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7shifts, Inc.
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User Reviews for 7punches

Missing a few details.

Could use a few small additions. The main screen doesn’t tell you if you’re currently clocked in or clocked out. My employees constantly have to clock out just to make sure they’re clocked in, which is mildly annoying. It could also use some kind of notification system to remind people at the time of their scheduled shift on 7shifts to clock in, further preventing forgetfulness.

Idontwanttomakeanotherusername, Dec 05, 2019
It works fine-but it should be redundant

7shifts already has a scheduling and announcement app. This time clock app should just be integrated into the main 7punches app. It’s annoying having to switch between the two apps for different functions.

nag7235, Nov 16, 2022

This is a terrible app. The fact you need a separate app to work with 7shifts is dumb in the first place. But the app itself is trash. I’ve been receiving an “Offline punch” message and it says it will submit when it’s online. That doesn’t seem to be happening. My paycheck was short A LOT of hours and my employer is questioning if I’m even showing up to my shifts. This app is literally losing me money. If they had the option for me to be able to see my punches myself, majority of these issues would be solved. It seems like an obvious feature to have.

Shoemaker182, Oct 30, 2021
Never connects

I always have a problem punching in for “network connectivity”. When it does this it signs you out and says ering email login. To the point t where you have to uninstall and reinstall both 7 punches and 7 shifts. You guys are messing with peoples money and it’s not appreciated.I honestly wish my company wouldn’t use this stupid app. Do better guys, this is peoples livelihood your messing with

Sie01233432, Jul 28, 2022


Meet 7punches, a free, easy, time-clocking system built specifically for restaurants. 7punches is a companion app to 7shifts — a free employee scheduling app built for restaurants. 7punches is designed to help restaurateurs manage scheduling, payroll, and attendance like a pro, and to help staff quickly and easily punch in and out for their shifts. How 7punches works: - 7punches app serves as an easy-to-use, secure, time-clocking punch pad for your employees. - Syncs with 7shifts to generate powerful insights about your sales, budgets, staff attendance, and productivity. - Reduce your labor costs when you set limits on early clock ins, program auto punch outs, enforce breaks, and prevent unauthorized punches. - Prompt staff to declare tips at the end of each shift. - Record and sync every employee punch, even when 7punches is not online. - Easily edit and/or approve all employee punches About 7shifts: - 7shifts is employee scheduling software for restaurant managers and employees. - It provides a powerful platform for restaurant owners and managers to schedule staff and manage requests on the go. - Employees can access schedules and submit time-off requests, availability updates, and swap shifts from anywhere. - 7shifts and 7punches work together to make employee punches simple, and to provide managers with valuable labor cost data.

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