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A Matter of Murder

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Worthing and Moncrieff LLC
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User Reviews for A Matter of Murder


I’ve been looking for games similar to the old Clue (not the board game) and this is the same type of game! It’s well-written and I love the theme. The art style is also so different than what we’re used to! I love the quirky/eerie/weird art style it’s so unique. If you’re into murder mystery games I totally recommend! My only suggestion would be to make the game more interactive by adding more aspects to the crime or more actions within rooms!

Ahdkfnebakcundsj37827, Jan 03, 2020
Fun, stylish, quick and fantastic!

I rarely review apps but this one is really special. If you enjoy logic puzzles and deduction style games this is the perfect game for you. I haven't encountered any bugs so far and have played numerous cases so far. The randomization keeps the game fresh and new and infinitely replayable.

Cyberdork, Nov 04, 2016
A charming and witty murder mystery

This is a fun quick way to get your murder mystery fix. A delightful art style and some great music and audio makes it the most charming game of Clue you'll play.

DaredevilYeti, Apr 19, 2016
Best Murder Mystery Game

I've been looking for an app like this for a long time!

dorks_can_swim, Jul 09, 2016
Unique and fun

A Matter of Murder is a mix of strong character-based story and procedural content generation like no other. Every time you return to the fateful manor, a new set of fascinating characters will try to fool or trip you. Ingenuity is the key to outwitting them, in a different way, every time.

eje211, May 09, 2016
Awesome game

Awesome alternative to the game Clue. Really scratches the Clue itch. Procedural elements are fantastic. Artwork is gives it very unique look which reminds me of Edward Gory quite a bit. Story and dialog are hilarious. The name Mr. Pickles is a riot. The game really taxes your mental limits, while still being entertaining and quite humorous. Looking forward to future updates. It would be a nice addition to be able to save your progress and pick off where you left off on another iOS device. Other than that this game is perfect and would be a crime not to get. Price is definitely worth the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it.

Loudmushroom!, Nov 20, 2018

Game is fun but is unplayable as is. Whenever I get to the end and want to “accuse” a suspect, I am unable to move forward. The accuse button doesn’t work. So there is no resolution to any puzzle and it’s super frustrating. No point in playing and so I deleted it. What a waste.

mollyfn, Sep 26, 2019
quick & fun with endless cases

loving the little bite size mysteries, it’s great that i can solve one level in a few minutes instead of feeling glued to my phone for hours solving an entire escape room or similar mystery/ puzzle game. they’re challenging, but not so hard i can’t solve them. love that it’s not timed so i can go at my own pace, but there’s still the pressure of having a limited number of moves. each level resets with new characters and a spin on the same theme if you get it wrong, so you have to try to solve anew instead of remembering clues from your first attempt, which is a thoughtful touch. the best part of this game is the endless replay value: by buying the game, you can play an unlimited number of cases! even when you run out of the preset options, you can mix and match aspects from the preset cases to create new mysteries, or play on super hard mode. super fun!

myxmoskeeto, Jan 27, 2021

I'm never very good at this type of mystery and so I will need to play it several times before I can figure out which questions are worth asking. Feel confused much of the time!Reminds me exactly of how Clue was revamped in the same way several years ago but I like this artwork better.

SylvanNun, Sep 10, 2017
Witty, illustrated with much love for details - fun and different!

I love all kinds of riddles, puzzles and especially a good crime story! This game is different from anything I’ve ever played before! The structure is simple, but with so much love for details.You’re the detective, getting introduced to a bunch of characters who tell you their side of the story. At the end (and even the time is running against you) you have to combine all info in order to present the murderer.After getting through 1-3 easy entry levels it gets more complex.Cool, fun game!

youdidmusic, Nov 05, 2018


“A Matter of Murder deftly weaves in rouge-like elements via a series of challenging logic puzzles. Add to this some beautifully stylized artwork and you’ll find yourself wondering where the last few hours of your life went.” — The Care and Feeding of Nerds “It’s like every murder mystery dinner you ever attended, except way deadlier and way more fun. Trust us.”— FemHype “There is also a more free-form mode outside of campaign that generates a fresh mystery for the player.

It’s a big promise, but one on which I’m hopeful A Matter of Murder will deliver.” —Push to Smart ABOUT THE GAME Zounds! One of the guests at an English house party has fallen victim to cold-blooded murder. Your weekend in the country is ruined! What choice have you but to ask your fellow guests probing questions, search the house, draw astonishingly insightful conclusions and solve the crime? A Matter of Murder is a point-and-click puzzle game with rogue-like elements. The details of each murder are procedurally generated, so each case is different every time you play with progressively more challenging logic puzzles. A Matter of Murder can also randomly combine logic puzzles to provide seemingly endless surprises and high replayability. FEATURES • Procedurally generated content offers a different experience for each play-through. • Interact with colorful suspects and carefully investigate your surroundings for clues. • Hand-drawn character art brings the Victorian setting to life in all its murderous glory. • Campaign mode provides a wide-range of increasingly difficult logic puzzles. • Logic puzzles can be combined randomly to create new cases and unique play-throughs. • In-game notebook automatically keeps track of the clues you collect. • Original soundtrack with responsive musical underscoring. • Immersive and haunting soundscape places you at the center of the storytelling experience. • Randomly implemented plot-altering elements can change the course of the story.

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