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Mobile app development is about building new and exciting things. We know how challenging this path can be. App businesses face a lot of uncertainties, as well as tough technical and business decisions, unfair rejections and other issues. Therefore, it’s crucial in this field to lean on community expertise.

That’s why we have launched our Slack Subscription Apps Community: to unite professional developers, marketers, and product owners who are passionate about mobile app technologies, innovations, and the subscription business to collaborate together.

Join the community to explore the benefits:

  • Gain industry recognition by sharing experiences 
  • Expand your network
  • Chat with experienced peers in real-time
  • Get access to private webinars on technical and business-related topics from Qonversion partners
  • Be the first to know subscription industry insights
  • Get access to private betas and pre-launch briefings 
  • Have fun and feel Community Power!

Let’s learn, inspire and achieve goals together.