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Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min

  • Education
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Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min

  • Education
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User Reviews for Blinkist: Big Ideas in 15 Min

Perfect blend of an audiobook, spark notes and a podcast!

This app is amazing. It’s the perfect blend of an audiobook, spark notes, and a podcast. I have already recommended it to a number of my friends and family. I work in a time intensive role and used to love reading and constant learning, specifically nonfiction. I’ve found audiobooks are great - but I don’t have much time or attention to dedicate (and sometimes I want to drive and workout in silence to decompress). Then podcasts have a lot of extra ‘fluff’ sometimes. Blinklist gets down to the points in a concise manner, just like our favorite spark notes growing up. I love walking away with new information and insights with only ~15 minutes spent. It’s definitely worth the price.The only downside is it doesn’t have an Apple Watch app version. I’d love to be able to download to my watch and listen while out for runs/walks without having to bring my phone.

AC -... Reviews, Jul 20, 2020
My absolute #1 go-to app for education and inspiration

Indispensable for daily commutes, house-cleaning chores, wind-down time before sleep and many, many other occasions. I tried the free version and loved it, so I decided to go premium and now there is no going back. Apart from the value of the Blinks themselves, I am especially captivated by the calm, reassuring voices of the narrators, such as Amanda Marr and Master York (hope I got their names right). The premium subscription is a bit pricey in my opinion, and this keeps me from giving away more of them as gifts, as I’ve already done with a son and a good friend. It seems to me that it would be both in Blinkist’s best interests and ours that gift subscriptions be cheaper, since this would help build the listener community faster and make sure we keep getting the quality app and content. It would also be nice that the available language options widen in the future, to include Spanish (in my case), so then I could recommend Blinkist to even more people.

chessacr, Dec 15, 2021
From 1-star to 5!

I originally posted a review because I was charged on the app despite picking their trial period. I emailed them and I got a response within 2 hours. In that time I read 2 book summaries and already highlighted parts of my life that I want to improve, and set out the system to implement them. You can tell I read Atomic Habits by James Clear. So I decided to keep the subscription because reading does bring me a lot of joy but busy life doesn’t allow me to sit and read as often as I’d like. Blinkist allows me to take away the salient points and it’s app is easy to use too. One improvement I’d love is to be able to highlight and add your own notes. This would really elevate the app for me but already I’m loving it. Podcasts are fantastic especially when an author is on them but reading their content allows thoughts to turn into action as you have to sit and read as opposed to multitasking whilst listening. Fantastic app! Thanks again for your quick response!

Cynthia Kamweru, Aug 09, 2021
Missing a lot of good books.

I’ve been a member for about 5-6 months now. I subscribed for a year when they had their Black Friday special. I love the concept of this app, I’m picky and I’ve only recently in the past two years gotten into reading (now I read everyday). This seemed like the perfect subscription for my dilemma of wanting to purchase and read many books, but avoid wasting my time with those that I weren’t what I was looking for. Also, for those I was only mildly interested in, I could listen to the Blinkist and get the general idea without wasting my money on a book I didn’t feel was worth the purchase. Anyway, the reason I’m only rating it 3 stars is because it’s missing a lot (I mean a lot) of books I’m interested in. Many of the books I’ve looked for aren’t obscure either. Most of what I’ve been reading and looking for are books on minimalism and some personal growth. They are also typically books I’ve seen reference to several times in multiple other minimalism books as well. I’m not sure if others have run into this problem with other genres or subjects but it’s been kinda disappointing. I won’t be continuing my subscription after this year is up. Not in a petty kind of way but it’s more like this subscription is not very helpful to me when hardly any of the books I’m interested in are on it. *Sadface*

Helloimbambi, Mar 25, 2020
Blinkist Does Not Support Apple Family Sharing

As of today, the Apple app store states that Blinkist supports Apple Family Sharing - it does not. Tech support for the app store was kind enough to spend an hour and 20 minutes with me trying to get our family members signed-in as Premium Blinkist members. They referred me to the developer to fix the issue. Blinkist, based in Germany, offers e-mail support. No phone support. With their help, I was successful in getting an additional member added to the primary Premium membership. All Premium members, whether they have Apple or not, have the ability to add an additional Premium member attached to their account at no additional cost. That’s nice, but it is not Apple Family Sharing which “makes it easy for you and up to five family members to share purchases of some of your favorite apps”. Our family participates in Apple Family Sharing and although we are pleased that an additional person can benefit from Blinkist Premium, we are disappointed that others are excluded.

JWR from CT, Nov 19, 2023

First, the way each book is summarized is incredibly boring—even for books with engaging and funny prose. Each summary is written and read without mimicking the original author’s style or voice. It’s as if Blinkist is trying to shorten every book into an excerpt from a second rate dictionary. The “audio” option Blinkist provides makes this even worst. Each Blinkist summary is read in a monotone voice , with little to no inflection, and absolutely no enthusiasm. I thought that maybe—just maybe—I had just been choosing each Blinkist summary poorly, and decided to stay past the trial to find out. Horrible decision. Each summary is written in such a monotone and uniform fashion, I have to force myself to finish a minute-long summary. Second, the audio only works if you have the Blinkist app open—no scrolling through other feeds or doing anything else. When I decided to finally cancel my subscription for the following month, I realized my fatal mistake. Although Blinkist advertises their monthly subscription, with the trial, you will automatically be charged for their YEARLY subscription. Even the company has no hope that their content is enough to keep customers coming back month to month.

Midnight Pizza Man, Dec 04, 2019
Don't Waste Your Time With Podcasts & Reading Entire Books

If you're an intelligent and a "motivated-lazy" millennial (like me), you're probably familiar CliffsNotes from life in academia. Why waste your precious will power in astute reading comprehension on literature read by thousands? Some gotta be better at it than you (despite you scoring 780 in it on your SAT) and have shared their findings.Here's what you've tried so far:*Searched Audible for book summaries from sketchy companies (where ironically English is their second language). *Tried Medium post summaries.*Followed those self-help gurus that rehash established material in their podcasts only to deceive you. These podcasts are actually made up of 30% sales talk about their sponsor and/or their products and 50% about their guest and 20% about the material in their podcast's title. It's a for-profit show, not PBS. Let's be honest with yourself. None of the above options helped you or made good use of your attention and time. Blinkist makes good use of your time and makes you think. Oh but I have to pay them! The horror! Well tally up all the time you wasted on your attempts to get here over the past year or two and multiply that by your hourly rate. Can you afford Blinkist now? Bet you can and a gift subscription or two! Don't fall for the free stuff - you get what you pay for! Class dismissed!

Ninjutsuski, Apr 18, 2021
Be careful! They take your $100 and won’t refund

I thought I’d give this 7 day free period a go and see why it was about. I unfortunately had to leave town and got busy that week and didn’t get a chance to really look into it. I had it scheduled in my diary that day to cancel the renewal but arrived home a few hours too late it seems. As soon as the week expired I got charged $100 and put on an annual plan. No more than 2 hours after this happened, I contacted Blinkist and asked for a refund as I simply hadn’t seen that I’d be signed up for a $100 annual plan if I missed the cancel date. Most of these kinds of apps are monthly at worst and I would have swallowed the monthly fee If I’d missed the cancel date. They told me that they couldn’t do anything and suggested I try iTunes. I’ve contacted iTunes 3 times now and have not had one real response other than an auto response stating it’s not available for refund. I’m furious as I simply can’t afford it right now and you should always have a window after payment for something that as it’s simply a use as you go type of arrangement. Now I don’t even want to use it because it’s left such a bad taste in my mouth. If it’s such a great product, then they shouldn’t have to prey on those that forget to cancel their trial on time to then charge them $100. Pretty unhappy.

Scott R H, Sep 06, 2019
One slight problem might keep me from staying

Edit: also, the people they have summarizing the books have a problem with keeping their own personal opinions out of the summary, which begs the question as to what else they might be adding or removing to these. I’ve changed my review to 1 star due to this because I’d really rather just read the actual book and know the author’s actual thoughts than be preached to by a second-hand source.I decided to try this since I’ve been hearing about it everywhere right now. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money for a subscription right now so I’ll have to make due with the one free that’s unlocked daily. The only problem I have is that if you add the daily free blink to your library under a free account there’s no way to delete it the next day because it goes back to being just another premium locked into your library. This makes it really hard to want to stay with this service if you can’t remove things after a lapsed payment since these short form “blinks” could really start to clutter up after awhile. Having a delete option, even if the blink is currently locked due to no being a subscriber, would be a nice improvement. Without it, I’m not actually sure I will continue using this, or even suggest that others use this service.

small hobbit, Apr 06, 2018
Needs more books but overall a great app

I’ve been using Blinklist for about 3 weeks now, and in my short time using this app, I don’t have many criticisms. As an avid book reader myself, sometimes its hard to find the motivation to read one. Some unfortunately just drone on and on, without presenting the underlying message in a easily digestible manner. This app provides a shortcut for users who simply just don’t have the time and or patience to sit and read for hours on end. The book summaries, provide it users with the authors main points, and while relatively short, are quite insightful. If I had one criticism with this app, it’s that it NEEDS MORE BOOKS! The content of the app is encompasses a lot of subjects, but at times seems “limited” in quantity. (I use that word sparingly). Overall I think that blinklist has the potential to be a groundbreaking app, but the developers need to refine it more and add a lot more content. In conclusion, it’s a great app, totally recommend!

STK Clothing Co., May 11, 2020


Where do the world’s smartest people get their ideas? From great books & podcasts! Blinkist transforms the key insights of 6,500+ bestselling nonfiction books & popular podcasts into powerful explainers you can read or listen to in 15 minutes.

Over 26 million users use us as a tool on the most valuable & challenging journey known: reaching their potential. GET THE KEY INSIGHTS FROM 6,500+ BESTSELLING NONFICTION BOOKS & PODCASTS • Blinks: Read & listen to insights from top titles in 15 min • Shortcasts: Get to the heart of popular podcasts in 15 min • Sharpen your professional skills with the best business books & podcasts • Grow with the most impactful self-improvement titles & shows • Discover new perspectives with bestsellers on economics, science, history & culture • Find inspiration with the latest trends & ideas in your professional field ENJOY BOTH AUDIO & TEXT • Listen to audible versions of our book insights to easily fit learning into your day • Create your personal audio book library to customize your learning experience • Learn hands-free at the gym, in the car, or doing chores with Autoplay • Download book & podcast key insights, audiobooks to listen offline SAVE UP TO 65% ON FULL-LENGTH AUDIOBOOKS • Get access to 6,500+ of nonfiction audiobooks at a special discounted price • Listen to audiobooks like "Sapiens", "The Art of War" or "The 5 AM Club" ENJOY PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS & EXPERT-CURATED LISTS • Always know what to read or listen to next—we’ll suggest titles based on your interests & history • Discover new ideas & find motivation with suggested books curated by experts BENEFIT FROM A HUMAN TOUCH • Focus only on top nonfiction books—our editorial team carefully selects every book • Listen to Shortcasts created with the podcast creators for exclusive insights • Enjoy lovingly written summaries of key ideas by experts with a passion for explaining complex topics in simple, beautiful language LEARN THE WAY SCIENCE INTENDED • Thanks to a format based on neuroscientific research you'll quickly make headway • Understand easily through crystal clear language & short, powerful content ------------------------------ Get right to the heart of popular podcasts & hidden gems with our exclusive Shortcasts—15min key insights from podcasts produced in collaboration with podcast creators! - IN THE PRESS "Blinkist is an intriguing new app that encourages you to read more nonfiction books... It’s a fun and fascinating way to discover new and interesting topics” -The New York Times “There is no such thing as too much knowledge. If you would like to expand your horizons, but don’t have the time to read, Blinkist is a speedy and convenient way of learning” -TheNextWeb "Blinkist offers a terrific service—great ideas distilled down to their very essence. For those of us who are deeply curious about new ideas on success, happiness, innovation, progress and more, it’s a great start." -Forbes “The audio feature is an awesome way to dive into a book while folding laundry or cooking a meal.” -BuzzFeed — HOW IT WORKS: Getting started is simple. Download the Blinkist app now & sign up for a free 7-day trial. We have monthly & annual plans available. With Blinkist Premium you’ll have access to: • 6,500+ key insight summaries • audible versions of all book key insights • full-length audiobooks at a special member price • personalized recommendations from the Blinkist editors • all formats audible offline: book & podcast key insights, plus audiobooks • a send-to-Kindle feature • syncing your highlights with Evernote If you choose the Blinkist Basic plan you can still read 1 title selected by us, every day. Ready to make headway? Download Blinkist today! Terms of Use: https://www.blinkist.com/en/tos Privacy Policy: https://www.blinkist.com/privacy.html Questions? Suggestions? Speak to a real person at Blinkist! Our trusty customer support team is just an email away—simply write to [email protected]

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