Product Updates

In this edition

  • iOS 14.5 and SDKs updates
  • Webhooks: new fields, testing
  • User identity
  • iOS: offer codes
  • Automation: analytics, macros, sandbox testing
  • Analytics: added free trials by country
  • New event: subscription product changed
  • In-app subscription benchmarks 1.0. 

iOS 14.5

Starting with iOS 14.5, call Qonversion.setAdvertisingID() after receiving tracking permission by ATT framework. Read more here.

Supported for iOS, React Native, and Flutter. Unity is coming this week.

SDK updates

Please make sure you use the latest version: 

  • iOS 2.11.2 (supports iOS 14.5)
  • Flutter SDK 2.5.1 (supports iOS 14.5)
  • React Native 2.4.3 (supports iOS 14.5)
  • Unity 2.1.0 (supports Product Center)
  • Android 2.7.4
  • Cordova 0.1.1 (New)

In-App Subscription Benchmarks

Our benchmarks report includes a variety of mobile app subscription metrics including:

  • Install-to-trial conversion by country
  • Trial-to-paid conversion by country
  • Install-to-paying subscriber by country
  • Free trials by duration
  • Trial and subscription cancelation rates by period
  • Refund rate

Download the report here.


An extensive update of Webhooks includes:

  • Transaction and original transaction IDs
  • Expiration date (incl. subscription created, subscription renewal)
  • Sandbox URL to test Webhooks

Learn more

iOS: offer codes

Now Qonversion supports App Store Offer codes. Users on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and newer can redeem offer codes on the App Store through a one-time code redemption URL or within your app if you’ve implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API. Use Qonversion SDK v 2.13.0 or higher. 

Learn more

Automation: analytics, macros, sandbox testing

Qonversion Automation allows sending automated, personalized push notifications and in-app messages initiated by in-app purchase events. This feature is designed to increase your app’s revenue and retention, provide cancellation insights, reduce subscriber churn, and improve your subscribers’ user experience.

Now Automation supports analytics to measure performance:

  • Notifications sent
  • Qonversion screens shown
  • Automation outcomes


You can add product-specific localized details to paywalls and promotional offers you created with Qonversion. The data is fetched directly from app stores. Learn more.

Analytics: free trials by country table

We have added a new table in the Trials dashboard! Now you can see a detailed breakdown of your app’s free trials by country in an instance.

New event: subscription product changed

We have added a new event subscription_product_changed, which sends if an active subscription product has changed due to upgrade, downgrade, or crossgrade. Check the full list of supported events in our documentation.