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Busuu: Language Learning

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User Reviews for Busuu: Language Learning

Written with an idealized middle class in mind

This program gets right to the point, and gives the impression that you’re learning quite quickly. Vocabulary is absorbed and spat out at breakneck speed. I prefer the pace to Duolingo’s snail’s pace. However the content feels a little silly for the learning level I’m at. The app seems almost exclusively geared to upper middle class business people in what it talks about. Lots of office-related vocabulary, and the people in the example photos are conventionally attractive magazine types. For my level (beginner) and my job (musician), this type of vocabulary is really not what I need to learn at all. It seems as though the people who program the app are doing it with Sims in mind, gearing content towards sitcom people who don’t exist in real life. The conversations in the examples are always between a male and female speaker in their mid 30s. In the beginning content, I would love to learn about the names of the rooms in a house, how to get directions and what a street is called. I works like more in depth info on how to talk about family members or people of different age groups. This fast pace gives the impression of learning quickly, but in actuality there are huge gaps in the learning and it feels a little silly to be learning how to talk about meetings in the board room when I can’t say ‘door’ or ‘hallway’.

303513134, Aug 09, 2023
Better than duolingo

I’m loving Busuu so far. It’s a refreshing take on learning a language vs what many other apps tend to do. This one actually includes real photos with their vocabulary, which helps solidify the language better in your mind vs mentally translating it to English first. They also have conversation demos spoken by actual ppl so you can pick up the proper inflections. AND there is a social option where every once in a while you are offered to put something out there for native speakers to read/listen and correct if needed. You, in turn, can help others by correcting their work as well. Update: I dropped my rating down by a star because while I do still love it, I feel like this lessons are only giving you the basics of what they expect you to learn? You get some vocabulary, but no practice on sentence structure for how to use it. So when the dialogue comes around, all I can catch are the few words I learned and I have no idea what they are actually talking about and what is other vocab I wasn’t taught and what are all these sentence particles I was never shown. I wish there would be a better breakdown of grammar and sentence structure because while the lessons do a great job at holding your hand in the beginning, I feel a little thrown off a cliff now.

Ahja Reyn, Jul 20, 2020
I am obsessed

[disclaimer: I bought the full account so I have features not everyone might, but I seriously recommend getting the full version, it’s worth every single penny]As an avid language learner, I’ve tried every app and website out there, and this is by far my favourite of all of the ones I’ve ever used. From the gorgeous and entertaining design to the sensical and organised lessons, everything is just perfect. I love the separated grammar lessons so much and the culture/grammar notes as I learn new things are so helpful and interesting, they really add an exciting element to my learning and remind me of how amazing it is to be opening the door to a new world by learning the language. One of my favourite things is how the lessons are laid out and how you can go about completing them. Unlike most apps and websites where the groupings are by random topics and you must do them in order, busuu has a fantastic way of taking a concept, teaching vocabulary for it, introducing grammar with that vocabulary, and making it all useful for actual communication. That to me is one of the best features, because I know that I’m constantly learning material I need, instead of crawling my way through 4 lessons about food to get to the important stuff. Busuu is amazing, and I recommend it to literally everyone, thanks busuu for motivating me and making learning so much fun!

ArmadilloNinja, Jan 10, 2018
Busuu is a great app

Over time, I have tried most of the language apps; Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Duolingo, Drops, etc. Busuu is the best of all of them in most ways. The language level evaluation is great for those that have some understanding of the target language but are not sure of how to rate themselves. The goal setting of a “lesson plan” helps to keep a person on track. The words taught and dialogs are very practical to what a person might experience in everyday conversations. Grammar is integrated into the lessons every few lessons. It is helpful when grammar is spaced out like this. Every so often, there will be an assignment of writing a short paragraph on a subject in the target language. This gives practice using what has been taught. You are graded by others that are also learning, and grade others on their writing skills in their target language (with you having a best understanding of your native language). The only small weakness I find with Busuu is that the grammar review after the initial lesson is not as good as with Babbel. I am doing exercises at B2 level in German and the only “practice grammar” that I ever get is on the accusative case. On the other hand, the vocabulary practice is done exactly right. It uses something like the spaced repetition that Anki and Quizlet use.

davidincorpus, Oct 05, 2020
Addictive and helpful

Two weeks ago I knew only a handful of phrases of German that I’d memorized as a child. I have now worked steadily through the first level of Busuu German level one, taking copious notes, and I’m very pleased with all the vocabulary I have picked up, all the grammar I have mastered, and the friends from around the world I have made. I’m amazed at the complexity of the sentences I am able to construct within such a short time. Granted I devoted more time to it than would normally be possible. I have neglected some household chores and Facebook friends to study in every possible spare moment (before and after work).It’s terrific to be part of an international learning community. I appreciate the input and enjoy helping others. It’s great to get tips and encouragement from native speakers. I’m also planning to brush up on my other languages sometime for fun. It’s nice that that you can learn more than one language with this method for no extra charge.There is sufficient repetition of key concepts and vocabulary that they stick but not so much that it gets irritating. I think the pace is good. I think the concepts covered are good. I’d like to have learned some of them earlier (eg the endings of adjectives-which have not yet made an appearance) but it’s good to have that to look forward to. There’s a good balance of aural and written language.All in all I’m very pleased with this app and would recommend it.

Gasp!!!!!!!, Feb 12, 2018
Almost Perfect

The study plans and the very easy to follow short lessons makes Busuu one of, if not my favorite, favorite language learning apps. The only problem, which may or may not be a problem for others, is the limitation on how many study plans you can have going at once. If you’re like me and love learning languages, you would probably want to be able to have two or even three study plans going for different languages at a time. However, Busuu limits this to just one, even with a Premium Plus account! Thankfully, everything else is amazing. The remaining features barely make up for this lack in freedom for learning more than one language. Overall, it’s a great app. I’m just a little disappointed with this one feature, or lack there of. I would highly recommend it to anyone that only plans on learning one language though.In Response to the DeveloperI appreciate the concern and with all due respect, it doesn’t seem like the decision to learn more than one language at a time should be up to someone that doesn’t know me or my motivations. That kind of decision should be up to the user, or at the very least, a feature for Premium Plus members. I am saying this with much respect and appreciation for what is already made available. Thank you.

HomoAngelisus, Jun 03, 2021
Surprisingly helpful and efficient!

I love how easy it is to use, and how amazing the community is. The lessons are designed very well and the app is extremely easy to use. Just pick a language you want to learn and let the app guide you the whole way through. It’s pretty straight forward and eventually you will be familiar and hopefully fluent in whatever chosen language. I strongly suggest you try out the community feature where you can find people to help you, correct your mistakes, ask for feedback, and even socialize. It’s incredibly easy to find people and make friends. I’ve been using this app for a few days to learn French and I have already learned about 60 words. The ONLY con I can think of is that during lessons you are required to listen to a voice saying words and phrases. This could potentially be a problem because sometimes it can be hard to hear what word or phrase they are saying, especially when they talk too fast. Other than that, everything works like a charm. I don’t ever write reviews but I thought I should praise a high quality app that actually helped me accomplish something. Honestly, it is quite fun learning a new language even if you aren’t serious in becoming fluent, and that’s where this app really shines... it makes it FUN and NOT boring to learn. Anyways, I love this app and I think it’s a great tool to pass the time and learn a new language fairly easily.

JustAFriendlyUser, Mar 28, 2019
Brand New User

Hello, I just found this app about a month ago, but I didn’t really interact with it till about 1 week ago when I allowed the notifications to appear. Once I started getting daily reminders and started following the lesson plan, my language ability (Chinese) quadrupled. I had been watching Chinese drama’s with English subtitles for about 5 months to get use to the different sounds/tones. I could recognize a few words just from repetition, but if the subtitles were not correct it was useless. After downloading several apps that offered Korean (also learning) and Chinese I found this was the best one for me. The lesson plans are straightforward and with the way it’s set up it really makes it easy to learn. In addition to the lessons, you can make flash cards to practice your vocabulary/learned sentences, practice your writing in pinyin or hanzi. You are also able to retake lessons or quizzes to help you refresh, as much as you want. I’m only in chapter 4 of 14 for Mandarin beginners, but I have already learned a lot. I can recognize and understand many sentences in my Chinese drama’s, I can point out and understand some of the hanzi if I am using Chinese/Mandarin subtitles for English speaking shows, etc. I decided to upgrade to premium after using the free version for a week (wanted to support the app makers) and hope to continue progressing rapidly. If looking for a language app I would highly recommend this one!

kkim97, Feb 04, 2023
After 3 months review.

This App is good and bad. It does some things great and some things awful. The great: As a vocabulary learning tool, it does fantastic. Your ability to learn vocabulary through the lessons is very good. The beginning lessons are fantastic. You learn so much so fast that you think you’ll reach fluency at this pace, then something happens. Introduce the bad. The terrible: At some point this app tells you that you know say 300 words. But then the lessons start using words in the example sentences you’ve never heard or seen before. They are testing you on the 300 words they say you know with hundreds of words in sentences you’ve never even seen. The tests have unknown words so you’re left getting frustrated. The grammar lessons at a certain point, do the same thing. This app at some point starts treating you like you know way more than you do. It’s a great app and I avoid the grammar lessons to avoid getting frustrated with the app and basically use it to reinforce vocabulary. I skip the grammar lessons and concentrate on the vocabulary lessons. This app will give you knowledge. But honestly, I couldn’t care any less what the name of singular, masculine adjective, split pronoun, with a past participle adverb hugging preposition is… really, who cares about this technical mumbo jumbo.

Nate Grooves, Sep 18, 2022
This app really makes learning fun

I joined last month and have already finished one level of French, which was a review since I had taken French in high school. I love that the platform is collaborative and native speakers in the language you want to learn correct your errors and you can help & correct those trying to learn your native language. Very cool. And there is a nice mix between written and spoken lesson options. I’ve tried several language apps and this one is my favorite! There are definitely some glitches that need to be resolved. The scoring is odd and you get double points than expected with reviews of flash cards. And it is not intuitive that you need to remove vocab words from your vocabulary list to not have them continually repeated in your quizzes and to generate different flash card quizzes. And the test I took for French A1 was odd. There was more fast spoken French than there was through all the lessons. Thankfully, there is an option to slow it down. It seems like there should be more fast spoken French in the lessons, if that’s how you will be tested. Also, there was vocabulary in the test that wasn’t taught, or if it was, it was just in passing. It seems like those words should be included. Also, I wasn’t able to take the test on the app - and that wasn’t really clearly indicted in the app. But overall, it is one of the better language learning platforms I’ve used and I like that features keep being added.

nimbus2386, Mar 14, 2022


Busuu helps you communicate with confidence from day one. Combine expertly designed language lessons with feedback and tips from our global community of native speakers and harness the power of learning together. Looking for the best way to learn a new language on your phone?

You’ve just discovered it, with Busuu, a Chegg service – we’re the app that makes learning new languages easier, more fun and more effective for all. Whether you’re learning to get confident having new conversations, for a higher grade, a career boost, or for mind-blowing travel experiences, Busuu’s got your back. We’re already helping millions of people overcome their learning struggles, from lack of time and motivation to problems with grammar and vocab. We help our learners achieve their goals, one milestone at a time – and we want to do the same for you. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW FOR FREE LANGUAGE LEARNING ================ How are we doing this? We’re glad you asked. Whether you’re learning on your iPad or iPhone, Busuu helps you… – Learn up to 14 languages That’s right, 14! We’ve got complete courses in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch or Turkish with Busuu. – Master languages with real people You want to learn the relevant language, right? You’re in luck: we’ll connect you with our community of native speakers so you can get localized language knowledge and support. Feel even better when you help other learners in return. – Learn from the experts Busuu’s online courses are created by our ingenious language experts. Learn step-by-step with bite-sized lessons, plenty of practice and lots of opportunities to test your progress. – Say hello to useful language skills Learn the language that will really take you places! With regularly updated content, video flashcards featuring real people and useful cultural tips, you’ll be fully immersed in no time. – Kiss goodbye to stressful timetabling We’re serious. We organize your learning time for you with a personalized Study Plan. Simply tell us when you want to study and for how long, and we’ll send you notifications to keep you on track. – Revise with ease There’ll be no forgetting on our watch. Smart Review cleverly saves all the grammar and vocab you learn in lessons and stores them in one handy place, so you can make those tricky words and rules stick. – Show off achievements with official certificates With our Busuu language certificates, you’ll have actual proof of your language capabilities. – Access specialized courses for language lovers You’ve learned the basics, and now you’re hungry for more. Learn about manga, advance your pronunciation or add travel-specific phrases to your skillset, plus much more. ================ DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. See what others have to say about Busuu: ● EDITOR RATING: EXCELLENT - PC MAG ● Named 'Best Buy' language learning app by the Independent in 2021 ● Language Learning App of the Year at the EdTech Breakthrough Awards 2020 ================ PLEASE NOTE A lot of the features are free, but you will need a subscription in order to get access to all features of this app. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your Account Settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. Privacy policy: https://www.busuu.com/en/privacy/ Terms of Service: https://www.busuu.com/en/terms/

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