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Indefinite: Interrogation Game

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Indefinite: Interrogation Game

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Brandon Li
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User Reviews for Indefinite: Interrogation Game

Amazing! However...

This game is amazing and I only just started playing it! However I personally would like different difficulty modes for how much time we get even if Im a fast reader. I also would like different storylines to make it more interesting and all. Despite that its still a good game to play if you need practice making fast and accurate decisions which is what I like in a game! And the fact its cheap but still good is so amazing! If you haven’t downloaded this game THEN DO SO

Burnttoastie, May 07, 2019
Fast paced fun. Really great.

I downloaded Indefinite two days ago and have hardly stopped playing it since. It's simple, straight forward, and challenging. Highly recommend.

JohnKonya, Sep 12, 2016

It already does its jobs as a proficient memory/ mental game. But what's really astonishing is it's intricate backstory that can only be found be playing. All five of these guys for the game.👉⭐️

RL_135, Mar 28, 2016
Fast paced

Fast paced question-and-answer memorization game, not my cuppa.

Wenwillwego, Oct 11, 2015


You're a suspected terrorist in an unfair interrogation. Answer questions. Don't forget.

What is Indefinite? A dystopian interactive fiction? An exposé on a global conspiracy? An insanity inducing memory game? A political commentary on terrorist detention? Indefinite is Indefinite. It doesn't fit into any genre. Sandy Stachowiak, appadvice.com: "This is an interesting, one-of-a-kind memory game that will keep you focused and intrigued." Hadlee Simons, iafrica.com: "One of the strangest game concepts I've come across in recent years." Dora Breckinridge, JayIsGames.com: "It's a tense, unsettling experience that does a lot with its minimalistic presentation." What are the features? - Over 30 unique questions and 100 unique answers - Smart timer that adjusts based on question-length - Multiple endings in a strange dystopian story - Custom end report generated based on your answers to questions - End report sharing to social media with one button Were you the mastermind behind The Incident, or a pawn in a greater conspiracy? The dystopia of the future was shaken up by a catastrophic global event known as The Incident. Now the totalitarian world government, desperate for suspects, has chosen to interrogate you. Nothing is certain anymore. Can you unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding The Incident and find the truth?

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