🔥 Product Update: August

Hey Qonversion Friends! 

August was a productive month for our team. We integrated with OneSignal, added a Refunds chart to the Revenue dashboard, and migrated to ClickHouse. Oh, and also we are proud to announce our Seed financing round!  

🎯 Seed round

In August, we announced our seed financing round. We raised $850,000 from LVL1 Group, AddVenture VC, and several angels. What does that mean for our customers? New products are coming soon. We will be able to launch new features faster. Sounds good? Thanks for sticking with us!

🚀 Migration to ClickHouse

In August, we migrated our analytics data from MySQL to ClickHouse. This process was painful for us but managed with zero downtime for you. 

We know how annoying it is in 2021 when you can’t slice your data in less than a second (hello reality!). Now our dashboards, including the real-time section, work faster than you’ll have time to blink! Yes, that’s how much it takes to load your data. 

That’s important to keep the service stable for our customers, so we declare that this is our number one priority. This year, we will invest more into making sure we can scale and launch new features without any performance issues.

🔙 Refunds

We’ve added refunds to the Revenue dashboard. Now you can monitor your gross revenue, refunds, and net revenue in one place. More charts are coming soon!

Subscriptions revenue analytics

🤝 New partner integration: OneSignal + Qonversion

We have partnered with OneSignal – a world-leading push notifications platform. Now you can leverage your in-app subscription events to power highly targeted push notifications. You can read more about this integration on OneSignal’s blog here thanks to OneSignal’s CEO and Co-Founder George Deglin, who reached out to us and offered to promote this integration.