🔥 Product Update: May

Hey Qonversion Friends! Meet our new Customer Management tool, User Properties, Debug Mode, and integrations with Branch and Adjust. Find below more details on the features.

😎 Customer Management

The Customers dashboard provides an overview of your customers and detailed data on a customer level. Here you can see all your subscription metrics such as Active Trials, Active Subscribers, Churned Subscribers, Canceled Trials, Billing Retry, Average Payment Count, Average Price, and Sales for the period chosen. Also, you can filter the data by Subscription product, Subscriber Status, Currency, Device, and OS version.

CRM Subscription Customers Management

👤 User Properties

User properties are attributes you can set on a user level. You can send user properties to third party platforms as well as use them in Qonversion for customer segmentation and analysis. Check out the documentation here.

Here is an example of user properties: 

User Properties

🐞 Debug Mode

Debug mode provides an easy way to configure the environment for your users. If debug mode set to true, user purchases will be checked on the sandbox environment and will not be sent to third-party integrations.

🛠 Branch and Adjust Integrations

Now Qonversion can automatically send all valuable mobile subscription events to Branch and Adjust. You can read how to enable these integrations in our documentation.

Stay tuned, as more features are coming shortly.

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