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User Reviews for Akinator VIP

Needs more polish

The interface reminds me of how apps looked on the iPhone 3G. There needs to be more information, like showing how many questions he asked to find the answer, like the website does. Also making more fanfare if you stump him, or at least showing a screen confirming he was stumped, and showing you results.The index works really well, and is surprisingly fun. For movies, there really needs to be clear distinction between asking about a character, versus asking about an actor. Saying, “has your character appeared in comedies,” is different than saying, “is the movie your character is in a comedy.” Asking, “was your character in Grown Ups?” And then asking if the character is married can be obnoxiously confusing because I don’t know if your asking about the actual fictional character or the actor.

CalsCorner, Dec 10, 2018

I recently started playing this game again and I immediately noticed something wrong. I thought of a character, the bot asked a few questions and it successfully guessed my character. However, when I said that it was my character, the game had told me that it wasn’t my character and that I had cheated, as if the game was telling me what I was or wasn’t thinking. I tried at least 10 more times with the same result; It guessed the same character, then tells me that I was wrong. I don’t think I could have made it any easier for the bot to guess my character, which it did, but then to tell me that wasn’t what I was thinking? This cheating system needs to be ended or at least fixed.

Dan7191, Jun 27, 2019
I wish the prank my friends option was still here!

I love this app, and have played it since I was very young! It always was a fun game to play with family and friends to see if the Genie could guess characters we thought of. I got a new phone over Christmas and forgot about this app until I saw it on the App Store again! I immediately downloaded, thinking it would be fun to play again. I remembered about the Prank your Friends option, where you could make something pop up as a friend to freak them out a little. I wanted to do this to one of my friends, but I soon realized the option had been removed! I was very upset to see that this game mode was no longer available, which was a huge part of the fun! Overall, this is a great app, but I would appreciate it more if this game mode was put back in the game. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but this is the only reason for my 3 star review, and if it is added back to the game, it will be a 5 star game for sure!! Thank you, game-reviewer17

game-reviewer17, Jun 10, 2019
I don’t know what happened

So I used to find this game enjoyable and pretty decent; however, the game has some issues it needs to fix. The bar at the bottom of the screen is supposed to show how close Akinator is to guessing a question, but now the bar jumps forward all the way from 1/3 of the way all the way to the end, and he gets the answer very, very wrong. Another issue is the errors, I literally can’t even play the game anymore because every single round, I get an error and it cuts off my progress. I’ve been trying for about 30 minutes to get Akinator to guess a character, but he keeps guessing the same things and asking the same questions. I even memorized the patterns to which his guesses are. It’s ridiculous.TLDR; The game cuts me off with errors, is repetitive, and jumps to conclusions too fast. Please fix the problems, thank you.

jrh45, May 24, 2021
Great product but needs improvement

I love this game, but there are a few things that need to really be looked at. One: random logging out, this program will randomly log players out during questions. Sometimes if the player log back in he or she can finish the game but most of the time he or she hast to start over.To: as a blind player of this game, all the buttons are not labeled properly so the voiceover screen reader app for Apple products does not read everything. Sometimes the questions that you are asked are repeated, just worded differently.New category suggestions: books, movies and TV shows, Music, geography, and historical events

King_dirt, Apr 04, 2022
Good time, but guys…

I’m generally a pretty big fan of this app. It’s a fun time-sink by yourself, or with friends. Basically a hyper-focused 20 Questions. My main tiff with it is the weird little competitive anti-Family Feud thing it’s got going with it. It’s actually pretty fun getting a rare character, and getting a medal for that. That being said, I hate how you only will get the medal if Akinator guesses it in the first round, and sometimes the questions are just too vague. I don’t know how you would get around that, but that fact is the main reason I don’t give this app a full five stars.

Pentominoe, Jul 11, 2018
Cheating sistem

I have played this game since the beginning. Before it was very fun, but now you can’t play peacefully because you need to be careful to whom you choose because the game says that it was a trap and it gets you down in the ranking. Many times you get a character and for not losing the points you say yes. This would not happen if you could say no and continue and can earn the points, but after clicking continue you can’t gain points. Sometimes you have spent a lot of time getting a character and when it finally appears the game says it was a trap because of “random answers” this is UNFAIR because sometimes you choose a wrong answer just because you don’t remember how the character looked. I really loved this game, but this new “cheating” system is totally uncalled for.

Raul505, Nov 30, 2019

I really enjoy the gameplay of this app, and I’m often surprised by what it is able to guess. However, the app could use some serious work. One major issue is that the user is punished for the AI’s inability to guess a character the first time around. You lose the reward you would get for guessing an obscure character because it has similarities to a more well known character. The app is also weirdly militant about “cheating”. Basically if it thinks you are just selecting random answers, it will give you a fake answer, then berate you if you choose yes on it. What led to me writing this review (something I basically have never done before) was having the character I was legitimately thinking of come up as this fake answer. Berating people for answering truthfully and playing the game is not a good way to retain users.

srlong64, Jun 04, 2019
This is an amazing app. But...

I love Akinator with all my heart. But my deepest hatred is duplicates. I’m trying to get William Carrier (Hockey Player) Bit the questions it gives me always makes it think I’m going for James Neal (Another Hockey Player) I’ve gotten James Neal at least 20 times now trying to get my character and it’s frustrating because it’s not my fault the game gives me the same questions. So please just make it so when you get a character you can’t get it again (Only on that account) Thanks a lot! :)

taco king:P, Feb 17, 2021
Game hates its own players

My brother told me about this game, said it was fun. I was busy playing Skyrim when I downloaded it on my phone. So I start guessing characters from the game, all is good, I get some gold medals, and even a black one. Then, when I try to guess Wujeeta from Riffen Docks, I get some other argonian, but I said yes because the is literally nothing to distinguish them differently. Then I get a message saying that I “answered randomly and this is your first warning”. I get upset because it wasn’t true, and I also have no clue as to what I did, my character is quite specific to land on her randomly would be extremely difficult. So then I try again, same character, and this time I actually land on her, and guess what? Another “rejected Ali award”. But this time, the game wants to be funny, and knock me down from 23 to 1895 in the ranking. I have not owned this game for even thirty minutes yet, I literally only have 9 medals, but I will not play a game that punishes it’s players for playing the game right. It was fun up to that point. My advice if you still want to play, don’t guess characters that other people wouldn’t think of, otherwise the game will think your cheating.

TheLightningThief, May 07, 2022


Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the genie?

And what about other themes like movies, animals…? ###NEW### EXTEND YOUR AKINATOR EXPERIENCE WITH A USER ACCOUNT! Akinator lets you to create your own user account. It will record the Aki Awards you've won, the accessories you've unlocked and your Genizs' balance. They will follow you everywhere now, even if you change your mobile device. 2 ADDITIONAL THEMES BESIDES THE CHARACTERS Akinator is getting stronger and stronger... The genie has increased his knowledge, and now you have the opportunity to also challenge him on movies and animals! Will you manage to defeat Akinator? GO IN SEARCH FOR AKI AWARDS Akinator invites you to think outside the box. As you know, he likes to guess characters and to take on difficult challenges. To do that, make him guess forgotten characters who have not been played for a very long time and you may win the best Aki Awards. BE THE BEST PLAYER Challenge the other players on the leaderboards to prove who the best is. You may write your name on the Last Super Awards board or on the Hall of Fame. KEEP ON GUESSING Each day, try to find the 5 mysterious characters and win some additional and specific Aki Awards. Complete the full Daily Challenge and earn the Gold Daily Challenge Aki Award, one of the most prestigious Aki Awards. UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY Using Geniz, you can unlock and play with new backgrounds and customize your genie to your liking. The genie will turn into a vampire, a cowboy or a disco man. Unleash your creativity by mixing 12 hats and 13 clothes to create your ideal combination. Main features: -16 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch) -Get 2 additional themes: Movies and Animals -Aki Awards Board to get an overview of your collection -Hall of Fame with both current and previous ranking -Last super awards for Black, Platinum and Gold Aki Awards -Daily Challenges Board -Add magic by proposing a photo or some questions -Customize your genie by combining different hats and clothes -Child filter to let the children play safely -Video recording feature in-game --------------------------- Follow the genie on: -Facebook @officialakinator -Twitter @akinator_team -Instagram @akinatorgenieapp --------------------------- Genie’s tips: -Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan. -Don’t forget to scroll down the list to find and select your language

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