Why you should use Qonversion?

Qonversion is the data platform for mobile apps, which includes:

  • Cross-platform backend infrastructure
  • Integrations
  • Analytics and real-time monitoring
  • Grow tools

Who is it useful for?

  • Developers
  • Marketers
  • Analytics
  • App owners

In this article, we show the ways you can use Qonversion to help you choose the right integration.

The cross-platform backend infrastructure is used to build in-app purchases and manage user access to paid content on your app

With Qonversion, you do not need to build your own purchase infrastructure, validate receipts, and support it. It only takes 10 minutes to implement subscriptions so that you can continue working on your product.

If you implement in-app purchases yourself, you need to build your own server and keep your finger on the pulse to maintain it if Apple or Google change anything in their purchase frameworks. Qonversion also allows you to manage your subscriptions without having to submit changes to the app stores.

Integrations allow you to send in-app purchase and subscription events to 3rd-party analytics and marketing tools

Qonversion partnered with leading technology platforms for mobile apps to deliver your data wherever you need it. You can also use webhooks to connect the data with your endpoint

We work with such platforms as Stripe, AppsFlyer, Facebook Ads, Amplitude, Apple Search Ads, and many more. For the full list follow the link here.

Built-in analytics and real-time monitoring help understand your business better and react immediately to any deviations

With Qonversion, you can analyze your revenue metrics such as free trials, purchases, subscriptions, measure conversion rates install-to-trial and trial-to-paid, sales revenue, refunds, etc. You can also create cohorts or look at each customer in detail.

Grow tools help increase revenue and grow your business

Qonversion helps you win back your customers if they canceled a free trial or subscription with a personalized push notification or email. Learn why they are leaving and improve your product.

Use our custom events to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns and reach more valuable users.

Let’s have a look at how you can use Qonversion:

Full cross-platform infrastructure by Qonversion 

It allows you to implement subscriptions quickly and manage your in-app purchases and user access, cutting your development resources on the in-app purchases backend so you can utilize them on other parts of your product. You can learn more by reading our documentation.

Choose this way if:

  • You want to stop maintaining your subscription infrastructure and move the resources to your product.
  • Your in-app purchases are implemented on the client-side, and you want to stop losing subscription data, secure and scale your purchase infrastructure.
  • You do not have in-app purchases and subscriptions in your app but will add them or develop a brand new app.

Implementing Subscriptions with Qonversion takes minutes. Use Qonversion SDKs for iOS(Swift), Android(Java, Kotlin), React Native, Flutter, and Unity. Use our Quick Start to set up and start using Qonversion.

  • Sample apps for iOS, Android, Flutter, and React Native
  • Migrating from SwiftyStoreKit? Read the guide on how to do that easily.
  • Interested in how to migrate subscriptions from other platforms? The guide is here.

Qonversion + your backend

Qonversion can validate receipts and have subscription events with your existing in-app subscription infrastructure.

Choose this way if:

  • You need to enrich your databases with subscription events like trial converted, cancelation, and refunds. 
  • You need to add subscription events to your backend logic. For example, show in-app messages or send emails in response to the cancelation event.

This implementation exempts you from receipt validation and status tracking on your side but does not affect your in-app subscription infrastructure.
Update your server with Qonversion webhooks or pull information using our REST API.

Qonversion + your in-app purchase code

This is a popular method for customers who need to use Qonversion to analyze performance with our dashboards and send subscription events to 3rd-party tools. Use this implementation without changing anything to your existing in-app subscription flow.

Ideal for marketing, product, and analytics needs.

No matter what you choose, you will also have our analytics dashboards, real-time monitoring, customer management tool, and powerful integrations.