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Quran Touch, LLC
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User Reviews for Al Quran by Quran Touch

a learning experience for believers

First and foremost all Praise is to ALLAH I love the Deen and even though this is my first time using this app I see that the teacher’s of this Deen may it easy for us with the mercy of ALLAH alhamdulilahi assalam alaykum

abdus Shaheed Al qawwiy, Apr 22, 2020
Better than all other Athan apps

Great app. Intuitive. Wish athan was full. Also doesn't always play athan at prayer times.....(I’ve tried adjusting the settings for modifications in the app and on iPhone)I hope they update with a widget so you don’t have to open the app to check the Salah times. Compared to all the other Athan apps available for paid versions; this one is the best, most reliable, clean, (no adverts for games and dating sites). Please support this company so they can make more and improved products. I like them because they take feedback seriously. The brother took the time to write me an email to explain why the app could not play the full Athan (bc/ of apple restrictions on media lengths or something). Thank youMa3salamah

Dr. Osteo, Dec 27, 2020

Great app! No need to put sunset and mahgrib time seperately. Sunset is mahgrib. They are the same time. Would like to be able to swipe to change pages when reading translations. Also, the app is set for 24 hour time but notifications show in 12 hour time. Please fix this and also add a widget showing prayer times. Lastly, alerts for daily du’a and verse of the day are not working.

Ejaazi, Aug 13, 2020
Quran Touch

This was the most perfect app. But after i did the update for this app….. while i am reading there are ayahs that keep disappearing. And it makes the reading confusing. Please help and fix the problem.

em abdulrahman, Apr 15, 2022
A very exceptional app.

I’m not joking the simplistic design of this app has caught my attention to be a more frequent user. It’s easier to read, learn and share. It’s a must have y’all!!

Eman Fekadu, Jun 04, 2020
Best app

This app is best ever I used. Every ayah you can see translation, tajweed rules and same time you can listen. I pray for them who out that much afford to make it happen.

Jay4123, Jan 20, 2021
Good App but :

This was a great effort and I thank the folks that put the app together. However, I do not know how to access the English translation even after downloading it from the settings. In addition, I am yet to receive the daily verse as I do with other Islamic apps that I have. Please address these issues. By the way, I bought the premium offering of this app.

MAMurtada, Jun 26, 2019

I initially posted the below review. The developer has since released a significant update which I believe is great! The audio now works ( One reciter with the light version though). So the only thing is that you still have to purchase the premium version to get all reciters. Otherwise I thank them for a nice job..“Rip offDon’t waste your time on either free and full versions.. Audio never works. Other apps offer much better experience. I don’t know how ppl really think this is good for Islam or Muslims smh”

Tim11227, Jun 24, 2019
Amazing App

App is amazing, I like the option of book marking an AyahNow I can collect Ayat that I need to understand better or memorize as DuaaCan someone help me understand how the Qibla direction workThank you

WAA58, Aug 07, 2020
Excellence in practice

One of the best apps I found with regard to functionality, options available and overall value ... a must have

Youth & You, Dec 02, 2022


The most comprehensive Muslim App! Quran Touch is the complete Holy Quran for free in 4 different styles with verse by verse audio, Dua, Tajweed Koran, Athan (azan), Tafseer, transliteration, notes, bookmarks. Included in Quran Touch are a Qibla finder and accurate prayer times reminder.

The app is designed for kids and adults alike. Main Features of Quran Touch #1 Complete Holy Quran for free in 4 different styles. #2 Read Quran in 78 Languages. #3 Listen to Holy Quran Anytime. #4 Accurate Prayer Times With Reminder #5 Adjustable Font Size, Read Quran In Your Preferred Size. #6 Listen to 11+ Premium Reciter in Offline #7 Qibla Direction From Any Place #8 Read Dua Based on your current mood. #9 Ask Dua to Muslim Community #10 Feel Real Quran Reading From Your App. #11 Be Inspired From 99 Names of ALLAH #12 Save your Islamic thoughts in our notes #13 Explore Quran Stories inside the App #14 Read Travel Dua for a safe journey #15 Get Dua of the Day #16 And a lot More! Quran Touch was designed for easy comprehension and memorization of the Quran and to remind Muslims to have a relationship with the Quran. You can now read the Quran like a pro. The athan function gives accurate prayer times for over 200 cities all over the world. There are over 10 free athan voices and audio. Complete community integration in order to join a rapidly growing community of students and memorizers and Muslims around the world who share in dua. Comprehensive dua function with all the daily adhkar with audio. Advanced full-text Arabic/translation search support with keyword highlighting. Surat Kahf reminders on Fridays and other days Some of Our Reviews Include: 5 Stars ***** - Amazing App App is amazing, I like the option of bookmarking an Ayah now I can collect Ayat that I need to understand better or memorize as Duaa. thank you 5 Stars ***** Perfect App. I have tried one too many Koran applications, this one tops them all.. It is very dynamic and reminds you to keep reading every day. I recommend it for anyone struggling to keep a constant flow of reading Koran on a daily basis. 5 Stars ***** The Best Islamic App. This app is among the best Muslim app have ever used so far. Really love it 5 Stars *****Best Islamic app I know of Really good, you can listen to Surahs and get reminded about the prayer times other Islamic apps have too many ads but this one hardly has any perfect - mashallah! 5 Stars *****Thank you for a great app I have been using this application for over 6 years and it has been great. May Allah give you all the reward of reading Quran from those using your application 5 Stars *****I love this app So when I used Muslim pro,you had to pay to hear the recitations of your favorite reciters, whereby now I can listen and learn with accurate translations,and you have any choice of reciters you want for free,you can even listen to it offline!! 5 Stars *****Simple yet reliable. The coloured fonts really help me with the tajweed. The reciters and audio are also helpful for me to check & to pronounce the ayahs correctly. I personally recommend these apps to all Muslims to have it on their phones... Quran Touch Terms: https://www.qurantouch.com/terms Quran Touch Privacy Policy: https://www.qurantouch.com/en/privacy-policy Special thanks to King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an (source of Coran images files), Darl Al Maarifa (Tajweed Koran), Tanzil.net (source of Koran text and translations) , quran.ksu.edu.sa (source of Tafasir (explanations)),

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