Product Update: Upgraded analytics, IDFA-free SDK and Community

Qonversion team has been working hard on all fronts for the past month. We’ve launched beta analytics updates, IDFA-free SDK, and some new highly requested features.


From now on you can receive deeper analytics insights via updated Events, Revenue, Trials, and Installs charts. It is still in beta, so we would love to hear feedback from you! Fill this 4-question survey to help us determine which features to add so you can have greater experience with our dashboards.

Qonversion Strict Mode SDK without IDFA collection

IDFA-use rules are pretty strict, especially for the kids’ apps. If this is your case, you can use our new version of Qonversion Strict Mode iOS SDK that does not collect IDFA (at all). You can install it with CocoaPods: pod ‘Qonversion/NoIdfa’.

The Subscription Apps Slack Community

We have launched a Subscription Apps Slack Community. Join us to grow your network, and be the first to receive subscription industry insights. The community unites market leaders, including developers, marketers, and product owners. 


Now you can show your own screen that is triggered by users’ actions. New AutomationsDelegate method shouldHandleEvent allows you to get the event that triggers the Automation. You can override Qonversion function and return false if you want to handle the event yourself (for example, show your custom screen). If no actions taken by your side, Qonversion will take care of the event and show (predetermined) Automation screen.

Error details

Qonversion SDK provides error codes that help locate and eliminate possible issues. We’ve added more details about errors such as receipt validation errors, project configuration issues, invalid or fraud purchases, wrong credentials, and others. 

Additional Product fields for cross-platform SDKs

From now on there is no need to dig into skProduct & skuDetails. We have added frequently-used fields like store product title, description, localized price of the product introductory price, and others for all cross-platform SDKs: React Native SDK, Flutter SDK, Unity SDK.

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SDKs updates

Just to remind, the latest versions of our SDKs are:

  • iOS 2.18.0 (Qonversion Strict Mode SDK without IDFA collection)
  • Android 3.1.1
  • React Native 3.1.1
  • Unity 3.1.1 
  • Flutter 4.1.1 
  • Cordova 1.0.0

We are excited to move further with our feature-packed plans. But if you have any ideas in mind, feel free to share – we would love to hear from you!