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User Reviews for Blower

Almost works

I bought this because “ Why not?” I mean, it almost works. Does what it says but not good. Don’t spend your money because it might work, that’s what I thought and now I’m disappointed.

[kcOs], Oct 10, 2019

My house was on fire due to improper use of my Elon musk flame thrower so I went to the App Store, spent .99 cents, waited to download and turned it on. It worked so unbelievably well that all four fireman that came by my house proceeded to download it as well to make their jobs easier. Would have paid triple... even double.

Douglas Bubble Gum, May 16, 2019
Memories of the good old days

Remember those old lighter apps, or those flashlight apps? If you had an iPhone or iPad back in 2010 I’m sure you do. This app is very reminiscent of those days. Good fun and does work (take off your case)

DrKoneko, Oct 11, 2021
The negative comments is because you don’t know how to use it

When you are using it ( ear speaker on your phone) I was trying to you my speakers on the lower part of the phone, and it wasn’t working

Ghostrider8594, Mar 10, 2022

It was actually worth it was fun for a few mins and then I realize it made my speakers on my iPhone sound way better it kinda cleans it out it was worth it to be honest my speakers brand new

KarimsKicks, Oct 16, 2021
Saved my phone

Dropped my phone in water yesterday and it was fully submerged, my speaker wasn’t working. I turned on the blower app and all the water blew out of my phone and fixed my speaker!

Kayron 2002, Sep 02, 2019
5 stars

This works well to blow out a candle you have to move the phone up and down until it blows out I tried and it worked

ptsd depression and poop, Oct 14, 2021
It works really well.. if your speakers aren’t filled with gunk.

This app works really well! I’m not sure what the negative comments are talking about.I’m using an iPhone XS.My phone stays in a waterproof/dustproof case. I took my phone out of the case (because the vents on the case have a lot of lint buildup) and this app works perfectly! I tried it on one of those typical long reach butane lighters and it put the flame out no problem.Be sure to turn up the volume.. It’s a really neat app if your speakers are clean! (If they’re not, use sticky-tack to pull out the gunk.. it’s what Apple uses to clean them out).

Sadday007, Dec 16, 2021
It saved my house!

Here’s how the story goes, a battery that I had started smoking and could’ve been a potential fire hazard so I open the Blower app and blew on it. The battery stopped smoking so I went to go throw it away. It saved my house!

vrgdyctngufunu, Feb 17, 2022
A real good blow

Wife quite not doing it anymore well this app will do it like she used too, remember those days under the bleachers in high school this app gives you all that and more with the simple purchase of 1.99 it’ll have your wife asking you why you spend so much more time in the bathroom

xOMattOx, Jan 02, 2022


"It blows air!", CNN --- Unlock the new mind-blowing feature on your iPhone, iPod and iPad: Blow out candle or lighter flames, let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice! Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow! Blower uses secret hardware features of your iOS device, check below for the blowing power of your specific model. • "It blows air!" , CNN • Knocked Ellen Degeneres right out of her chair during her TV talkshow! • "a one-of-a-kind application that pushes the iPhone’s functionality and awesomeness even further", krapps.com • Ranked overall #1 in 20+ countries • 40+ YouTube movies of users all around the world • "This is both totally stupid and incredibly brilliant", youtube comment by "mambokurtz" Try it yourself and be amazed...

Start your Blower and feel the air flowing from the speaker opening. Fun party trick examples: • BLOW mode: blow out candles and lighter flames • BEAT mode: let flames dance to the music beat, or control flames with your voice! • GUN mode: let flames shiver with automatic gun mode • Touch the blower rotor: drive it yourself and see the sparks • Birthday iMessage Stickerpack Curious? Watch the blower in action on BlowerApp.com, or search for "iPhone blower" on YouTube. Have fun, Qneo BLOWING POWER For maximum blowing power, remove protective covers/casings that could block the air flow, and ensure no dust has accumulated in your speaker opening. You can verify the cool air flow by holding the speaker opening close to your mouth. When blowing out candles, don't burn your device! IPHONE: ◉◉◉◉◉ IPAD PRO: ◉◉◉◉◉ IPAD: ◉◉◉ IPAD MINI: ◉ IPOD TOUCH: ◉◉

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