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القرآن الهادي (اهل البيت)‏

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القرآن الهادي (اهل البيت)‏

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Reza Ahoui
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User Reviews for القرآن الهادي (اهل البيت)‏

The best Quran app

This is no doubt the best Quran app for Quran with everything in a one stop solution for English language readers. Excellent translation, transliteration, recitation and tafsir all in one place. Especially the ayah by ayah that is even great. Allah SWT bless a million for the project team to have provided such a wonderful solution from the Jafari school of thought. Excellent well thought out solution for all english speakers anywhere in the world.

786514, Dec 08, 2019
Excellent App

I love this app and use it all the time. A couple of the features I would like to see are:1) I would like to be able to go to page level in landscape mode.2) I would like to be able to highlight a word. This will enable me to highlight those words I mispronounce, so that I pay close attention next time and pronounce them correctly.3) I would like to have multiple customized marks to highlight where I stopped. I am usually involved in multiple khatma’s and would like to mark where I stopped. Either Color and Cutomized Name would help. If you have to limit the number of marks, then please do not make it less than 10.4) I would like to be able to synchronize across devices. I have an iphone, and iPad. Synchronizing will enable me to resume from any of my devices.Other than this, this application is outstanding and its design is very intuitive.Jazak Allah Khaira aljaza’a and your ancestors on our behalf.

Ali H. Al-Maskeen, Nov 11, 2020
Enriching... Enlightening

Many times when I read Quran I wonder what the meaning of some words or the explanation/Tafsir of an Ayah! This blessed App makes the best use of technology to help the reader find Tafsir for any Ayah with a touch of a finger! May Allah bless all those who participated in the making of this app! 🤲

Asadbabil, May 10, 2020
The best Quran App in the App Store

There’s a ton of Quran apps for recitation,tafseer and khatmas but they all come second to this app. This app is available to all. It encourages even non Muslims with its English version and tafseer to read the Quran. And they don’t charge you for a thing like those other apps.

cricket3788, Apr 21, 2022
I rank this app for 5 star because...

Because this is the best Quranic app I have ever seen before, it’s very simple and easy to search for what you want as far as the Quran is concern. Thanks for creating a beautiful app like this and will be glad to see various authentic tafsir in English and other languages

Haidar Moshi, May 21, 2020
Regarding this app

Hello, this is my third rating of the app after I navigated through it deeper. I found the interpretation of the verses to be meaningful, thorough and direct. It looks like the previous time I was looking at the explanation of the verses I was either tired or not focusing well or maybe there was some adjustment to the app since then. Also I want to point at the pragmatic way you can go to the elaboration of the verse by just pressing on it for two seconds which is something I find very nice. I heard the recitation of the Holy Book by enchanting voices through the app. I think that you are lovely people and God be with you in explaining and teaching his Quran and contributing vitally in putting people on the right path.Thank youSincerely

Hussein AM, May 07, 2021
Best App Ever

The best app ever. Easy to use القران الهادي app. I am in love with this app and I have told my family, relatives and friends about it. It is very helpful I needed an app that can do everything in one read the ayah for me when I click on it and also I can pick my favorite voice to read. I also like how when I search any ayah easy to access to it and I even like the notifications that gives me different ayah every day to look at. Thank you very much for such an amazing application.

Mary Haddid, Apr 21, 2022
Feature-complete app

One of the most feature-complete app for readers and memorizers.Please, add more options for recitation speed, from 0.5 to 2.0, so that one can listen in either half speed or double speed.Jazaakalloh hoyr!

ravshansbox, Apr 11, 2022

I have no words to describe how beautiful this app is in it’s overall construction and interface consistency I can listen to , read and learn about the holy Quran all in one app without having any deficiency in any of this meridians , I hope there will also more Tefasirs and Mushaf fonts added in the future to add more variety to customizationBut still every thing this app has , it has it for real Therefore thank u so much and god bless u

stagido, May 08, 2020
The best I’ve tried so far

This is one special application جزاكم الله خيرا the design is very smooth and sleek, it’s clean clear and love all the options available. It was hard to navigate or figure out and I’m enjoying the stories and tafseer for the Ayahs which makes reading the Quran that much more meaningful and fun!

ToghojT, Dec 25, 2020


القرآن الكريم مع تفسير تطبيقنا لقراءة القرآن يعطيكم تجربة ممتعة بواجهة بسيطة و أنيقة لقراءة القرآن الكريم وتفسيره على أجهزة هواتفكم الذكية والأجهزة اللوحية مميزات التطبيق • قرآن كامل مثل المصحف الحقيقي • تفسير الميزان للعلامة الطباطبائي، الأمثل للشيخ ناصر مكارم الشيرازي، النور للشيخ محسن قرائتي و تفسير اهل البيت (روائي) لكل آية باللغة العربية • تلاوة الآيات بصوت القراء المتعددة كل آية على حدة (عبدالباسط، المنشاوي، ميثم التمار و...) • القراءة الليلية • ميزة البحث في نصوص القرآن • البحث عن نص كامل خلال تفسير • يمكنك وضع علامات لحفظ موقع تقدمك بالمصحف والوصول السريع لتلك المواقع • يمكنك وضع علامات للآيات المفضلة لديك في قائمة المفضلة • يمكنك نسخ ولصق الآيات و مشاركتها في وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي • مشاركة الملف الصوتي للتلاوة عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي • تكبير وتصغير كل صفحة في القران والتفسير • تذكير للتلاوة اليومية للقرآن الكريم • "العرض اليومي ل"آية اليوم • تدوين ملاحظة لكل آية من القرآن • أخذ نسخة احتياطية واستعاده • دليل المستخدم ------------------------ Quran with Tafsir Read and listen to Quran, and study and learn its tafsir. Our Quran reader app gives you a pleasant experience with its intuitive interface and offers a stylish way to read Quran and its tafsir on your smartphones and tablets. The app features: • Complete Quran like the actual Mus'haf • Tafsir Almizan in Arabic by Allamah Tabatabaei, Tafsir Al-Amthal by Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Tafsir Al-Noor by Sheikh Mohsen Qara'ati and Tafsir Ahl al‑Bayt (Hadith-Based) linked to each verse • Verse-by-verse audio recitation by multiple reciters (Abdulbasit, Al-Minshawi, Maytham Al-Tammar,...) • Night Mode option for an easier nighttime reading • Full-text search throughout Quran • Full-text search throughout Tafsir • Bookmarks for marking your progress or quick access • Favourites to mark verses that you like • Copy/pasting a verse or sharing on social media • Sharing audio files (Recitation) on social media • Zoom in/Zoom out each page • Reminder for daily recitation of Quran • Daily display of "The Verse of The Day" • Take note for each verse of Quran • Backup and restore user's data • App tour guide teaching you how to use the app features