Automation: automated push notifications and no-code in-app messages

Today Qonversion handles $200M in annual revenue coming from in-app purchases and subscriptions to help customers grow their mobile apps. Global consumer spending in mobile apps reached an all-time high of $111b in 2020, an increase of 30% YOY. Right now mobile app subscription business is hotter than ever, and our mission is to help developers earn more, delivering new powerful features and products.

As we have been releasing Сohorts, REST API Stripe support, and other features over the past months, we have also been working on something special. Finally, we are ready to lift the veil of secrecy and show our new powerful feature: Automation and In-App messaging.

Now Qonversion users can:

  • Send tailored push messages triggered by subscription events to win back subscribers.
  • Show timely discounts offers – uplift your revenue.
  • Ask for the cancelation reasons – understand the reasoning behind user churn and how to reduce it.
  • Create no-code professionally-looking paywalls, in-app messages, and other app screens in minutes with our powerful screen builder. Save your time, reallocate your developer resources on building the app.

You can choose subscription events to trigger push messages directly from Qonversion. 

You can send automated, personalized messages generated by in-app purchase events directly from Qonversion. For example, you can offer a discount when a trial is canceled, or a subscription has expired.

Using Qonversion Screen Builder, you can create paywalls and in-app messages with zero coding experience. Use GIFs, images, buttons, titles, and text blocks to make any of your ideas a reality.

You can set up Automation in your Qonversion account now. We invite everyone to test our new beta feature. We will add new analytics dashboards to track push notification metrics during the next several weeks.