BP Mobile + Qonversion: 100% data accuracy for better decisions

BP Mobile is an international app developer with top titles across several categories of App Store and Google Play Store. The company’s projects top the list of the most downloaded apps on both platforms and simplify the life of 500M+ users worldwide. BP Mobile embraces data and analytics as key factors for making marketing and product decisions. Tracking mobile subscription data with high accuracy is where Qonversion helps.

The insights

We talked to Anisa Sahi, Head of Analytics at BP Mobile, to discuss their experience with Qonversion. Having an extensive background in backend development and analytics, she has high standards for the quality of data and the speed of its distribution. To make fast data-driven decisions the BP team built their own BI system that aggregates the most important insights on their subscription apps. Here she shares advice for marketers who are looking to transform their businesses through consumer-oriented marketing based on data accuracy. 

The challenge

The fundamental principle of data-driven decisions is to have accurate data on time. But getting the data on all mobile subscription events including multiple corner cases is a daunting task that requires a complex server infrastructure and a significant resources allocation to that. The company decided to delegate this to a 3rd party service.

«The key requirement for a mobile subscription data service is to provide a server-side receipt validation that guarantees correct status for every subscription at any time without technical issues, delays, and with close to 100% accuracy. This is what we are getting now with Qonversion».

Server-side receipt validation is indeed a complex task, and BP Mobile preferred to focus on the development of their products rather than support in-app subscription tracking infrastructure.

Analytics processes of BP Mobile

The company has its own BI system with a range of analytics features and custom Tableau dashboards such as cohort analysis, financial metrics summary dashboards, and funnel analysis. Qonversion is the main source of data about subscription events that complements the whole picture of the business. 

«To influence your revenue, LTV, and other KPIs you need to know who your users are. You need to have information on how they pay and which products they are ready to subscribe to. Qonversion’s data gives us this understanding and helps to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. It allows us to make accurate decisions on ad spendings».  

As Anisa mentioned, BP Mobile acts quickly. They track key metrics since the first days of a marketing campaign launch. The dashboards feature real-time information and predictions of the ad campaign efficiency that allow the company to adjust its efforts for better results. 

«You can’t make smart marketing and product decisions if you have 60% of visibility of your data in time. The high level of accuracy achieved with Qonversion allows us to measure and improve our results, optimize strategies and avoid loss of budgets on ads that do not perform».

Qonversion as a service 

23 mobile apps already have Qonversion integrated. According to Anisa, this data is used daily by analysts, marketers, and product managers, and everyone who makes decisions on marketing, pricing, and product strategies and creates app value for end-users. And this is the service that they can rely on.

Qonversion data is accurate and reliable, but I also want to mention the quality of support we are getting. The team successfully handles complex requests in a short amount of time. No matter what the issue is, they will always suggest a solution. Recently we asked the team to implement custom parameters to our marketing integrations and it was quickly delivered. Qonversion is a partner who truly understands our needs and shares our vision on data”. 

Qonversion is a platform for mobile subscription infrastructure and analytics. It is an out-of-the-box server-side receipt validation service that provides app owners with the most accurate data about subscription events. You can track your revenue, trials, renewal, refunds and send it to your favorite 3rd party marketing tools.

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