Apple fiscal calendar 2021 year and payout dates (pdf inside)

Are you a newbie in the App Store who recently launched a new app with in-app purchases and now trying to figure out the Apple payment calendar?

No worries, we got you. After reading this blog post, you will be a pro at understanding what a fiscal year calendar is and when is your estimated payment date.

For the purpose of easing financial reporting Apple uses a fiscal year calendar. To be more specific, the calendar has 4 quarters, each uses the 5-4-4 week method of managing accounting periods. This type of calendar groups the quarters of the fiscal year into one 5-week “month” and two 4-week “months”. It does seem a bit weird to use this kind of calendar, but it has a major advantage when it comes to starting and ending the month period: the end date of the period is always the same day of the week, which is useful for reviewing the company’s financial performance and planning future expenses.

Apple’s fiscal calendar has these nuances:

  1. Apple’s fiscal calendar always starts with the last Sunday of September
  2. The week format is Sunday to Saturday (US calendar version)
  3. The calendar uses a 52-53-week fiscal year method where the last Saturday of the month is the end of the fiscal year (September for Apple)

Okay, now we understand what a fiscal calendar is. The next step is to know when your pay date is. Important note:

App Store always pays 33 days after the end of the fiscal month. So roughly speaking 4 weeks + 5 days or around 5 weeks. The important payout dates for the year 2020-2021 are: