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User Reviews for ArtRage

4.7 easily but...

This app is phenomenal. The only thing that should be added is a selection option to the pencil only. Repositioning a stroke of paint or two that you don’t necessarily want to erase or paint over would indeed compromise what this app embodies as a digital version of traditional painting. Although I’ve only been using it for just a few month, I feel that it is revolutionary in that of its predecessors and will always be used in my arsenal of mediums. Well done Ambient Design Ltd.!!!

Artisan Slimm, Jun 30, 2018
So much to love, so much that makes you scratch your head

ArtRage has so much potential as an iOS app, and given that they charge a decent little fee for it, I can’t for the life of me figure out why they don’t develop it into a true art app.The tools are surprisingly responsive and versatile, and the pencil tool is one of the best I’ve used—and I’ve used ALL the art apps. I own several expensive ones, as well. The color picker is easy to use and intuitive, which is more than I can say for most. But the UI is clunky, and that’s being generous. The lack of grid functionality and tap assignment means you can’t “undo” with two fingers or even suggest it. The menus get in the way, and things pop up that you have no idea how to turn off. There are no guides or rulers that I can see, but then, there’s no helpful introduction to the features and hidden tool settings. I want to love this app, as it’s a delight to draw with. But in the name of all that is holy, bring it up to speed with the rest of the art apps out there. It’s good enough to be a top app.

Ciavyn2, Jul 16, 2019
Very good, leaner than desktop version

It would be very useful to have a few more things, like selections.In my opinion, the touch rejection could be significantly better. Despite having palm and touch rejection enabled, resting the palm on the screen frequently results in the drawing being zoomed, rotated and panned.This is a serious issue, but not serious enough not to get this excellent creative tool. Far more positives than negatives.

drawcat, Sep 03, 2020
Love it, but there are a few bugs...

I just love this app, I’ve been using it since 2012. But lately there have been a lot of things that have caused me a lot of trouble with it. One is that it keeps on resetting the thumbnails so I can’t see what anything is. I used to be able to see the drawing before I opened it, but now it’s just an artrage logo rather than a picture. This makes it very hard to find what I’m looking for as my titles tend to be vague and I have a lot of paintings. Occasionally, the app will crash for no reason and my work will be lost, which forces me to save constantly. I implore you to fix these, it’s severely hindering me in what I can do with ArtRage (I use it for school and a webcomic, and I hate losing progress and taking forever to find things.

Just look at me now, Nov 16, 2019
I read some negative comments about this App

I should have paid attention to the negative reviews. Instead I listened to a very experienced man who writes tutorials. He told me he thought the issues with the App were resolved by the design team. I bought the App, followed a tutorial and could not get the image to save properly. After trying unsuccessfully to save the image the App totally crashed. I sent emails to the developers twice and have heard nothing in response. Save your money, there are lots of other Apps out there.

LivelyOaks, Mar 10, 2021
So much potential! Just started and enjoying it so far!

By far the most traditional art app I’ve found . The controls are intuitive , but I would love to see color assignments “stick” to a tool (such as graphite grey for pencil, while brushes keep the color I was using on them). Another “easy” feature that’s missing is the ability to have a pallete sampler to easily pick some base colors and paint away. Another feature would be allowing to mix pallet colors to blend new shades to bring it even more in line with traditional painting)

No google photos, Jul 22, 2023
Bigger Brushes Please!

I like this app a lot. Better medium simulation than any other app on the iPad (with the exception of the water color in Tayasui Sketch). I find the interface intuitive and non-intrusive, could be a little deeper in places, but a pleasure to work with (unlike Paint Storm Studio which is total nightmare on a tablet ). Really love the brush engine, but the brushes are way too small at their largest size! The desktop version lets you scale the brushes to 500% which is useable though even that could be larger. On the iPad you can type in a larger % but it snaps back to 100% . Also the desktop version has close gap slider for the fill tool, why it’s not in the iPad version is a mystery. Another mystery is why exported multi-layer PSDs open with single layer in most apps (Art Studo Pro opens them layered and saves PSDs that other apps can open properly). The omission of layer masks and folders is unfortunate, but it’s the lack of large brushes that keep me from a 5 star rating.

RAWedge00, Jan 28, 2020
Well they got the Rage part correct.

So now I don’t even get to decide which orientation my canvas is at? Move the iPad and phoomp like magic, it’s back to some idiots predetermined setting? Why? What’s the point? How hard is it to simply let the artist, let the designer, simply determine their own needs? But no, instead let’s just keep dumbing it down for the masses, for the “home user”, remove tools that were useful, make it easier for a generation of Snapchat idiots. Well done...Rage is simply more dying garbage in the toxic ecosystem that is iOS and Apple. There’s just no real useful, decent software out there, and what is will like be turned into a subscription service designed to rob the user of Choice, freedom, and their money. Works for adobe and their robbery so might as well.Good job ArtRage team, you’re just part of a collective fail.

Revlis335, Jun 24, 2019

Unfortunately, it seems the devs have abandoned this app, - no update in two years. The app Apple is pushing is better in some areas and still behind this old dog in other areas. I have been using this on my iPad for years. Having tried most of the competition this is still my favorite. Has features the app Apple is pushing still lacks.

Steen a Dane, Mar 13, 2021
The fun of real paint without the mess!

Or the expense. Being able to just squirt paint onto the canvas and smoosh it around is great fun. My only complaint it that the rounds do not seem to behave exactly as a round should at the end of a stroke. There is not enough tapering off, especially for those who would shape their brushes especially for that purpose. I have fiddled with the settings and cannot seem to do fix this.

syntonica, Dec 30, 2017


The most advanced simulation of real paint on iOS! Get creative on a digital canvas with smearing, blending oils, delicate watercolor, and much more! Ever wanted to try painting your masterpiece but were put off by the mess and expense?

Now you can! ArtRage isn't just about color: It knows how much paint you've used so you can smear it around to spread it over the canvas. It knows how wet your paint is so you can blend it with other paints. It even knows about the roughness of your paper so your pencils can be used for soft shading. It's not just a special effect either - ArtRage is a live simulation of the properties of real artistic media that lets you can get creative with colors and textures using tools you already know how to use! ArtRage takes full advantage of the features of your device like larger canvases on iPad Pro, Apple Pencil support for pressure & tilt, and 3D touch on your iPhone. Join the ArtRage community: Forums: forums.artrage.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/artrage Features: Real world painting tools: Oils, Watercolors, Paint Rollers, Pencils, Crayons and more. Each tool has a range of familiar properties such as how much thinner is applied to the paint, or how soft a pencil tip is. Tools apply texture as well as color, and blend under the brush. Add Layers to your painting and work on individual elements without damaging others. ArtRage supports a wide range of Layer Blend Modes, and layer contents can be scaled moved and rotated independently. Import images, converting them to oil for smearing or as Reference Images pinned to the canvas as a visual guide. Load photos as Tracing Images which are overlaid on the canvas, and have ArtRage select colors automatically as you paint. The interface has been designed to maximize your creative space without hiding away critical functions such as tool and color selection. As you paint, it gets out of the way so that you don’t have to stop and manually adjust panels. Record your paintings! The ArtRage Script system lets you record strokes while you paint for playback in desktop versions of the product at higher resolution. Import and Export using external services such as Dropbox, and iCloud Drive. Share your images on Facebook, Twitter, and any other sharing app on your device. Tools: • Oil Brush, Watercolor, Airbrush, Palette Knife, Paint Roller, Paint Tube, Inking Pen, Pencil, Marker Pen, Chalk, Crayon, Glitter Tube, Gloop Pen, Eraser, Flood Fill. • Paint simulation monitors the physical properties of your paints to allow natural blending, smearing, and other real world behavior. • Preset support to save your favorite settings for later use. • Supports the Apple Pencil's Pressure and Tilt properties, and 3D Touch where available to add realism to the simulated paint strokes. Layers: • Unlimited layers with Photoshop standard blend modes, visibility and opacity controls. Scale, rotate, and position layer contents independently. Utilities: • Record your paintings as Scripts then play them back in a desktop version of ArtRage. • Unlimited Undo / Redo. Load photos as References or Tracing images. Store color samples for later use. Files: • Create paintings up to 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x 4096 on iPad Pro. • Control the texture and color of the canvas to create different effects. Canvas presets can be stored to save your favorite settings for later. • Export PTG, JPG or PNG to services such as Email, iOS11 Files, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and more. Share images on Facebook or Twitter. Import photos to a new file or a layer, with camera support. Interface: • Easy access pods provide functionality without getting in the way. Elements vanish as you paint so you can paint underneath. Multi-Touch shortcuts for canvas manipulation, Undo/Redo, and Brush Size. • Adapts to suit iPhone layouts. Stylus & Input Support: • Apple Pencil Pressure & Tilt. • Supports 3D Touch. • Includes support for Wacom, Adonit, Adobe, and Pogo styluses.

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