Product Update: November

Hey Qonversion Friends! In this edition:

  • The updated dashboards design
  • Android SDK 2.0.0 supports Product Center – subscription infrastructure to manage your in-app purchases in one place
  • React Native SDK 2.0.0 supports Product Center
  • Flutter SDK 2.0.0 supports Product Center
  • Stripe Integration
  • Rest API

The updated dashboards design

In the coming few months we will roll out a refreshed design of our platform to make it easier to use our analytics dashboards and growth tools.

As the first step, we released a new menu, styles, and header to prepare our platform for future updates. Unfortunately, we had to deprecate our dark theme mode, but that would give us more time to make the product even better.

Android, Flutter, React Native SDKs 2.0.0 with Product Center

We have updated the Android, Flutter, and React Native SDKs. You can implement in-app subscriptions and handle all in-app purchases in your apps with Qonversion now.

Product Center is where you manage the settings for the Infrastructure Mode of the Qonversion SDKs. It is a top-level wrapper for StoreKit and Google Billing Client, so you do not have to manually manage the user state. More details on how to implement the Android, Flutter, and React Native SDKs are here.

Stripe Integration

Qonversion integrates Stripe web payments. This integration allows Qonversion to manage cross-platform subscriber access and provide analytics for subscription payments made via Stripe on your website. Check out the documentation to learn more.

Rest API

We have released Qonversion API (Beta) to allow developers to send data to their own server, building BI dashboards, etc. It also provides a convenient way to import your existing subscribers’ data into Qonversion if you are migrating from your back-end or some other service. Check out the details here or contact us to learn more.