, you can easily save it to your Photo Library and share it with your friends. We are continuously working to add new exciting functionality to the app. At the moment, the key features of the app are the following. • Create an unlimited number of countdowns and count-ups. • Choose between light or dark theme for each countdown timer. • Pick background images from your Photo Library. • Drag the countdown timer to place it wherever you want on the screen. • Hide the toolbar to leave more space to your countdown. • Count down to a specific time of the target date. • Receive reminders when upcoming events are approaching. • Save countdowns to your Photo Library without any UI or watermarks. We would love to hear what you think of the app. Please take a moment and write us a review!

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