November Product Update: Active Subscriptions, Subscriptions Movement, Active Trials, a few additional charts, and a bit more!

We’ve carefully calibrated our data to provide you with even more tools to understand and grow your subscription business. We’re happy to announce that five new charts are now available in your Qonversion dashboard.

Active Subscriptions

This chart helps you understand one of the critical metrics for subscription-based business: your active paid subscription base. The chart also shows the subscriptions split by their auto-renewable state. You can group or filter data by country, in-app product, and currency to get even more insights. Learn more.

Active Trials

See the number of active trials with the split by auto-renewable state. Combining the active trials data with your trial-to-paid conversion rate provides you with a quick estimate for new subscriptions. More information about this chart can be found in our documentation.

Subscriptions and Trials Movement

Track the changes to your active subscribers and trials with the subscriptions movement and trials movement charts. Detect and address any growth issues early. Here are the details of the Subscription Movement and Trials Movement charts.

New Subscriptions

We added a separate chart with all your new subscriptions so you can slice and dice the data with all available filter and grouping options to know what drives your app’s growth. You can find more details about this chart here.

New vs renewals revenue (Revenue event grouping)

Instantly see what share of your revenue comes from subscription renewals versus new conversions with the new “Revenue event” grouping option. Open the Sales or Proceeds charts, click the Group button, and apply the “Revenue event” grouping option.

One-time purchases in Customers

We’ve added one-time purchases to the Customers tab in the analytics.

Here is what changed on the Customers tab:

  • SalesAvg. Payment Count and Average Price metrics now include both subscriptions and one-time payments.
  • If customers have made only one-time in-app purchases, they are shown in the Customers tab with “No Subscription” status.
  • You can see the details of users’ one-time purchases on the customer details page.

Additionally, here is some fantastic news! Qonversion is recognised as the best App Revenue Platform.

We are excited to announce that we’ve won the App Growth Award for the Best Revenue Platform at this year’s App Promotion Summit! We like to give a huge thanks to our wonderful clients and partners for your trust and interest in our product!


Useful Materials

SDK Versions

The latest versions of SDKs are:

  • iOS 2.21.1.
  • Android 3.4.1.
  • React Native 3.6.3.
  • Flutter 4.6.1.
  • Unity 3.7.1
  • Web 0.2.0