Product update: New dashboards and A/B testing by products

As you may have noticed (we hope you did!), we are working hard on improving our analytic tools. Your feedback is extremely helpful and we sincerely thank you for it! As a reminder, you may leave your comments here and we will consider them for the upcoming sprints.

Let’s jump into updates now!

General improvements

We’ve grouped the filters and segments into categories so it is easier to find them, and added a separate toggle to the Store filter. We also made a number of UI/UX improvements so you can enjoy your experience with our dashboards even more.

Installs to paying customers dashboard

With Installs to paying customers dashboardyou can see what percentage of users end up making an in-app purchase. 

Trial / Subscription cancellation dashboards

Do you want to know at what stage of your funnel subscription cancellation happens? Find this information in the new Trial cancellation and Subscription cancellation dashboards. 

A/B testing by products

From now on you can see the A/B testing results split not only by the offerings but products as well. Learn which product is the most valuable to your customers (and the most profitable to you).

If you are still not familiar with A/B testing, read A/B testing and Subscription App Growth articles to understand the importance of experiments. As a piece of advice, we think that it is a great idea to test your paywalls and limited offers for the upcoming holiday season.

The latest versions of SDKs

Just to remind, the latest versions of our SDKs are:

  • iOS SDK 2.18.0
  • Android SDK 3.1.1
  • React Native SDK 3.1.1
  • Unity SDK 3.1.1 
  • Flutter SDK 4.1.1 
  • Cordova SDK 1.0.0

Lastly, no one yet knows how to live in iOS15 and the post-IDFA world. But let’s try to find the way. Join our community to discuss this topic with industry peers.