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Brainly – Homework Help App

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User Reviews for Brainly – Homework Help App

What I feel about Brainly

Brainly is a good app for people who needs help on there homework or can’t find a answer. Brainly has a lots of good rate but bad rate too. I would say that it gets good rate because some people can find there answers in Brainly (some I said), now Brainly gets bad rates sometimes because people can’t find there answer on Brainly and they have to look at different website, different apps and more and more. I rate this app a three because like again sometimes I can find my answer on Brainly and at the same time I can’t find the answer I’m looking for. I hope this was a good explanation of why I rate this a three, I also hope you understand what I’m saying and just to remind you I am a 12-year old kid and sometimes I don’t even know what I am saying. We’ll have a nice day and I will use your app still because sometimes I can find my answer and sometimes I can’t,lol.

ahdjdjshusufurh, Dec 02, 2021
The answer system is weird

Getting answers for my work is so easy to get to and 90% of the time is right which is great. I’m not complaining it’s not 100% because I’m still getting high grades and scores. The way it can read the question I get just from a photo and find post a like is amazing. The getting answers is definitely a 5 stars….. now the answer systemPeople will put the wrong answer under questions I’m using and I can’t find another post to help me out. I’ll figure out the question and want to post it so no one else has the same problem. But I CANT, no matter what I do. Even commenting under the wrong answer to explain how it’s wrong is hard. I tried to and got a message that said “comment won’t post this question was posted too long ago” huh? I’m using the question now though. Then I figure out how to answer but it’s random post not the ones I know the answer to. How can I answer RANDOM questions. I want to answer questions I’ve reviewed myself. Would love for this to be fixed I feel like it’d help people a lot to get the right answer 100% of the time! :)

answer system, Aug 28, 2022

I often study very late and into the early morning hours. Sounds crazy. Well maybe it is? At times my brain just gets STUCK!!!! It’s a relief to be able to turn to BRAINLY for HELP! Sometimes I just need that reminder or that rule at times I need the entire answer cause I’m lost really lost. I’m 16 yrs old and MATH isn’t my easy subject. But I need algebra one and two to graduate from high school. Graduating from high school is very important to me. It’ll make sure that a lot of doors are open instead of closed. It’s sad to think that having all the difficulties that I mentioned earlier could really mess a person up. Possibly even keep them from completing a class or from even graduating. Well, I’d like to think. BRAINLY. For helping me get to my ultimate goal graduating from my school and going on to college. Ultimately living the life that I dreamed up !!! Thanks

Erin Ross Lytle, Feb 11, 2023

This app is very helpful and I use it all the time, it’s the only way I’m getting through school right now. But whenever I can’t find a question that I need answered and I go toMet the question myself, I always get answers from people that are just trying to take the points off of answering my question. They vary from people spamming letters or saying they don’t know the answer, there’s even people saying that they are linking a picture to their answer, which is actually a scam. For a future update I think that you should make it so that you cannot get points off of someone else’s answer unless they like your answer (using the like button under the answer.) this would make it so that the people who are just answering to get points cannot do so without approval from the person asking the question. Because if they don’t get free points off of answering questions with “non answers” then they will have no reason to write a “non answer”

jblaceface, Apr 22, 2021

This app used to be really good to me, but now, I’m heartbroken and sad. To start off this review, the people who answered my questions gave “okay” answers. Now, I returned to using this app weeks ago for my homework. This app is fairly slow or fast on answering your questions based on the difficulty and the chance people will answer your question. Just to beware, anyone can answer your questions and the answers can be really unused and off topic. So yesterday, I reached my goal of answering 100 questions and I still needed more points for the rank Expert. This morning, I needed help on homework and was looking for answers. Turns out, someone deleted all my answers and reset my points to 211 instead of 711. My Brainiests was also deleted from 11 to 0. This is really unacceptable and leaving this app forever. It turned from an angel to a devil throughout the years and I couldn’t make anything out of this app anymore. It also offered a free trial and Brainly Premium, something like that and I could only view 15 questions for free. I saw wha Brainly Premium was for and I was shocked! I could post questions, get good answers and much more with it, but it is not use. Whoever is reading this and wanting to download this, don’t!

Kelly Chen 🐰🌈, Nov 11, 2020

I got the subscription trial to see if brainly plus was for me. I decided it wasn’t because I didn’t use it much during the free week. I didn’t want to pay money for something I didn’t use often. Unfortunately I forgot my password, so I did the forgot my passcode thing. It didn’t work. So I email them, ( I would rather call but they don’t have a customer service number), telling them that I would like to get into my account and the forget my password thing wasn’t working. They email me back saying to use the forget my password option. I email again saying that I wasn’t working and if they couldn’t get me into my account, can you at least delete it so I wouldn’t have to pay for 12 months of something I can’t use. They emailed me back telling me to go to account setting to delete my account. So, I email them again saying I can’t get into my account. Can they please delete my account or cancel my subscription. Again they tell me I can delete my account in my account setting that I can’t get into because I can’t get it to my account. Their customer service is horrible and as soon as I can I will be deleting that account.

kylaih, Jul 25, 2020
Not worth it

All I wanted to do was get the answer to test questions and your only allowed to have a limited amount of answers and when those are all gone they try to make you pay for more answers which is completely ridiculous. I understand they have to find a way to make money but there are so many other ways they could have done so it’s annoying and not worth it. When they advertise they say “oh sign up to see answers so you sign up”. then you only have about 5 answers that you can see without it saying you have to pay X amount of money a month which is completely stupid to me and pointless. Don't download the app it will save you your disappointment. Apple or google play get this app off the App Store and replace it with an actually useful app. Oh yeah not to mention when I did TRY to pay for Brainly plus by putting in my credit card info and stuff when I pressed proceed to payment it didn’t even give me Brainly plus. I still couldn’t see the answers and I tried to refresh and that still didn’t work. Not worth it like i said don’t download or buy from them they are worthless and trying to scam you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Microwave_caprisun, Sep 27, 2021
Ads loading forever and not showing up at all...

The app it’s self is really good and very helpful and I appreciate it very much but, Recently for the past 3 days whenever I’ve went into the app and had to watch an ad as usual, it would load for very a long time and never show up in the end no matter how long I waited. I even tried many things to see what the problem was. My connection was fine and I’ve tried to refresh, turn off or shut off my phone, logging in out logging back in, deleting the app and re-installing, and offloading the app. But with all the efforts I put in to make it work it never did. So I decided to go on the website instead and it worked perfectly fine the ads did show up and let me play them. So the problem seemed to be the app it’s self, but the only thing that is inconvenient about going to the website instead of the app, is it only gives me a limited amount of ads I can watch to get answers in a day. I’m not sure if I’m The only one with this problem but I believe since a couple days have passed this seem to be a really worrisome for me and difficult since I really like the app in general. So therefore, I would like to see and know if there’s anything I’m doing wrong or something that I need to do to make it work. Please and thank you for your value time.

MmEL17, Jan 28, 2021
App is basically broken at this point.

I’ve been a Brainly supporter for years, I’ve been here since the early days. The moderators are extremely slow at removing in inappropriate content and the tutors half the time don’t even give you the correct answers. You cannot really access anything without a paywall and while I do understand this is to eliminate the need for ads, the app doesn’t even work half of the time. Shuts down mid use, there’s so many bots, you can’t even click on the notifications button half the time. But that being said, I’m assuming these people are volunteering their time, if they were being paid they shouldn’t be. Lol. The mods are extremely nice and the community when there is no bots is very nice. I love this app to tutor some kids I work with and my little sister uses it sometimes for homework help. This app could thrive if it just worked out a few glitches. <3

Mrs.KayM, Apr 01, 2022
traumatizing to say the least... (trigger warning)

IDK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YALL MODERATION TEAM (you guys probably don’t even have one and it is sooo evident) but i was shocked and disturbed this morning. i was finishing up an answer under a question i was doing only to see a image of something. i couldn’t see it clearly and a small part of me was like “hey this is something you probably don’t wanna see” but i wasn’t too sure and i already had clicked on the picture while that thought was going through my head. i must say it REALLY TRAUMATIZED ME, brainly was the LAST app i would ever expect to see gore on, it was so explicit and graphic but i won’t explain what i saw in detail, the most i can say is it looked like the victim got their neck and above smashed. a great majority of us are on there for hw help but on this app there’s a plethora of people trying to hack and surprisingly post gore. brainly needs to do better, i can’t imagine how much gore is on there that isn’t getting moderated properly, and also y’all let people have meaningless conversations on there, the brainly team needs to be precise and detect nonsense on the spot, there are children on the app. regardless of age no one wants to see images of that nature. you could say twitter and brainly are synonymous at this point because anything finds its way there...

Naye---, Jul 23, 2021


Brainly is the perfect homework helper for any student, because it has all the features to make studying fast, easy & fun for YOU! If you have questions related to school, there are over 350 million students & experts ready to answer. Find correct expert-verified solutions instantly.

For every task, there is a step-by-step explanation, so you can understand the concepts better, boost your knowledge, & improve your grades. - Snap a pic of your math equation or word problem to get instant answers using Brainly Scan to Solve feature! - Get 24/7 expert homework answers to your questions with Brainly Community Q&A - Improve your grades using Brainly Tutor’s 1:1, on-demand personalized help. - Find school textbook answers organized by grade, title, & author with Brainly Textbook Detective Brainly also makes learning fun! Get ahead in school while earning points, competing with others, finding study buddies, & climbing leaderboards. – Do you struggle with Math? Math Scan to Solve to the rescue! If you're confused & your scientific calculator isn’t helping, just scan a pic of the math task & get an instant answer & a step-by-step explanation. Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus: no equation is too tough for Brainly! Solve math equations & word problems of any level of school (including AP levels) or college. – Why have just one study buddy when you can have millions? With Brainly Community Q&A, you can ask any question & get a fast verified answer from users around the world! You'll never have to study alone again. We have a large community of experts available 24/7 who are ready to help you with any question in Math, Science, History, English, & other subjects. Our network of reliable moderators ensures that all the answers you get are correct & easy to understand. We also care about safety, which is why parents can pair accounts with their child's. – Struggling with any particular subject or topic? A Brainly Tutor* will help you get back on track with 1:1 sessions! Get guidance through all the steps to make homework easier, learning more fun, & the midterms less stressful. Understand difficult concepts in Science & Math with your own tutor at your fingertips! Set yourself up for success in the future through on-demand help available in seconds. *This feature is only available if you have the Brainly Tutor Plan – Do you spend a lot of time searching for textbook answers? Say goodbye to hours of scrambling to find answers to your textbook questions with Brainly Textbook Detective! Get structured expert-written answers to all of the textbook questions. Search STEM textbooks by grade, title, author & ISBN easily in our organized library of textbooks. – What if we told you that studying can be fun? Brainly turns education into a fun challenge with leaderboards, badges, & achievements. Make tough questions a competition for others as you get rewards for answering the trickiest questions. Learning can take a lot of effort, but it doesn't need to be all work & no play. – Get more out of Brainly with Brainly Plus & Brainly Tutor! Access to Brainly is 100% free. However, if you want to enjoy all of Brainly's features without ads, upgrade to Brainly Plus or Brainly Tutor. *** Get fun updates from us on: Instagram @Brainly Facebook @BrainlyGroup Twitter @Brainly For any problems, reach out to our support team: http://brainly.com/contact | [email protected] Marketing: http://brainly.com Terms of use: https://brainly.com/pages/terms_of_use Privacy policy: https://brainly.com/pages/privacy_policy

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