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Amnesia: Memories Premium Ed.

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Amnesia: Memories Premium Ed.

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Amnesia: Memories Premium Ed.

shin and kent best boys

**spoilersikkyu and toma’s route were very difficult for me to get a good ending on; toma’s especially. i got so frustrated but eventually just decided to follow a walkthrough. just gonna say now, i don’t understand how she still wants to be with toma, even after the horrible things he put her through. i get he’s one of her childhood best friends but oh man, there’s no way i could get past the scarring things he had done. i was very emotionally invested in each route so this game was worth every penny. i wish more games would be like this: a one time purchase and everything’s unlocked. overall an amazing game! i’d go through it all again :) also shin and kent best boys

AmaniRae, Dec 15, 2019
Won’t even download

I just purchased this app today and it won’t even download and I have enough memory for it to download properly. It then tells me it’s no longer available in the App Store. Then why is it still up there for people to purchase. I just spent $22 on a game that won’t even download. I would like a refund if it was indeed removed from the App Store. Contact Apple and have them remove your app then. So disappointed and I’ve never had issues with any Idea Factory games before. I’ve always been a fan for years. First big disappointment.

CarmenDeville, Jun 16, 2018
One of my all time favorite otomes / visual novels.

I bought it on my old iOS account, this new one, and Steam. Well written romantic anime style stories with multiple endings where choices are important, as they should be in any good VN. Full voice acting to boot for a one time payment. Now compare that to Mystic Messenger where for the full story you’re looking at $100+ for routes you can play once? It’s a no brainer. The CG artwork is worth it alone. Best otome on iOS, second best visual novel to Hakuoki.

ChaiTeaYummy, Mar 03, 2019
Yey for the major update!

So glad you fixed the game! I really love this game and all the types of endings. I also love how I recognize some of the voice actors from some of my favorite anime series! I love all the stories but Toma's was a little difficult to digest for me. I give this 4 stars instead of 5 because I was sad when I couldn't play it for a couple weeks due to the bug. I hope you could provide us with a contact person/link for future issues!

Darkphantomstar, Oct 27, 2016

What a great gaming experience. These character and stories really pull on your heartstrings. (Except maybe for Toma... and that's all I'll say about that...) I was really impressed by the depth of characters and plot which ties together very nicely at the end. I am very sad to have finished the game, actually. Highly recommended. ^^

dm08plyr, Jan 09, 2017
Best app I’ve played in my life

This beats voltage inc by far!! I love the graphics, the animations, and the way you can buy the whole premium app and get the whole stories! No offense to Voltage inc but they need to step it up lol but I still love playing that app though! If all apps were like this as in buy premium and you get all the stories, then take all my money! I’ll definitely pay the amount lol. Hopefully there will be more similar app coming soon that is like this! Fingers crossed 😁

KagomeIK, Mar 09, 2019
An amazing game

I have played many otome games; however, this game has to be my favorite. First off, the graphics are amazing and very detailed. Secondly, it has a story for everybody wether you like sappy romance or a love story with a twist ;) this game has something for you. Also the characters are so engaging that it is really easy to get lost in the game.

Kait592, Dec 23, 2016
Yesss get it!111

This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten from the App Store and has gotten me back to otome games!! I love the story even the bad endings are sooo intense and awesome. I really hope they come out with more, for mobile especially. I also really like just paying for the whole game instead of paying per chapter or for game currency like other mobile otome games. It makes the experience so much more fluid.

sheltersky, Nov 27, 2017

Love this game. Keep coming back to play and to see what will happen next. I really liked the anime and was excited to see that it has a game. The story line for all of the character are well put together and the graphics are amazing. I am little confused though, It says that there are stories for Orion and Ukyo but I do not see options for them???? Anyone else having this issue???

Sunshine space case23, Jul 05, 2018
So happy to play on my iPad

I've seen images of the Amnesia game circulating the Internet, and I've been wanting to play it, and now that it's in app form, I'm glad I can! It's a really great game with fun and unique stories for each character, who all have amazing, colorful personalities. Honestly, I was afraid that they were just going to be pretty faces with flat characterization, but I was happy to be proven wrong.There is an anime adaptation for this game. If you've seen that before playing the game and had a less than stellar impression of Amnesia, I hope you consider playing the otome game. (Not to diss the anime, while I liked it to some degree, I also know that it didn't receive the best ratings, which might turn people off to playing Amnesia.) The Amnesia game, in my opinion, has a lot more to offer story-wise for each route and more well-rounded character development.As far as game mechanics, I found it fairly easy to work with. I also haven't experienced any technical problems since I've downloaded the game. It pretty much runs smoothly for me.I really hope that this game will receive more support, and if it does, I hope the developers will consider releasing English versions of the Amnesia sequels and adding them as apps as well.

tumblemuse, Nov 16, 2016


It is the 1st of August. Upon awakening, you find yourself without any memories from before August 1st. Everything, from the sort of life you lived to the relationships you had, is a complete blank.

A young boy named Orion appears in front of you, revealing himself to be a spirit attached to your mind. Under Orion's guidance, you begin the struggle to regain your memories... Blunt ∙ Earnest - Heart - Shin (VA: Tetsuya Kakihara) Your childhood friend and current boyfriend. He is only 18 years old, but has a very serious and cold demeanor that frequently causes conflicts with others his age. Oftentimes, he appears aloof and indifferent, but he is actually very affectionate and cares deeply for you. He is a senior in high school, and is currently preparing for university entrance exams. He is also Toma's childhood friend. Alluring ∙ Fascinating - Spade - Ikki (VA: Kisho Taniyama) Ikki has a unique condition that causes women to become enamored with him upon sight. He is 22 years old and is currently enrolled in a nearby university. Having given up on a genuine relationship, he lives the life of a playboy, indulging in the transient pleasures it brings. However, he becomes very close to you after he discovers his “eyes” have no effect on your emotions toward him. Despite his looks and popularity, Ikki is really a kind and sincere man. He is a good friend of Kent’s, a graduate student who attends the same university. Cool ∙ Logical - Clover - Kent (VA: Akira Ishida) A highly intelligent, 25-year-old mathematics graduate student, Kent sees the world from a purely objective point of view. He is normally very confident in his convictions and in the results of his relentless analysis of others; however, it seems as if he is unable to maintain the same composure when he is around you. His tendency to logically dissect every action makes him a difficult companion, especially among females. He is a good friend of Ikki’s, who competes with him in solving overly complex math puzzles. Affectionate ∙ Intense - Diamond - Toma (VA: Satoshi Hino) Toma is a 20-year-old law student at the university you both attend. Being your oldest friend from childhood, he has naturally assumed the role of your big brother. Toma has always kept an eye on you from a close distance, and takes on the responsibility of caring for you after you collapse on the road outside of your apartment. His desire to protect you is extremely strong, to the point that his mental state can become unpredictable... He is also a childhood friend of Shin’s. Mysterious ∙ Enigmatic - Joker - Ukyo (VA: Kouki Miyata) A strange young man who appears unexpectedly. He gives you mysterious warnings, and disappears again without explanation. Whether he wants to protect you or harm you is unclear. Friend ∙ Protector Orion (VA: Yumi Igarashi) A spirit from a distant world. His outward appearance looks to the human eye as a 10-year-old boy. On his way to run a short errand in the human world, he crashes into you and becomes trapped inside your mind. He supports you in order to fulfill your mutual goal of regaining your memories. - How to Play After the opening movie, the title screen will be shown. To play a new game, select “NEW GAME.” To continue your current game, select “CONTINUE.” If you’d like to select another story, select “CHAPTER.” After clearing the prologue, four different stories will become available.

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